Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Who Would Have Thought It?

Do your kiddos eat a good, hearty, breakfast before that rush out the door each morning?  I've always heard it said, that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  My sweet hubby is notorious for his repeated comments about how a good breakfast starts the day out right.

I'm probably alone here, with what I'm about to say about breakfast, but I stand by my beliefs when I say that eating a big breakfast..........MAKES ME HUNGRY ALL DAY LONG!

Sam says it's all in my head.   But's not, it's in my tummy!  When I eat a big breakfast, my stomach starts to growl within an hour or so.

This is what I call a GOOD breakfast!!   

A nice bowl of "Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats" makes me a Happy Camper.

But.....Who Would Have Thought It?

According to our lovely granddaughter....Tori, this stuff can do some real damage to you.

I wonder if this little corner of the box had anything to do with Miss Tori wanting to try a bowl of these delicious little white powdered squares?

She poured herself a bowl of it this past week, and after eating a few bites, she said she needed to ask me a question.    I was like....."Sure, go ahead...ask me."

Tori's response:  "Well Shug.....Am I going to be get "OLD" now that I have eaten this cereal?"

"I'm like OLD?  What do you mean"

She was like....."You know.....OLD people eat this kind of cereal...!"


This cereal MUST BE what is making people OLD.

I suppose......if I quit eating this cereal, I might start getting YOUNG!

This is nice to know!!

Hey Y'all.......hope you all have a terrific Thursday!!



Ginny said...

I have to say that Phil eats a bowl of it every morning!!!! It is the only dry cereal he eats. I need to tell him to stop immediately!! The chalkboard with the red frame, I'm IN LOVE with it! I bet you made it?

Betsy Adams said...

HA HA ----Love Tori's comment/question... OLD people do eat healthier ---but kids can get by with eating a waffle or a pancake or a poptart... Maybe we oldies should start eating poptarts again. Maybe we would get younger!!!!!! ha

Most people with weight problems or health problems are people who either skip breakfast or don't eat anything healthy... I don't eat a 'big' breakfast except on Saturdays when we have omelets. BUT--I do eat breakfast every day and it's very healthy (Greek Yogurt, banana, strawberries).... I sprinkle wheat bran on it for the fiber (which I need). Hubby eats a mixture of cereals with his banana and strawberries. Guess all of that is old people food also, huh????? ha


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I had never considered cereal to be old peoples food.I love Mini Wheats,actually it is my favourite cereal. Sooo,I may be older than I think.LOL

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