Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, June 14, 2013

All About Me....

1.  Quick update on my week....... Busy, Busy, Busy!   Oh well.....I've had a lot of fun pushing myself to get everything done.

No pictures, because I haven't had the time to pick my camera up.  One good thing is that my kitchen has really been used this week.   We have been counting calories around here, and for this reason, the cooked meals have been very few and far between.

So far this week, I have cooked.......BBQ chicken, Pork Chops, Asian salad, Green Tossed salad, Cowboy Beans, Green Beans, Fresh Corn, Cream Potatoes, Peach Salad, Chocolate Chip Cookies,  Mac and Cheese, and pitchers of Ice Cold Tea!!

Not sure that my (Normally) spotless kitchen is liking all of this.

2.  Last week.......I FINALLY.....sent my yard guy.... down the road!  I sure did......
I am very particular about the yard, and if we are going to pay someone to take care of it, then I expect it to be done correctly!!

Honestly, I have talked to the guy on several occasions, but he either does not understand what it means to mow ALL of the yard, or he just likes to do it his way.   His way was not working for me .....SO!!

I did have a big laugh yesterday......I pulled into my driveway and there he was, unloading his lawn mower.   I said to him:   "Don't you remember last week....I told you that I didn't need your services any longer?"   He said to me:   "I don't understand what you say to me!"...."I never understand what you say to me!"     OH WOW!!!    All I have to say is.....He understands me well when it comes to his pay!!!!

3.  I worked out a total of 8 hours this week!!!!    Yea!   And I feel all kinds of good!  The soreness is going away and I really think I'm beginning to get the hang of all the machines, the weights, and the exercise balls.    Now..... if you want to see something funny, you should be a little fly on the wall and watch me use those exercise balls.   The rolling down is not so bad, but it's the rolling up that is hilarious.   No kidding....I'm trying to keep my balance, hold weights in both hands, and move my feet backwards, all at the same time!!   FUNNY.

It's loads of Fun!!

This is it for me.....see ya tomorrow...

Shug ~


Ginny said...

You are really getting into the swing of things, Shug! And good for you to have been able to fire the guy! Your header is glorious, the colors, the splashing, WONDERFUL!

Chatty Crone said...

When is he going to realize no paycheck! sandie

Terra said...

The pool waters looks so cool and inviting, in your blog header photo. I could imagine you on the exercise ball, well, it is the result that counts. I exercise too but not that many hours. Way to go!

Lea Culp said...

Well, hats off to you on getting into shape! I'm impressed!

And,my Hubby is so, so particular about our yard and has trained so many folks over the years to "his way" of doing things. They either do it his way or they go packing.

Happy weekend!

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