Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I'm Praising God.....

Hi friends......I just want to take a moment to Praise God for His protection over my daughter (Trista) today.   Thank you Lord!

Trista had a doctor's appointment this morning and on her way home, she called me to let me know that she was headed our way.... and, she wanted to tell me about her visit with the Dr.  

In the middle of our conversation, I heard her yell...."Oh my gosh mom.....there has been a wreck"   and then suddenly our phone conversation ended.  I knew that she was ok, but didn't know anything else about the collision.

Trista was in the turn lane, behind a gentleman in a white truck.  The turn arrow changed to green and the white truck proceeded forward, with Trista turning as well....just a few feet behind.   

In a matter of seconds, a young guy traveling from the other direction, hit the white truck broadside on the passengers side.   Thankfully there was no one riding on that side.   The young guy never slowed down and ran right through a red light.   

If the timing had been a few seconds later, this guy would have hit Trista  head-on.    Trista, stopped her car and got out to check on the men in the other two vehicles.   The guy that ran the red light was fine, however.....the other guy in the white truck was feeling pain in his neck.

Now.....listen to this.   Trista left the wreck and came directly to our house.   About 45 minutes later, this man drives up in a white truck and I immediately recognized him as being the man that is doing some work for me in our guest bathroom.  I had spoke with him earlier in the morning and he told me that he was bringing out some supplies that he would be using for the job.  

I met him at the door and I noticed that his truck had obviously been in a wreck.  Turns out that he was the gentleman in the white truck, in front of Trista.  She had never met him before and did not know that I was expecting anyone to drop by.  You can only imagine the look on her face when she saw him standing there at my front door.....she was like...."you are the guy that I just talked were in the white truck in front of me at the wreck!"   "Are you Ok?"

His neck was hurting and he was headed home to get his wife so they could go to the ER to have his neck checked.   I sure hate that this happened to Larry, however, I am extremely thankful for the hedge of protection that surrounded our daughter.   

Praying that Larry's neck is not seriously injured.  BTW....he and his brother had been working on this truck for several months.  They had just finished all the body work as well as re-doing the complete interior on this truck....It (the truck) was scheduled to go to the body shop to be week!!   :(

Genuine hugs...

Shug ~



Betsy Adams said...

Too close for comfort for sure... YIPES... Glad Trista is okay -and glad that the man in the white truck is okay hopefully. Glad he is getting his neck checked...

Gee--we can't take one minute or one day of our lives for granted... Things can happen!! Scary.

Praise God for our blessings tonight...

Ginny said...

Oh my GOSH what a story! But I do not believe in coincidences, I believe that everything happens for a reason. SO glad the they are alright!!! I am MAD at the other driver, he could have killed two people, wonder if he had been drinking, or texting...

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

All I can say is God had a hand in it.

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