Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, August 2, 2013

If You're Coming to Texas......

Who's Idea was it anyways?   Surely it wasn't mine!! 

In case no one has noticed, the page on the Calendar reads....AUGUST! can any Texan forget just how HOT it is during the month of August!  Kinda sounds like I'm dogging the 8th month of the year.....but goodness knows that I'm not! 

After all...... the one and only (ME) was born on a hot day in August.  (24th)

The best place to be during the heat of the day, is in the pool!!!!    The photo below shows just how smart my babies are....they know how to cool off!

 This morning, somebody had the bright idea of going to First Monday.

The girls and I headed out early this morning.....traveling West, just about 30 miles, to this big event.   We park the car in a great shade and then we start walking to the pavilions.  

No time at all had passed, before we all three started making the comment of how HOT it was.   Let me tell you, when a lady starts to perspire and her face is as red as a fresh, 
red-meated watermelon, it's time to go home.

All three of us have artificial blonde hair.  Does this count for WHY we walked and looked at all kinds of goodies, for another two hours.   Finally, one of us had a brunette moment and decided it was time to go.     

I'm thinking that it took us only a short 10 minutes to get ourselves to the car.   Once we got there, the air conditioner was turned on..... full blast.   

What did we purchase on this big adventure??  NOTHING!
Ooops....Trista did buy a bottle of water and I bought a small lemonade drink.  Other than that.....we came home empty handed.  

OK.....who was this wise person that planned this outing today?    It was ME!!

Never again in the month of August!!

Here's some food for thought for all my blogging friends.....
If you're coming to Texas.....don't come in August!!

Happy Friday Y'all....
shug ~


Michelle said...

Your trip with the girls sounds fun, despite the heat!

Betsy Adams said...

Oh I remember August in Texas.... I also remember April through October..... That is why I hated living there. I'm not fond of HOT weather....

It's hot enough up here --even though this summer so far hasn't been bad up here. YEAH!!!!!!! BUT--I'm still ready for FALL...

If you have a chance, check out my blog post today.. I did a Roses post --and hopefully, you will like it.


Mary Callan said...

OK I'll wait to visit you until November!
Mary x

Ginny said...

Our whole family left on vacation last week, and can you guess where? TEXAS, of course! NOT Phil or me! We remain here in the cool. We don't have First Mondays here, we have Fourth Fridays, must be the same kind of thing. I love your picture of the kids in the pol and the sweet little flowers in your header.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Oh, I remember my brother talking about going to the First Mondays and how much I would like it. We were never there at that time of the month. The last time we were in TX it was a September and it was hot then! But, it can get pretty hot here in MissouREE, too.
Hope you're having a nice weekend!

Lea Culp said...

Amen to that! Our kids went to Pine Cove only one time in August and thereafter they always went in June. But, it's hot, hot here in Louisiana as well. We're headed to Seattle next week to cool off for a week and we can't wait. Happy week and try to stay cool!

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