Sunday, June 30, 2013



I  just wonder.....what (different) words would I write, if this were a private message?  Not sure!  I'm guessing that TODAY, I might possibly write about frustration.  You know, it's just down right hard to have negative thoughts, especially when my goal each day is to let the Son shine through me in every thing that I do.  However.....I'm just a normal person and YES, I too......have frustrating days.      LOL!

What has driven me to the state of this ill-humored behavior that I'm experiencing today?  A story that has given me a bummer of a small vacation.  I'm guessing this is more than likely, the shortest trip we have ever taken.

After much thought.....much planning.....over the past few months,  Sam and I decided to put a BIG vacation aside this year in order to take a few smaller trips later in the year. 
In November, we have a trip to Tennessee planned with our friends, while another trip to the Big Apple is in the works as well.

This past Friday......we packed our bags.....leaving for a small get away to Dallas.....
Nice hotel, great pool and a fantastic pool view room, a little fun and relaxation.....this is what the next 4 days were suppose to include. a key word here.

Our first stop.....Target!  Had to have some sunscreen and few other things to make this trip a success.  A short time later,  we check into the room and within a thirty minute time......I feel my back going out!  After resting flat on my back for some three hours, I get up to go to the restroom and guess what?  I can barely move!!  At 10 o'clock, Sam calls the front desk to have them get our car and come pick up our luggage.  At 10:20.....we are headed home!   We had about a hundred and twenty miles to travel, but around 12:30 we pull into the driveway!

My back is some better.....but, I'm almost sure I will be seeing a Chiropractor tomorrow.

Just a little frustration inside of me today.   But you know, I'm blessed to be able to stay home each day.  It's my Sam that I feel so bad for......He was looking forward to having a few days away from all the hustle that he has going on every day.  His mind is constantly having to make important decisions at work.....and, he needs all the down time that he can get.

I am one Blessed lady to have him in my life.   His concern has been about me and trying to make me feel as comfortable as possible.   I sure do love this guy!!

The great thing about journaling is..... I can write what I feel....When I blog, I can edit a few things.   My journal is happy, my blog is happy, and at the end of all the words.....I am happy!!

Happy Sunday friends.....



Thursday, June 27, 2013

Just Chatting.....

What is in my day that I can turn into a blessing for someone else.   Isn't this a beautiful question.  Whatever it is, I hope I find it and can bring a bit of delight to someone in need.

When I think back to the beginning of my blog, I recall my very first intentions.   I wanted it to be a place that I could escape to.  I was set on emptying myself of daily situations that were not always clear to me.   Perhaps, I wanted to use this place as a journal for my letters to God.

I like (LOVE) to journal.   When it comes to expressing my deepest deep, TO THE BONES, kind of feelings......I do it best when I journal.    This is something that I discovered about myself, several years ago.  

I just want to be able to empty myself of the feelings that sometimes become trapped inside my soul.   Things that God already knows about, and I am so thankful that ....HE knows the need that I have to rid myself of these feelings and thoughts that often keep my mind bound.   HE has given to me, the abilities to articulate what  I feel, when I journal, and it would definitely behoove me to do so ever chance that I get.

I'm not some kind of weird... or anything like that......I just am deeper perhaps, than most other people.   I believe that some of us are born with the deepest of deep feelings, while others barely scratch the surface with affections.   My vocal cords ( when it comes to singing) are not very strong....I lack many talents that I would love to have.......BUT, God gave me a heart full of emotion.

My empathy level is very deep, My love for family and friends is super deep...and I would even venture to say that I probably am way overboard when it comes to feelings.  I'm not saying that I love people more than any of you, I'm saying that I get way too involved with my feelings, when it comes to wanting a PERFECT LIFE for people.

There are days, when I really would like to write a private blog.  One might say...."Just write in your journal."  This just isn't enough for me!  I want the words that I write to be read by others, and perhaps,  make an impact on someones life.

