Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Birthday Boy

We have a Birthday Boy today!!

Mr.Carson Kidd Booth..Better known as "BIG SHOW" 

"BIG SHOW" is his nickname.  Because of his awesome talents in playing baseball, his coaches gave him this wonderful nickname.  

Here are a few other names that seem to fit him well....

Carson is very enthused with my Indian heritage.  He is always asking me about the Indian ways of life.   Everyone who knows Carson WELL, knows that he is definitely a talker.  Therefore, we have given him the name...."Talks a lot."

I do believe that Shanda and Tom made a huge mistake by giving him the middle name "Kidd."  Kidd is my maiden name and it is a name that holds a lot of character. However....Carson's middle name really should have been (Prankster)  YES...he is big with the pranks!

Loves to pull pranks on everyone! What's fun is watching him laugh...

I have recently given him the name of (Snoopy Jack)   He loves to look over your shoulder to check out what you might be reading!! It's very funny, watching his eyes stretch as far as they can....

This dude brings us tons of joy and laughter!

Happy Birthday Carson!!  love and hugs..
Shug ~   



Anonymous said...

happy birthday to Carson, what a handsome fella,

Ginny said...

He sounds awesome, and he is so handsome, too! Are these the cupcakes you made for him? I love the way they are double with a tiny one on op! He and I both share having a very strong curiosity!!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Happy Birthday to your grandson! And good luck to him with all games. If I lived close by, I'd come watch him play. I love ballgames!

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