Saturday, August 31, 2013

Two kinds of Boxes

To have acute mental or emotional sensibility or to be aware of and responsive to the feelings of others is what it means to be sensitive.   

Are you a sensitive person?  I can quickly answer this question when it pertains to me and my feelings.    I am very sensitive when it comes to something that I believe so strongly in or when it comes to protecting those that I love.  

If I were to take a survey, I would venture to say that most of you are just like me.  Each and every day brings about a brand new box for each of us to open.  Sometimes we may receive several boxes in any given day.   Some are wrapped in gorgeous wrappings and some are just wrapped in plain ol' brown paper.  

Those that are wrapped in plain brown paper......NO BOW.....are usually the ones that we would choose to put to the side.   It's the gorgeous ones that have glittered paper, with big, beautiful bows to suggest that they are really worth something......that gets to be chosen first.    It's like WOW....look at me.   Look what I have today.

We never know which box will appear at our door each morning.  This is where sensitivity comes into play.   Which box do you prefer?  Perhaps, prefer is not the word I should use here.  I would prefer to have boxes that make life easy, but I most definitely would choose the paper box!  The one that causes us to look for ways to make life easier for everyone else!  My box is always too sensitive and way too full of empathy.  I always have a need to pick up the pain that others feel. 

There may not be one single person out there in blog world that has a clue as to what I'm speaking of........ here in this post.... but, if you read between the lines, you can figure it out!  

I understand it.....  A two-fold message is hidden within these words.   For those of you who can figure it out, then I salute you!  YOU  know the true meaning of the word sensitive.   For those of you who cannot identify with this post, you have not as of yet been given one of those (gorgeous in their own way) kind of brown paper boxes!!

Hugs to all.....


Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Night Lights

Good Morning precious friends!'s not morning is it?   The clock on my laptop reads....2:40 P.M. I remember!    I just woke up from the Best Sleep in the World...

I had another scheduled colonoscopy  this morning at 8:00.  This was the second one in a three month period of time.    Reason?   The first test clearly showed some pre-cancerous polyps,  for which the Dr. did remove.   This second test was to retrieve more polyps in the upper portion of my colon.   

Since my grandmother died at an early age (44) from colon cancer......I feel that it is very important for me and my Dr. to stay on top of my colon health.



I'm sure you can tell what season it is, just by looking at my blog?!

YES.....IT'S FOOTBALL SEASON.    Right here, in East Texas, "Football" is a season for most of us.    We have Spring, Summer, Football, (Fall) and then Winter.

Our season kicks off tonight, so you can pretty well guess where I will be.......

Under the Lights......watching my number one player.....# ball.

I can't wait!!!

I love watching ALL of the "BEARS" play....but my heart sure does beat fast when I see #7 with that Football.

It's Blue and Gold day around here!!

sending "Hopes" that your own Football team WINS their game tonight.    (With the exception of our opponents...The Crandall Pirates)   lol!

hugs y'all....

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Who Would Have Thought It?

Do your kiddos eat a good, hearty, breakfast before that rush out the door each morning?  I've always heard it said, that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  My sweet hubby is notorious for his repeated comments about how a good breakfast starts the day out right.

I'm probably alone here, with what I'm about to say about breakfast, but I stand by my beliefs when I say that eating a big breakfast..........MAKES ME HUNGRY ALL DAY LONG!

Sam says it's all in my head.   But's not, it's in my tummy!  When I eat a big breakfast, my stomach starts to growl within an hour or so.

This is what I call a GOOD breakfast!!   

A nice bowl of "Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats" makes me a Happy Camper.

But.....Who Would Have Thought It?

According to our lovely granddaughter....Tori, this stuff can do some real damage to you.

I wonder if this little corner of the box had anything to do with Miss Tori wanting to try a bowl of these delicious little white powdered squares?

She poured herself a bowl of it this past week, and after eating a few bites, she said she needed to ask me a question.    I was like....."Sure, go ahead...ask me."

Tori's response:  "Well Shug.....Am I going to be get "OLD" now that I have eaten this cereal?"

"I'm like OLD?  What do you mean"

She was like....."You know.....OLD people eat this kind of cereal...!"