I don't know, I'll have to see what I can come up with...

To Be Continued....


Monday, June 24, 2013

Sinking Sand

I am so thankful for scripture.....for God's Word.....for the most precious book ever written.

The Bible....

We (I) need God's word DAILY, to help me make it through each day.  I can't even begin to imagine not being able to read my bible....DAILY.

Sure, there are days when ALL goes well and I feel like I have been given a bushel basket of pixie dust.  I can fly through a day like this, and feel as if (I) have the whole world in my hands.  But, within hours, I firmly stand knowing that I am nothing.....that it is God and God only, holding my hand.   HE, in his HIS love, allows me, to make the choice of believing that (I) am doing great things on my own.  GOD, in his awesomeness......knows all about the adventure trail that I am running toward.   His wisdom is always hard to find when I choose to travel the off beaten path.

Honestly, it doesn't take long for me to realize where my strength comes from.  I can't tell you how many times I have found myself stuck in quick sand.....all because I tried to do things my way.  I end up on a trail that leads me straight into a sinking hole.

Thank you Lord for gently nudging me when I try to be the one in control.

Hugs to all my friends..

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Enjoying my New Lens......

Railroad that crosses over the Mississippi River....

Tug Boat pushing some cargo.....

I was a long distance away from this....but my new 400 mm lens is working GREAT.

Same here.....I was a couple of blocks away when I took this photo.....   Have I said how much I LOVE my new camera lens that Sam gave me???

My sweet honey.....examining some pecan liners..

Deer that I spotted a distance off....

Buckets of Berries....Blackberries and Blueberries...

Practicing with my new lens....   Gorgeous Blackberries that are not ripe yet...

And Blueberries...... Yum!!

The house I want to build.....

Beautiful Butterfly Bush....

And this my friends is a few of the things that I saw while we were on our trip.....



Friday, June 21, 2013

Another Ooops and more!

We are on the road.... Headed home.  Sam knows how much I really like Duck Dynasty, so he made a slight detour to let me go back by their warehouse.  It hasn't been that long ago since we were there, and I must say.....the DD family has made several changes since then.

They have a bigger store and have added more parking space, which was well needed.

I love traveling with my sweet......he is the BEST.

Geez though.... It's HOT outside.  I'm certainly not one that likes hot weather......UNLESS, I'm near a pool.  I really think I was suppose to be a fish.  But wait....I can't swim!  Maybe I was suppose to be a bright, beautiful float of some sort.

I did another oops this past week and I have been paying for it these past few days.   How many of you out there have a thyroid that doesn't work!  I'll raise my hand twice on that one.

I take 200 MCG's of thyroid daily, or should I say I'm suppose to take that amount.   My prescription ran out last Thursday, which means I missed taking it on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.  This is not good!!  I finally got around to getting it re-filled this past Wednesday.

Missing 5 days of thyroid medicine sure makes me feel exhausted and I just can't function normally.  It might take me a couple more days to get back to running.   

Looks like we have about three more hours on the road..... I have time for some snooze time.   

Did I mention that we stopped at an antique store?   Yes we did, and I can't wait to post pictures of my fantastic deals..

The weekend is here..... Enjoy!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Business Tripping

Sam and I got up yesterday morning and we headed to Vicksburg, Mississippi!  It's been a couple of years since we've been here.  

I will have to agree with many others, that Vicksburg is not a high rated vacation spot.    Sam and I brought the girls here many years ago, and we did tour the Vickburg National Military Park.    It was great to see, however......unless you are a person that loves studying war history....touring the park once is plenty.  (At least it was for me)

We are here because Sam has business meetings today and tomorrow.   I went with him this morning as he toured a pecan orchard and it was more than HOT out there.   This chick was sweating!    

