Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, June 7, 2013

Get What?????

Oh My Goodness.......    REALLY?

What is this......maybe like the 5th or 6th day for kids to be out of school.  Like only one week!!

I have already heard the word Bored at least a dozen times.....

and I have said:  "That's, we are NOT going to the water park....NO, I'm not taking you to the golf course.....No, this is not a fishing day......No, we can't take the gator to the farm."    WHY NOT YOU SAY?  Because I don't have time to stay at the farm while you play.......

And this is what I hear......"But, y'all just don't get it."    GET WHAT????

I just have to laugh...... Sam and I are keeping kids this weekend, and it sure looks like we should have made some plans to have a kid entertainer, hanging around here for the next couple of days....

What?  kids don't play in the dirt anymore?  Do kids not spend time outdoors, these days?
What has happened to imaginary playing?  

Whew.....they are outside swimming at the moment!!   Wonder what will happen, if when they come inside....I say: "Lets go clean the flower beds?"    I can see the eyes rolling right now!!

For now, I think I'll grab myself a nap!!



Gail Dixon (La.Belle) said...

When I was a kid if you even thought the word Bored, you'd get a list of chores! Try it! lol

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Have fun with the kids. I find too that they get bored so easily.What's up with that?

Ginny said...

Naps are always good for such circumstances, only what will the kids be doing? LOVE your header, it spells SUMMER and HAPPINESS!

Betsy Adams said...

Good Luck keeping the kids this weekend... Kids generally can find their own entertainment --but somehow, these days, adults think they have to do things to entertain them.. Glad this wasn't the case when I was raising kids... ha


Anonymous said...

kids seem the same everywhere you go, ha, your blog is beautiful, love it!

Michelle said...

lol It is the same here as well!

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