This cereal MUST BE what is making people OLD.

I suppose......if I quit eating this cereal, I might start getting YOUNG!

This is nice to know!!

Hey Y'all.......hope you all have a terrific Thursday!!


Monday, August 26, 2013

The School Bell Rings.

Hi y'all......I am certainly glad to be here.....   I've missed blogging this past week, but I truly did need a small break!    

Today was my first day to be at home, all alone.....for quite some time now!  All of my little (and BIG) babies are back in School...

When school ended today, Shanda brought Miss Mylee Jo by to see her Shug.  I missed her terribly, and I was so excited to see her.   She was soooo tired!  All she wanted to do was to climb up on the sofa and take a nap.  Of course....all I wanted to do was to hear her tell me all about her day!

All six of them were super great sports this morning.   They knew that Shug was going to ask them to take pictures.   A grandmother has to have pictures of her babies....especially on the first day of school.

What fun would it be if they couldn't do a "Crazy Face" picture??

From the left to the right.....

Tyler is a SENIOR.....Tucker is now a FRESHMAN
Carson has now entered Jr. High (7th grade) in the 6th grade a 5th grader    
AND....last but not least, is:
Mylee Jo, a brand new Kindergarten student.


Could that possibly be Shug....trailing behind that Champagne colored "Titan" truck.....
that just happens to belong to her grandson Tyler???

Yes, it is.......I was behind Tyler and Tucker on their way to school.
I really wasn't following them, I was actually on my way to take pictures of Mylee at her new school.

Mylee.....walking down the hallway to her school...   Shanda is leading the way!

I think she's READY....Bring the day on!


I stopped by to Shanda's classroom this morning, before leaving the school.

Just happens, that Shanda's room is only two doors down from Mylee's Class.

This was the first time for me to see Shan's classroom this year.  I usually help her, but this year.....I was just TOO BUSY to lend a hand...

I love her decorated shelf.  It's so adorable.


What a great day it has been!  


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Breaking News!!

Breaking News!!    YES it is true.....

I'm taking a BREAK!!!!

I'm taking a ...........  "FULL WEEK OFF"

Don't forget about me.....

Shug ~

Thursday, August 15, 2013

First Day of Our Trip

Hey ya'll... I'm at the TAN convention in downtown Dallas.  Let me tell all of you, who are garden lovers (like me)..... I wish you were here.   I am totally surrounded with all kinds of plush greenery and the most gorgeous flowers ever.

From inside the convention center, I am very limited with mobile service, so it's very difficult to post photos.   No need to worry, I am taking lots of pictures, but will have to wait to I get back at the hotel to pull them up.

So.... Until then..


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I'm Ready

Showers are here this morning....Thank you Lord!  This makes me extremely happy!!  NO dragging the long green hose around the yard today.  For those of you who have a sprinkler system....BE THANKFUL!! looks like the temps will be around 91 today!  This makes me happy as well.   However, it's still humid outside!

I'm gonna be packing today.....  Not "packing" as in carrying a weapon, but packing my bags for a four day get-away.  Vacation?  No!  It's a business trip in Dallas, with Sam.

My plans?    Wake up when I want to.......put my face on (if I want to, when I want to)......swim and relax while soaking up some a little each day......join Sam in the booth at the Convention Hall (at least once or twice)......and, nap when ever I feel like napping!!

Am I gonna worry about what's going on around here?  No, not at all!!

First things's a pedi and mani for me today!!  

The good thing is, I don't feel one bit guilty about all the pampering I plan to do for myself!!!!!  AND.....for the next four days, someone else at this house will have to drag those green hoses around this yard!!

hugs y'all....
shug ~

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Good, Good Day

As I sit here writing this post.....I find myself surrounded by about 500 years of wisdom, knowledge, experience, trials, hard work, and lots and lots of complaining.

Where am I?  Sitting with my sweetie, in the office of an eye clinic.  I promise you, we are the youngest two people in this waiting room.  When I say youngest, I mean.....we are like little children compared to this aging group of folks!  

This must definitely be SENIOR DAY!  But wait.....we (Sam and I) are not SENIORS.  Just wonder why they scheduled us on this day??