I enjoyed seeing the beautiful orchards, and I was able to take several photos of some gorgeous blackberries and blueberries.   I even picked one blackberry and ate it.   I don't think that would be considered stealing......I just couldn't resist tasting that oversized berry, that seemed to be hanging right there in front of my eyes.  It was begging to be picked (and eaten) by me.

I have some wonderful pics to show, but I don't have all the things to be able to post on my iPad.   Oops...left it at home.

Time for me to get dressed.... We have a big meet and greet reception a little later.  I know Sam WOULD, but I'd hate for him to have to introduce me to his business friends, while I'm sporting this head of sweaty, messed up hair.   

I'll be talking to you al tomorrow!!!! Enjoy your afternoon....


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Little Fun and a Lot of Patience!

Check out my header picture......This is what summer is all about!

Kids.....playing in the mud.....making mud pies and getting covered from head to toe, in water and dirt = mud.  Wouldn't it be fun to be a kid again??

This kind of play is all that we knew when I was growing up.  We were either playing in the mud....playing in the pigpen, or playing house... out on the hill, beside the road.  Geez...these were the good ol' days!

Trey.....having a little fun!!  

I think this is going to be a chocolate cake!!  How big of a slice would you like to have?

AND....don't you just wonder how much grit is in that red fruit ice stick?

No kidding.....this is what makes summers fun!


Thought I'd share a little more humor given to my dad!

So....on Monday, I was scheduled to take my niece to the doctor.....but before the appointment, she wanted to go by target to pick up something that was on sale.

I drive out to pick her up......and guess who comes out the door first?  With his hat and boots on...    You guessed it.   My dad!  Oh yes, he was decked out and ready to go.  Oh wow!  I knew at that moment that we were going to have an interesting day.

Here we go.....Target bound.   We get there and as we go inside, I take dad over to the concession area and I tell him to sit down and not go anywhere.   It would only take Tammy and I about 10 minutes to get what we came after.  His response:  "Ok...I'll be sitting right here."     We finished shopping, came back to get him and guess what?  He was there.

All three of us get in the car and as we are traveling to the doctor's office......this is how the conversation went.

Dad:  "What did the Doctor say about Tammy?"
Me:  "We didn't see a doctor....we just left target!"
Dad:  "Oh, I didn't know....y'all left me sitting there in the waiting room!"
Me:  "That was not the doctor's waiting room.....that was the concession area at 

2 miles down the road......

Dad:  "What did the doctor say about Tammy?
Me:     Complete silence..

SO.......we get to the doctor's office and dad (SOMEHOW) notices that this is the same place where his doctor has an office.  

Dad:   "I need to see Dr. Belt."
Me:  "You can't see your Dr.  You don't have an appointment."   "Why do you need to see 
            him anyways?"
Dad:  "My skin sometimes turns red."  "I know he (the doctor) can take five minutes to 
             look at me."
Me:   "Dad...your skin is not red, and No you can't see have to have an 

Ok....20 minutes later and he has already ask me at least 15 times to go see his doctor.
Out of desperation (to get him to hush about that doctor) I pick up my phone and 
PRETEND to call the doctor.   Oh yes.....I am carrying on a full conversation with the 
nurse and when I hang up, I tell him that the nurse said that the doctor is out for the day.....

Guess what....not another time did he ask about going to the doctor!!  The rest of the time we talked about his hat and his boots!!!!!


Hey y'all.......I'm on the road today with Sam!  Heading to Mississippi!
Whatever you do today......have fun!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

God provides all that we NEED.

This is amazing y'all........the kids are all moved in, and we still have p-l-e-n-t-y of room!!  It is so awesome how God provides all that we need.  

All that we have to do is to use our thinking cap and be organized.  I have transformed this house into a five bedroom home.....which means that all three kids now have their very own rooms.  They are all happy and content....and so are we.  Ty and Trista have their own space as well, including their own personal sitting area.  

"The Waltons" were all happy living together.......and so are "The Pollard's"

I'm not sure that my kids have every heard of the Walton's......

