Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Just Chatting.....

What is in my day that I can turn into a blessing for someone else.   Isn't this a beautiful question.  Whatever it is, I hope I find it and can bring a bit of delight to someone in need.

When I think back to the beginning of my blog, I recall my very first intentions.   I wanted it to be a place that I could escape to.  I was set on emptying myself of daily situations that were not always clear to me.   Perhaps, I wanted to use this place as a journal for my letters to God.

I like (LOVE) to journal.   When it comes to expressing my deepest deep, TO THE BONES, kind of feelings......I do it best when I journal.    This is something that I discovered about myself, several years ago.  

I just want to be able to empty myself of the feelings that sometimes become trapped inside my soul.   Things that God already knows about, and I am so thankful that ....HE knows the need that I have to rid myself of these feelings and thoughts that often keep my mind bound.   HE has given to me, the abilities to articulate what  I feel, when I journal, and it would definitely behoove me to do so ever chance that I get.

I'm not some kind of weird... or anything like that......I just am deeper perhaps, than most other people.   I believe that some of us are born with the deepest of deep feelings, while others barely scratch the surface with affections.   My vocal cords ( when it comes to singing) are not very strong....I lack many talents that I would love to have.......BUT, God gave me a heart full of emotion.

My empathy level is very deep, My love for family and friends is super deep...and I would even venture to say that I probably am way overboard when it comes to feelings.  I'm not saying that I love people more than any of you, I'm saying that I get way too involved with my feelings, when it comes to wanting a PERFECT LIFE for people.

There are days, when I really would like to write a private blog.  One might say...."Just write in your journal."  This just isn't enough for me!  I want the words that I write to be read by others, and perhaps,  make an impact on someones life.

I don't know, I'll have to see what I can come up with...

To Be Continued....



Anonymous said...

I enjoy each and every post you write, you are a sweet heart, you keep it real, I like that, honesty is a good thing,

Katharine said...

I love that you blog authentically, and telling your story is (I think) always a good thing. Maybe you could journal everything, and just hit "publish" on the ones you feel need to be shared with others? Blessings!

Ginny said...

Your header is beautiful, it looks like Primroses. I find that mostly all women have a great need to either talk or write. I helps us to sort out our thoughts and make decisions. A private journal...all your joy, determination, energy, love of God, sheer joy of need to share that with us all to help us all get through the day!!! It needs to be shared.

Betsy Adams said...

Hi Sweet Friend, You and I think alike... Sometimes I too have the need for a private blog--but haven't done it yet. I love to write down my deepest feelings too--and sometimes I just can't do it... I do like other special people to read my thoughts --but sometimes, not to everyone... SO??? Let's keep talking about this and see where it leads.


Grandma Bonnie said...

You are always inspiring in your posts. I do enjoy reading your thought and opinions. Blogging is a way to share our voice and you do that very well. I hope you have a great weekend.

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