I see a couple of "happy faces" ... "grumpy looking faces" ... and several  "down and out faces."  What I hear is:  "It's too cold in this place"......"What's taking them so long".....and a whole lot of "HUH's!!!!!" 

And....I saved the best for last!  What I smell is people...older people!

Let me clarify what I mean by old.......It's not about the number of years one has been living on this earth....It's the thought process of aging that makes one old.  Even a 40 year old person can be their mind!!  Even a 40 year old can smell because they lack good hygiene habits.

Oh yes......It's a good, good day!   If I ever begin to act like some of these folks are acting.....I hope my daughters will get the adjustment belt out and make me see more clearer!  

Oh wait.....Maybe this is the reason these folks are at the eye clinic in the first they can see more clearer!!!!!

I'm now laughing..... 


My sweetie is now sporting a pair of those PRETTY NEW GLASSES.....  you know...the kind they give you when you've just had your eyes dilated.  They're huge and they wrap half way around his head!!!   LOL....

Monday, August 12, 2013

Celebrating Again!!

I'm telling you.....August is our month for Celebrations!    Three of us have birthdays in the month of August.....6th, 12th, and the 24th and then, we have two Anniversary celebrations.

Trista and Ty will be celebrating 17 years of marital bliss, this coming Wednesday....August 14th.   My precious in-laws will celebrate 65 years of marriage on August 27th.  

............  Today is Tucker's Birthday and we feel super Blessed to be celebrating his 15th Birthday!   

Eight years ago this coming August 16th.......we were not certain as to what the future held for Tucker.    He was diagnosed with Leukemia on August 16th, 2006....
How ironic....on August 16th 2005, (just one year earlier, to the date) my mother passed away. 

He endured three very difficult years of treatment and there were many times when his doctors had said that his growth might possibly be stunted due to the radiation and chemo treatments.

Let me tell you.......He is growing like an out of control weed.  As a freshman, he is about 5'8" ....tall and he is still growing.  

I have a wall where I measure and mark the kids height, about ever 6 months.  Within the last four months, he has grown 4 1/2 inches in height.  

I just want to give God praise for Tucker's healing.......I just want to praise God for this very special day.

Happy Birthday Tucker....

Love you so very much!


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Nursery Rhyme and a good lesson...

"Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.....Humpty Dumpty had a great fall...All the kings horses and all the kings men....couldn't put Humpty together again."

This has always been one of my favorite nursery rhymes!  I can remember, trying my best, to figure out why in world would an egg try to sit on a wall.

When I was a young girl, my mother would read this rhyme to us kids....all the time!  It wasn't until we were all older, that she would reveal to us a very teachable lesson found in this old NR.  

The part that she most wanted us to learn, was not that "Humpty Dumpty" sat on a wall.....
It was that he fell off....and that "all the kings horses and all the kings men, Couldn't put Humpty together again."

"WORDS" that may come out of our mouths can never be forgotten!  In the same way that Humpty could not be put back together again.....Words that hurt others can never be taken back.  

Sometimes we let negative words, hurtful words, come out of our mouths and usually, within moments....we go Eeeek, "I didn't mean to say that" OR "I didn't really mean it."   

Yes you did.....Yes I did....   We just might not have meant for the words to have come out so loud!  Words can be cruel and the negative words, can make us look bad.

I need to tell you though....I have been guilty of saying something to someone (deliberately) knowing full well that the words I spoke were going to cause hurt feelings for someone.
Am I happy with myself for doing so?  Most definitely not!!  

At the same time, I have also been a recipient of bad words!  My feelings have been hurt before.....and there are a few of those words that have never left me.  I have forgiven those who may have said them....but I have not forgotten the words that felt like daggers being pushed into my chest.

It is so important that we guard what we say to others.    

I'm thankful for this old nursery rhyme....and I'm thankful for a mother who took her time to teach us about the importance of being kind to others....

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday afternoon....
shug ~

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Media Day

I just glimpsed at the date of my last post....goodness, it was like four days ago.