Tonight they just might hear me say:

goodnight Trista, goodnight Ty, goodnight Tyler, goodnight Tucker, goodnight Tori


Goodnight Sam.......

A full home is a happy home and this is what we have!!


Monday, June 17, 2013

Adventure Anyone?

This is what I would like to be doing right now.....floating down the river!  The Guadalupe River runs through New Braunfels, Texas and the water is COLD.    (about 5 hours away from where we live)

It is so relaxing to me, to sit inside the tube, to have my feet hanging off into the water and to float down that river.  I know this sounds kinda strange for someone who can't swim.....who is deathly afraid of snakes.....and whose heart gets to racing when approaching the rapids.  One thing that bothers me more than anything is not being able to see what is under my feet. 

You would think that as cold as the water is.....that there would be no snakes, but I have seen them before!!

Trista and Tyler were in San Marcos this past weekend....which also has a river that runs through the city....the difference is, it's a smaller river and it is clear.

Tyler was attending a football camp there in San Marcos, but before they came home yesterday afternoon......They rode the river!!  
(BTW....Tyler received a WR award at the camp....woot woot!)

Just made me have an itching to drive down and enjoy a bit of this fun.....

How many of you are adventurous??  Do you like to do the four wheel mud riding thing?  (I think I would love doing that)  

Do you like to ride the rapids or do you go water skiing?  (I most definitely can not ski)

Are there any out there who spends the weekends on the lake?  Boating or Fishing!!

I know I have a couple of hiker friends out there (Betsy and George) but, do any of the rest of you do a lot of hiking?

Sam and I are not super adventurous, but it does sound like a lot of fun.....

My thinking is:   you are as young as you why not adventure out and stay young!!

Hugs y'all.....

Shug ~

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wedded Bliss

June 16, 1972

Today, Sam and I are celebrating 41 years of Wedded Bliss...

He is the love of my life and MY BEST FRIEND.

I loved him Yesterday.....
I love him still,
I always have......and I always will.


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Honoring Captain Kidd and Celebrating Memories

As I stated on my Face Book page......I'm having sweet thoughts of my mom today.  She was born on June 15, 1933.....and today would have been her 80th Birthday.  I'll be celebrating cherished memories of this precious lady today!!!    Love You Forever Mom!

Roses for you Mom!

Tomorrow is Father's day and I want to Honor my dad for being the wonderful, kind, loving father that he is.  His life has not been the easiest.....but, through everything.....he has kept his strength and pressed on!

He was born as the youngest of 15 children!   My Goodness....15 kids?!?!?   He labored hard as a young boy in order to help his dad with the family farming.  His dad had crippling rheumatoid arthritis.

After he and my mom were dad worked hard to provide for his family and he made many sacrifices in order for us to have the things that we needed.  (Not wanted, but NEEDED)

Later in life, my older sister and her husband were killed in a car wreck.  My mom and dad had the responsibility of raising my sister's three children.  Each of these kids were severely injured in the car wreck and it took, round the clock nursing care in order for these kids to survive.  My dad worked extra hard to see that everyone was taken care of.  Dad was extremely close to my sister and losing her was very difficult for him.  Being so overwhelmed with the needs of the three children, my dad tried keeping his grief bottled up inside.   This is not a good thing to do, and sometimes it can get the best of us.

My dad had his first Open Heart Surgery, which included 4 bypasses, a few years after my sister's death.  He has since, had 4  completely different open heart surgeries which has left him with much on-going pain from his chest being opened so many times.

My nephew (the grandson that he and my mom raised) died at the age of 28 from a massive heart attack.  This was another huge heartache for my parents.  

With my mom's passing, seven years dad has grieved tremendously.  I'm not sure I have ever seen a man who has loved his wife the way my dad loved my mom.   I really felt that my dad would die of a broken heart.....literally   Not from a diseased heart, but from a broken heart.   The picture in my header was taken the year after my mom passed away.   Trista and I had convinced him to let us take him on a small trip to Branson.   He was kind enough to go....but since this was an area where he and mom traveled to....  a whole lot, I could since his grief of her not being there with us.

