Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Good, Good Day

As I sit here writing this post.....I find myself surrounded by about 500 years of wisdom, knowledge, experience, trials, hard work, and lots and lots of complaining.

Where am I?  Sitting with my sweetie, in the office of an eye clinic.  I promise you, we are the youngest two people in this waiting room.  When I say youngest, I mean.....we are like little children compared to this aging group of folks!  

This must definitely be SENIOR DAY!  But wait.....we (Sam and I) are not SENIORS.  Just wonder why they scheduled us on this day??

I see a couple of "happy faces" ... "grumpy looking faces" ... and several  "down and out faces."  What I hear is:  "It's too cold in this place"......"What's taking them so long".....and a whole lot of "HUH's!!!!!" 

And....I saved the best for last!  What I smell is people...older people!

Let me clarify what I mean by old.......It's not about the number of years one has been living on this earth....It's the thought process of aging that makes one old.  Even a 40 year old person can be their mind!!  Even a 40 year old can smell because they lack good hygiene habits.

Oh yes......It's a good, good day!   If I ever begin to act like some of these folks are acting.....I hope my daughters will get the adjustment belt out and make me see more clearer!  

Oh wait.....Maybe this is the reason these folks are at the eye clinic in the first they can see more clearer!!!!!

I'm now laughing..... 


My sweetie is now sporting a pair of those PRETTY NEW GLASSES.....  you know...the kind they give you when you've just had your eyes dilated.  They're huge and they wrap half way around his head!!!   LOL....


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I hear what you are saying. I may be getting older,but I refuse to grow up.

Ginny said...

Oh, you should try wearing those glasses over top of your regular glasses, mine kept popping off! Is the header your cabinet? It is incredible with all the vintage things in it. Seems like most of the time we go to the eye doctor, it is filled with people over 70, I don't know why.

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