I wish I could say I haven't posted, because I have been off on a trip with my wonderful blogging friend Betsy!  She and her husband George are great travelers.  They hike often, and find all kinds of gorgeous waterfalls!  check out her blog:  Joyful Reflections

Or, I wish I could say that I have been visiting my sweet friends, Ruth, Karin and Katharine....way up there in Canada.  

Perhaps it would be nice to say that I have been traveling around the country....tasting all kinds of delicious dishes...homemade by the best cooks ever.... Pam or Mary or Sue or Gail.   

The truth is....I've been BUSY as a BEE!
Summer 2013 vacation, for all the kids has almost come to an end.  Soooo much to do.

But...I'm back today!   I spent about 2 hours this morning out in the scorching sun...taking pictures of my "SENIOR" grandson.   Today was media day for the High School Football team....

Thought I'd share a few of these pictures with you..

Senior Football players and Senior Cheer and Drill team girls.

Tucker, with Coach Smith and Coach Mason
(Tucker will be working with the football team....filming practices and games)

It was truly a HOT morning....but we had lots of fun!!

See y'all next week!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Birthday Boy

We have a Birthday Boy today!!

Mr.Carson Kidd Booth..Better known as "BIG SHOW" 

"BIG SHOW" is his nickname.  Because of his awesome talents in playing baseball, his coaches gave him this wonderful nickname.  

Here are a few other names that seem to fit him well....

Carson is very enthused with my Indian heritage.  He is always asking me about the Indian ways of life.   Everyone who knows Carson WELL, knows that he is definitely a talker.  Therefore, we have given him the name...."Talks a lot."

I do believe that Shanda and Tom made a huge mistake by giving him the middle name "Kidd."  Kidd is my maiden name and it is a name that holds a lot of character. However....Carson's middle name really should have been (Prankster)  YES...he is big with the pranks!

Loves to pull pranks on everyone! What's fun is watching him laugh...

I have recently given him the name of (Snoopy Jack)   He loves to look over your shoulder to check out what you might be reading!! It's very funny, watching his eyes stretch as far as they can....

This dude brings us tons of joy and laughter!

Happy Birthday Carson!!  love and hugs..
Shug ~   


Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Friend Thing.

What would we do without friends?  Having good friends is Fantabulous!!!!  I think I've said this many times...

Have you ever heard that old saying......"Friendship isn't a big thing, it's a million little things."
A million little Blessings and more.   I have said, over and over again, how Blessed I am to have so many wonderful, BEST, friends....

Sam is my BFF forever and forever..... till the end of time and even beyond (if it's possible).     We learn from each other.....we teach each other....we follow each other.   It's kinda like this:  When we are alone, we are each other's shadow....If one of us needs to cry, the other will always have a shoulder to cry on,  If one of us needs a big ol' hug, then arms are opened wide. 

I am extremely thankful for my other Best Friends.... Best friends are never afraid to tell you when your pants are unzipped or when you have dirt on your face!  Now...., when it comes to an escaped booger that is hanging on the end of your nose.....Best friends will laugh at you, then they will laugh with you, while holding a mirror in front of your face.
Don't you just love it?

Did you know that just like humans......animals can have best friends too?  And this my friends, is what this post is about!!

This is our adorable "Bella"...........she is the sweetest and has always been so quite and so sweet.

However.......since the kids moved in (and brought their dogs with them) Bella has changed!!   She now has FRIENDS!!

Let me introduce you to:  Nova and Buddy

This is Buddy..... I have to tell you, I love this dog.
some of you may remember a post that I wrote about him, a couple of years ago.   When Buddy would get a chance, he would dash out the door and run off for a couple of hours or so.  He always came back home, but while he was gone, the kids were always so afraid that he would be lost forever.

Not only is Buddy getting older, but he has a few vision problems and he also does not like loud noises.

This is Nova......a big ol' baby.   She is just a little over a year old, but she has the strength of Super Man.   Nova loves to play and play and play!!!

As I said.....before Nova and Buddy came to live here, Bella was so quite and rarely barked.   Seems that the other two love to Howl if they hear any kind of unusual sound (such as a siren or train) they go nuts!