My maiden name was Kidd, so when we saw the Captain Kidd sign, we had to grab a picture of my dad in front of it.

He is the only one of his 15 siblings that is still living....    I can almost feel his loneliness at times.  It's kinda sad to me.

Two years ago my dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and he has gone down hill quite a bit since then.   I am extremely grateful for his loving attitude that has always remained the same.  He has a hard time understanding and he NO longer knows some of the grandkids, as well as other people that he has known for years......but, he is so sweet in the fact that he doesn't want to hurt any one's feelings by having them think that he doesn't know them.   He tries to pretend that he does...

I sure love this dad......Captain Kidd!  I Wish him a super Happy Father's Day!

(I'm posting this today....because I want to honor my husband tomorrow.....Sam and I will be celebrating our 41 year anniversary tomorrow)


Friday, June 14, 2013

All About Me....

1.  Quick update on my week....... Busy, Busy, Busy!   Oh well.....I've had a lot of fun pushing myself to get everything done.

No pictures, because I haven't had the time to pick my camera up.  One good thing is that my kitchen has really been used this week.   We have been counting calories around here, and for this reason, the cooked meals have been very few and far between.

So far this week, I have cooked.......BBQ chicken, Pork Chops, Asian salad, Green Tossed salad, Cowboy Beans, Green Beans, Fresh Corn, Cream Potatoes, Peach Salad, Chocolate Chip Cookies,  Mac and Cheese, and pitchers of Ice Cold Tea!!

Not sure that my (Normally) spotless kitchen is liking all of this.

2.  Last week.......I FINALLY.....sent my yard guy.... down the road!  I sure did......
I am very particular about the yard, and if we are going to pay someone to take care of it, then I expect it to be done correctly!!

Honestly, I have talked to the guy on several occasions, but he either does not understand what it means to mow ALL of the yard, or he just likes to do it his way.   His way was not working for me .....SO!!

I did have a big laugh yesterday......I pulled into my driveway and there he was, unloading his lawn mower.   I said to him:   "Don't you remember last week....I told you that I didn't need your services any longer?"   He said to me:   "I don't understand what you say to me!"...."I never understand what you say to me!"     OH WOW!!!    All I have to say is.....He understands me well when it comes to his pay!!!!

3.  I worked out a total of 8 hours this week!!!!    Yea!   And I feel all kinds of good!  The soreness is going away and I really think I'm beginning to get the hang of all the machines, the weights, and the exercise balls.    Now..... if you want to see something funny, you should be a little fly on the wall and watch me use those exercise balls.   The rolling down is not so bad, but it's the rolling up that is hilarious.   No kidding....I'm trying to keep my balance, hold weights in both hands, and move my feet backwards, all at the same time!!   FUNNY.

It's loads of Fun!!

This is it for me.....see ya tomorrow...

Shug ~

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Now you have it......

Apologies come from me......for not having enough time this week to visit each of you!  I honestly, have barely, had enough time to look up.  Between the stuff that I have going on right now, and my hour and half work outs each days are FULL.    

What a BUSY week it has been......and, we still have a few more days until the weekend gets here.   I thought my summer was going to be one of doing nothing, but laying by the pool....    WRONG!!   Still much to do!

How many of you know this?   When we Pray.....we need to include ALL the details that we are asking for.   Lol.

A few months ago, Trista and Ty listed their home with a Real Estate agent.....FOR SALE!  They purchased this home two years ago, but they quickly realized that they did not have enough space to meet the needs of their family, two dogs, tons of sports equipment, hunting JUNK, and lots of visiting friends.  If you want lots of company....then put in a pool!!   LOL

We've been praying for their home to sale.......and it sure looks as if God is answering our prayers.   They are suppose to close on the house, this next week.   

