Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Two kinds of Boxes

To have acute mental or emotional sensibility or to be aware of and responsive to the feelings of others is what it means to be sensitive.   

Are you a sensitive person?  I can quickly answer this question when it pertains to me and my feelings.    I am very sensitive when it comes to something that I believe so strongly in or when it comes to protecting those that I love.  

If I were to take a survey, I would venture to say that most of you are just like me.  Each and every day brings about a brand new box for each of us to open.  Sometimes we may receive several boxes in any given day.   Some are wrapped in gorgeous wrappings and some are just wrapped in plain ol' brown paper.  

Those that are wrapped in plain brown paper......NO BOW.....are usually the ones that we would choose to put to the side.   It's the gorgeous ones that have glittered paper, with big, beautiful bows to suggest that they are really worth something......that gets to be chosen first.    It's like WOW....look at me.   Look what I have today.

We never know which box will appear at our door each morning.  This is where sensitivity comes into play.   Which box do you prefer?  Perhaps, prefer is not the word I should use here.  I would prefer to have boxes that make life easy, but I most definitely would choose the paper box!  The one that causes us to look for ways to make life easier for everyone else!  My box is always too sensitive and way too full of empathy.  I always have a need to pick up the pain that others feel. 

There may not be one single person out there in blog world that has a clue as to what I'm speaking of........ here in this post.... but, if you read between the lines, you can figure it out!  

I understand it.....  A two-fold message is hidden within these words.   For those of you who can figure it out, then I salute you!  YOU  know the true meaning of the word sensitive.   For those of you who cannot identify with this post, you have not as of yet been given one of those (gorgeous in their own way) kind of brown paper boxes!!

Hugs to all.....


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Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I do think I understand what you are saying. My Hubby used to tell me that I tried too hard to please others and forgot to take care of myself. Actually a therapist told me that as well when i had hit a really rough spot in my life.I LIKE to please others,but you know that in the last several years I sometimes am tired of being strong for everyone else,I just want to be taken care of.Enough of that for now.

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