Well, guess what?   We live kinda close to a nursing home, and there are many ambulances that pass by...everyday.   Almost every night around 3:00 A.M.  there is an ambulance that heads to the NH.   We also live close enough to the train tracks, and the train whistle sounds very loudly.    

These dogs go all out.....I'm talking about ALL OUT with their noises and to us it is hilarious.  Probably not so funny for our neighbors!!   

Bella has now joined in with her friends and she has come to realize that she can howl and bark too!   I'm thinking it's a Friend thing!!!  lol

When the other two make their sounds, Bella makes her small sounds as well.

These three dogs have become close friends and it is so much fun to watch them play.  They sleep together, eat together, and howl together!!

Isn't it sweet?

Enjoy Life!

Friday, August 2, 2013

If You're Coming to Texas......

Who's Idea was it anyways?   Surely it wasn't mine!! 

In case no one has noticed, the page on the Calendar reads....AUGUST! can any Texan forget just how HOT it is during the month of August!  Kinda sounds like I'm dogging the 8th month of the year.....but goodness knows that I'm not! 

After all...... the one and only (ME) was born on a hot day in August.  (24th)

The best place to be during the heat of the day, is in the pool!!!!    The photo below shows just how smart my babies are....they know how to cool off!

 This morning, somebody had the bright idea of going to First Monday.

The girls and I headed out early this morning.....traveling West, just about 30 miles, to this big event.   We park the car in a great shade and then we start walking to the pavilions.  

No time at all had passed, before we all three started making the comment of how HOT it was.   Let me tell you, when a lady starts to perspire and her face is as red as a fresh, 
red-meated watermelon, it's time to go home.

All three of us have artificial blonde hair.  Does this count for WHY we walked and looked at all kinds of goodies, for another two hours.   Finally, one of us had a brunette moment and decided it was time to go.     

I'm thinking that it took us only a short 10 minutes to get ourselves to the car.   Once we got there, the air conditioner was turned on..... full blast.   

What did we purchase on this big adventure??  NOTHING!
Ooops....Trista did buy a bottle of water and I bought a small lemonade drink.  Other than that.....we came home empty handed.  

OK.....who was this wise person that planned this outing today?    It was ME!!

Never again in the month of August!!

Here's some food for thought for all my blogging friends.....
If you're coming to Texas.....don't come in August!!

Happy Friday Y'all....
shug ~

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Words of goodness......

"The Fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness, self-control.  against such things there is no law.  Now those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.  If we live by the Spirit, we must also follow the Spirit.  We must not become conceited, provoking one another, envying one another."
                                   Galatians 5:22-26

Oh My Goodness.....(These are the three words that I use when I am excited) The difference in writing the words and hearing the words is so big..... It's not like O-h  M-y  G-o-o-d-n-e-s-s, with the words drawn out so slowly....   It's more like:  Squeal, squeal....OH MY GOODNESS....kick my feet into the air....kind of excitement!
God's word is awesome!!   Take the above scriptures for example..
The message is huge in these 61 words that are found in Galatians.

By teaching our kids, grand kids, family.....about the "fruits of the Spirit" we are building a huge foundation for their future.
There is no way that the mortar can crumble if we teach them the qualities that speak loud and clear in each of the fruits.

Bitterness, envy, anger, chaos, harshness, jealousy, hatred, disharmony, sadness, misery, evil, misgiving, lying, unbelief........Etc..

This list of negative emotions barely scan the surface when it comes to the ugly reactions that are actually a part of this world that we live in.  Have you ever known people that enjoy living in a dog eat dog kind of war zone?  I often wonder if there is some kind of bitter juice that these people drink as they start their day. (I sure don't won't any of it)

God uses us to bring about goodness in those that we love.
It starts with us, as parents.....we can make a huge difference in our family, if we will encourage them daily,  to study what God is teaching in these two scriptures found in Galatians.  

Mistakes are made each day and there are times when we might find ourselves upset about a situation.....BUT, there is a long mile between the points of being upset and being Angry.....especially when it causes us to feel the need to retaliate towards those who have made us angry.

I'll tell you.....I think the words JOY, PEACE, GENTLENESS, and KINDNESS are words of harmony.  These words seem to make my world sing!!!  

I just love Y'all.....

shug ~ 

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