This is the part where I should have included more details in my prayers.......More, as in.....when their house sales Dear Lord..... could you please provide for them to have a place to move to, on the day of closing!!!!

I suppose they do!   They are moving in with Sam and, I have been rearranging our entire house, to make room for the five of them and their two dogs.  Not sure how long they will be here.  Could be a month...and it could be for 6 months.  This all depends on whether or not they build or buy another home.  It doesn't really matter to us......we love having them here.  The problem with selling your home, with intentions of turning around and buying another one is......sometimes you need a place for a few weeks or months, but around have to sign a year lease for rental property.

Needless to say.....we have a house full of furniture right now.  

I guess you could say that I have done a whole lot of Spring cleaning.....or should we call it SUMMER cleaning.  

Now you have it......the reason for my absence from the blogging world and from Face Book.  

I hope to finished tomorrow evening so I can get back to working on my (LADDER AND BURLAP PROJECT.)   Can't wait for you all to see my creative side.


Shug ~

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I'm Praising God.....

Hi friends......I just want to take a moment to Praise God for His protection over my daughter (Trista) today.   Thank you Lord!

Trista had a doctor's appointment this morning and on her way home, she called me to let me know that she was headed our way.... and, she wanted to tell me about her visit with the Dr.  

In the middle of our conversation, I heard her yell...."Oh my gosh mom.....there has been a wreck"   and then suddenly our phone conversation ended.  I knew that she was ok, but didn't know anything else about the collision.

Trista was in the turn lane, behind a gentleman in a white truck.  The turn arrow changed to green and the white truck proceeded forward, with Trista turning as well....just a few feet behind.   

In a matter of seconds, a young guy traveling from the other direction, hit the white truck broadside on the passengers side.   Thankfully there was no one riding on that side.   The young guy never slowed down and ran right through a red light.   

If the timing had been a few seconds later, this guy would have hit Trista  head-on.    Trista, stopped her car and got out to check on the men in the other two vehicles.   The guy that ran the red light was fine, however.....the other guy in the white truck was feeling pain in his neck.

Now.....listen to this.   Trista left the wreck and came directly to our house.   About 45 minutes later, this man drives up in a white truck and I immediately recognized him as being the man that is doing some work for me in our guest bathroom.  I had spoke with him earlier in the morning and he told me that he was bringing out some supplies that he would be using for the job.  

I met him at the door and I noticed that his truck had obviously been in a wreck.  Turns out that he was the gentleman in the white truck, in front of Trista.  She had never met him before and did not know that I was expecting anyone to drop by.  You can only imagine the look on her face when she saw him standing there at my front door.....she was like...."you are the guy that I just talked were in the white truck in front of me at the wreck!"   "Are you Ok?"

His neck was hurting and he was headed home to get his wife so they could go to the ER to have his neck checked.   I sure hate that this happened to Larry, however, I am extremely thankful for the hedge of protection that surrounded our daughter.   

Praying that Larry's neck is not seriously injured.  BTW....he and his brother had been working on this truck for several months.  They had just finished all the body work as well as re-doing the complete interior on this truck....It (the truck) was scheduled to go to the body shop to be week!!   :(

Genuine hugs...

Shug ~


Just for fun.....leave a caption!

                                           Just for Fun.....

Some of you may have seen this photo on face book.....but I think it is too cute not to post on my blog.   

On Tom's fb page......he ask his friends to leave a caption for what Mylee may have been thinking.....There were several great captions listed.

I'd love to hear all of your captions!!!   Leave a comment and let me know what comes to your mind about this photo.

Enjoy this day....

shug ~

Monday, June 10, 2013

Transformation.....One sweat tear at a time!!

For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.  This is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance.

                                                                                               1 Timothy 4: 8-9

Oh.....great goodness!   It's my hopes, that ALL of my younger followers will be reading my blog today.   

