Sunday, May 11, 2014

My MOM......

I just happened upon this picture of my mom, taken when she was about 15 years old.   I had never seen this photo before, but I was going through some things out at my dad's house this past week......and here was this picture.

This picture was taken in 2004 and she passed away in 2005.

Her strength was far beyond what any of us could have possibly imagined.   Mother died of Multiple Myeloma.....a rare form of cancer.    She was diagnosed in March of 2005 and passed away that same year on August 16th.

Test revealed that she had evidently had this cancer for several years before it actively collapsed her spine.  In the time span of about 3 months, mother went from being the height of 5'4 down to around 4'11.  Her C4 vertebrae  down to the T3 vertebrae collapsed.  

It wasn't until just a couple of months prior to her diagnosis that she had anything to say about being in pain.  As I reflect back through the Holidays of the previous year, I can clearly see that her stamina was not her norm.   As I said before, my mother was a very strong woman.  Never would she have wanted anyone to know that she was ill....

RARELY, did we ever her complain about anything.  

I will forever, treasure the bond that we had and the memories that I hold dear.   I was so Blessed to have her as my MOM...

Shug ~


  1. Oh the strength of a Mom. I can only pray that I can exhibit such strength. I must say that you have inherited your Mother's looks and beauty.

  2. Yes, you are lovely because she was lovely! You have a great role model to follow, specially in her strength! She looked the picture of health...amazing!
    Happy Mom's Day.

  3. I see now where you get your beauty, inside an out!Happy Mother's day!

  4. Sad that you lost your Mama at such a young age... What a gorgeous woman... You 'favor' her...A Happy Mother's Day to you... Hope today is a wonderful day. I'm sure it will be, with your wonterful family..

    I am improving with each passing day from my surgery --but the weekend was NOT a 'piece of cake' for me.... Oh Well... Keeps me honest, I guess... ha ha


  5. Your mom sounds like a special person!

  6. You look so much like your mom. I know about MM, my brother-in-law had it. Ten years younger than Phil, his little brother. He managed to hang on about four years, but the stem cell transplant did not work. In the end, he asked them to remove the oxygen, he could not wait to get to Heaven. Most people have never heard of it and think it is melanoma. I don't think it gets much funding.

  7. These are two great photos of your mom and show a good spirit; sad to lose her, and so quickly. My mom died quickly too, at age 54. Still, we celebrate these great ladies.

  8. Shug, I see where you get your beauty from. God bless and I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.


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