Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Little Fun and a Lot of Patience!

Check out my header picture......This is what summer is all about!

Kids.....playing in the mud.....making mud pies and getting covered from head to toe, in water and dirt = mud.  Wouldn't it be fun to be a kid again??

This kind of play is all that we knew when I was growing up.  We were either playing in the mud....playing in the pigpen, or playing house... out on the hill, beside the road.  Geez...these were the good ol' days!

Trey.....having a little fun!!  

I think this is going to be a chocolate cake!!  How big of a slice would you like to have?

AND....don't you just wonder how much grit is in that red fruit ice stick?

No kidding.....this is what makes summers fun!


Thought I'd share a little more humor given to my dad!

So....on Monday, I was scheduled to take my niece to the doctor.....but before the appointment, she wanted to go by target to pick up something that was on sale.

I drive out to pick her up......and guess who comes out the door first?  With his hat and boots on...    You guessed it.   My dad!  Oh yes, he was decked out and ready to go.  Oh wow!  I knew at that moment that we were going to have an interesting day.

Here we go.....Target bound.   We get there and as we go inside, I take dad over to the concession area and I tell him to sit down and not go anywhere.   It would only take Tammy and I about 10 minutes to get what we came after.  His response:  "Ok...I'll be sitting right here."     We finished shopping, came back to get him and guess what?  He was there.

All three of us get in the car and as we are traveling to the doctor's office......this is how the conversation went.

Dad:  "What did the Doctor say about Tammy?"
Me:  "We didn't see a doctor....we just left target!"
Dad:  "Oh, I didn't know....y'all left me sitting there in the waiting room!"
Me:  "That was not the doctor's waiting room.....that was the concession area at 

2 miles down the road......

Dad:  "What did the doctor say about Tammy?
Me:     Complete silence..

SO.......we get to the doctor's office and dad (SOMEHOW) notices that this is the same place where his doctor has an office.  

Dad:   "I need to see Dr. Belt."
Me:  "You can't see your Dr.  You don't have an appointment."   "Why do you need to see 
            him anyways?"
Dad:  "My skin sometimes turns red."  "I know he (the doctor) can take five minutes to 
             look at me."
Me:   "Dad...your skin is not red, and No you can't see have to have an 

Ok....20 minutes later and he has already ask me at least 15 times to go see his doctor.
Out of desperation (to get him to hush about that doctor) I pick up my phone and 
PRETEND to call the doctor.   Oh yes.....I am carrying on a full conversation with the 
nurse and when I hang up, I tell him that the nurse said that the doctor is out for the day.....

Guess what....not another time did he ask about going to the doctor!!  The rest of the time we talked about his hat and his boots!!!!!


Hey y'all.......I'm on the road today with Sam!  Heading to Mississippi!
Whatever you do today......have fun!



Ruth's Photo Blog said...

You handled that one really well. we have to do what it takes to keep them happy. i remember the things I did to keep my Dad happy.I sometimes got funny looks from others,but I didn't care,it was my Dad who mattered most just then.

Ginny said...

I hope the two of you have some fun together. You really know how to keep your head in difficult situations Shug, I am impressed!

Michelle said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lea Culp said...

Oh, me, you have to find the humor in these things to keep going. Good for you!

Enjoy your time in Ms. We just got home today and it feels so good to be here after being gone 8 days.


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