First of all......I do want to say that I am SOOOOO  PROUD of myself, because I have lost 
26  pounds....   And, when I went for my check up this past Friday, my test were all very good.   My triglycerides went from being around 480 (very dangerous) down to just above 200.   Test results showed that my cholesterol was normal and my sugar levels were in the normal range.

If you don't mind, I'm gonna give myself a big HIGH FIVE, right now!!

My message to all you young readers is.......START AN EXERCISE PROGRAM....RIGHT NOW.....AND DON'T QUIT!   

I'm joking around with these  (heavy set) cartoons, but I will tell you, that you don't have to be overweight to be out of shape. my morning began with exercise.   (AND NOW I CAN'T MOVE)   I joined 3 other ladies this morning to start a friends work out program....   Wendy, Shanda, Carla and myself.     Carla, is in good shape and her job was to train the other three of us.   Of course, Shanda is in pretty good shape herself and could easily do all of the exercises.  

For Wendy and was a bit harder.   Wendy, has had a hip-replacement this year, so she really has a good reason for some of the exercises being a little difficult.   BUT AS FOR ME.....the work out was super tough because I am out of shape.  OH MY GOODNESS!!

I have no clue as to who this person is in the above photo..... (I borrowed it from the Internet)      BUT......this photo describes best,  just how I felt this morning. !!!!!!  I wasn't perspiring like a lady.....NO, I WAS PROFUSELY SWEATING!

I managed to do ALL of the exercises, but  I will most definitely tell you,  the other 3 girls, almost found themselves having to resuscitate this kind, friendly, lovable and adorable, lady!!

I promise.....another minute in that gym and I would have had myself a temper tantrum.....FOR REAL.  

Now.....some 5 hours later.....I can barely move and my entire body feels like a bowl of jello!  I think I'm completely worthless for the rest of the day and to think that I have to do it all over again this coming Wednesday and again on Friday.

Guess this is what you might call......transforming your body, one sweat tear at a time!

Love y'all.....

Shug ~

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cooking Lemon Blossoms

So......this afternoon, I decided to make some lemon blossoms.

I have made these precious little darlings, a number of times....but never have they EVER turned out like the ones I made today.

I'm thinking....... I just may have lost my touch in the kitchen!  Not sure I EVER had a touch in the kitchen....BUT, lately I have made a ton of boo boos when it comes to cooking.

One thing I know is .....I will never win myself a place on a cooking show.   Speaking of cooking shows...I have been watching a lot of them lately.    Shows like:  The Pioneer Woman, Paula Deen, and one cooking show that Jeff Foxworthy is hosting.   

Let me tell you.....The two judges on this (Jeff Foxworthy) show are tuff.  It's not enough for the food to taste good (I mean delicious).....but, everything has to be uniform in size and completely cooked to a (T)   Oh.....and sometimes they deliberately leave out certain steps when it comes to the recipe, and the cooks just have to wing it.  Whew....this is where I would get the stamp of (You Need to go Home)

And for all of these reasons listed above......I'm pretty positive that this is why I was not selected to be on the program along with these amateur cooks.....

Needless to say.....I am serving my cute lemon blossoms to several women tomorrow.....Trista is hosting a 31 party, and I am helping her make some of the food that she is serving.   I don't think that any of them are the same exact size (not the women....the lemon blossoms).....and not all of them have the same amount of icing on them.....BUT, I'm thinking that not one single person will even notice (unless they read my blog tonight)

I'm almost certain that they are delicious!!


Hey....what kind of mood are you in today???   On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the BEST of moods......I would say that I'd have to rate myself as a -4.     Yes sirree.....that is a 4 with a minus sign in front of it.   I'm off the scale in my attitude today and this is HIGHLY unusual for me.   Not to worry though....I'm aware of it and I plan to increase that number  tomorrow by about 18 or so points.....    I hope to be somewhere close to a 10 plus, by morning time!!!!

Hey, again......I'm sending my hugs to each one of you!!   Hope you'll send me one back!!

Shug ~

Friday, June 7, 2013

Get What?????

Oh My Goodness.......    REALLY?

What is this......maybe like the 5th or 6th day for kids to be out of school.  Like only one week!!

I have already heard the word Bored at least a dozen times.....

and I have said:  "That's, we are NOT going to the water park....NO, I'm not taking you to the golf course.....No, this is not a fishing day......No, we can't take the gator to the farm."    WHY NOT YOU SAY?  Because I don't have time to stay at the farm while you play.......

And this is what I hear......"But, y'all just don't get it."    GET WHAT????

I just have to laugh...... Sam and I are keeping kids this weekend, and it sure looks like we should have made some plans to have a kid entertainer, hanging around here for the next couple of days....

What?  kids don't play in the dirt anymore?  Do kids not spend time outdoors, these days?
What has happened to imaginary playing?  

Whew.....they are outside swimming at the moment!!   Wonder what will happen, if when they come inside....I say: "Lets go clean the flower beds?"    I can see the eyes rolling right now!!

For now, I think I'll grab myself a nap!!


Thursday, June 6, 2013

What do you Prefer?

Vacation plans......Anyone?    

 last June.....(around the middle of June)...... Sam and I were sitting in the airport.....waiting to catch a flight to Canada.   I'm not super fond of flying.....however, it sure is nice when it comes time to leave from a trip to come back home.    When a vacation ends, it sure is nice to hurry up and get back to your own bed.

Can you see the guy that is standing on the rocks.....wearing a red shirt???

These are just some random shots from our trip to Canada.....

Rainbow Mist.....

Beautiful flowers.......

More gorgeous plants.....

I absolutely love seeing vineyards......


Which do your prefer?   Driving vacations, where you can stop when you want to for potty breaks, stop to eat at a quaint little sandwich shop, do a little antiquing, and travel at your own pace? you prefer to fly (or take a train) so that you can hurry up and get to your destination?  

Do you prefer to settle in, to one hotel, and then take day adventures to see the sites and follow an itinerary........Or, do you like to travel and stay in different areas while vacationing?   

The older that I get, the less that I like to drive.   The last driving vacation that Sam and I took by ourselves, was in September of 2011.   We took a small trip to Branson and it took us approximately 30 hours to get there.   A normal trip to this area, would usually take us about 8 hours, max.   We took our time and made several stops.   It was truly a super sweet trip and very relaxing.

As of right now......We are still trying to make a decision about this year's vacation.....

Will it be a Summer trip?..... A Fall trip?  A Summer trip and a Fall trip?
or......No trip at all??

We shall see......


Shug ~

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Outer Space Do

I am so in Love with you Lord....I am thankful for your steadfast love.


What does your day hold for you?  It's hair day for me......oh yes, a much needed hair day.
I was pushing it just a bit, by making my appointment for last Wednesday, but that night, I woke up around mid-night .....up-chucking, and I had to cancel the appt.  I had to extend my hair appointment out even until today.

Not a good thing!!

It's not a good thing to have the top portion of your hair a completely different color from the rest of your hair!  You girls know exactly what I'm talking about here.......especially if you're over the age of 40.

Did you know that you don't even have to travel to Mars to get a "do" like this one.

Naw........I just have to travel about 10 miles to get this outer-space look.

Isn't this lovely??

And the results.......

Exactly.....what I was wanting!!

Goodness......I can't begin to tell you how much better I feel, to have my hair done.

What's next on my agenda for today.....

Nothing, absolutely nothing.

I may try to highlight my sun tan a wee bit this afternoon.......I may have me a glass or two of ice cold lemonade.....BUT, that's about all that this girl plans to do.

It's a ME day!!

Blessings Y'all...

Shug ~

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