Wednesday, May 29, 2019

I have so many blogging friends who have been in the path of many disaster areas lately.   For all those that are in the flooding areas of the Arkansas river, I send my prayers.   For all who have gone through tornados and the threats of more on the way, I send my prayers.  

Our weather this season has sure been one of uncertainty and many areas need relief.   Keeping you all in my prayers!!


Saturday, May 25, 2019

Don't you just love making memories?   I am a true family person and one thing that I love, is making memories.  

So.....This all happened yesterday and last night, which are two important events in the lives of my GRANDS!!

Trey got his Drivers License and Carson Graduated from HS.

So proud for both of them!  

Just a few grad pictures to share.....

It was a WARM evening, but a beautiful graduation....


Carson Kidd Booth..

Hugs to all...

Thursday, May 23, 2019

We had so much fun on our trip to South Carolina to visit Tyler, Emalee and Keelan....

Strawberry picking was awesome!  The great thing about picking strawberries is that you can pick and EAT along the way!  Oh my....some of the Best, juiciest, Red Strawberries I have ever seen...

Check out K's  Ice-cream cone!  I think the little guy must have gotten a side-tracked when he was making it.

Top Right:   It had been 3 long months since Tyler had seen his mom.   Great time!

Bottom Left:   The Texas and the Red Bird...... A welcoming sight for us when we first drove up to the house.

Bottom Right:  This picture of Trista and K  was taken at a park.  The tree trunk was huge and perfect for climbing.

Top Left:   Mine and Trista's first stop on our way to DFW....
BUC-EE'S!!!!   Just can't pass by a Buc-ee's and not stop!!

Top Right:   Every little boy needs a slip-n-slide!   K had so much fun on this and so did Tyler.   Lots of laughs as we watched them play on that thing.

Bottom Left:   Gorgeous Iris's at the park.  They actually surrounded the lake and made for some beautiful photo scenes.   

Bottom Right:  Just two of the Many, many swans that we saw!

Aside from the bumpy airplane ride coming back in to DFW......the trip was a complete Win! 

We loved it!!!


Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Yay!   I'm HOME! WE are home!......  Trista and I enjoyed our trip to South Carolina, to visit our little military family.   They are doing GREAT.....and their home is so nice.   Hard to believe that they are newlyweds!  

Emmy is an excellent decorator and she also loves antiques.  No doubt, that their home could be in any magazine and would Oooed and awwwed over.     So, so, so cute!

I have lots of photos to show from this trip....   We visited so many lovely places and I took so many pictures.   


Right now.......this week.......this is what is happening!

                         This handsome guy is Graduating!

This has been a busy week!  Lots of Senior events going on and much love being poured out to our senior, Carson Kidd Booth!

So very proud of him and of all of his accomplishments.   He has a great future ahead of him.   In August, he will attend TCS,  a one year post grad baseball school.   


House Update!   Floors are down.   Still finishing up the office addition on the house.   Hopefully, all the trim work will be finished by the weekend.   Then comes paint and flooring. a couple of weeks, my house will be back to normal.  Keeping my fingers crossed!

Hope you all have a great day!  Lots of unsettled weather all around, so everyone please stay safe.  


Friday, May 10, 2019

Mother's Day weekend.....such a very special time to honor Moms all around the world.  

My Mother is in heaven, and this post is a special Tribute to her!

I most definitely miss my mom on Mother's day, but there are many other days when I miss her the Most!  

Days when I need to call and chat, days when I need help with a recipe.....many days when I just need to be with her.  

My mother was such a Special lady and I learned through her, what it means to have a best friend, and to be a Best Friend.  We hear about children being a "Momma's Baby" and I know exactly what it means to be a.....Momma's Baby!  I was truly a Momma's Baby.   

My mother was like a security blanket for me!  We see children who tote their baby blankets around with them everywhere.  I actually have a granddaughter that is eleven years old, who still has to have her "Bwank Bwank" to go to sleep at night.   Mylee has an attachment to that blanket.  

Most all kids have an attachment to their moms.  Some are strong and some are REALLY STRONG.  I was one of those with an Extremely strong attachment to my Mother!   

My mother was a lady who always smiled....she loved people and she knew how to make others feel important.  She was very quite (in her own way) and was the type of person that helped others behind the scenes.  Her help was genuine!  Never did she want to be recognized for doing things for others.  

Mother LOVED flowers!  Her yard was her special place.  Watering her plants and hanging out in the garden was something she loved doing.  Her flowers were always healthy and beautiful.  Perhaps this is why I love flowers and love spending time watering my plants.   Never is there a time that I don't think of her when I go outside to tend to my flowers. 

She had her share of heart aches.  Her mom, my grandmother, passed away when my mom was 23 years old.   My mom had to care for not only my sister and myself, but she had two younger brothers (the youngest being 6 years old) that she had to help care for.  

Most all of you know that my parents raised my nieces and nephew, after their mom (my sister) was killed in a car wreck, when they were little.
I never....not once, ever heard my mom complain about raising these three kids.  At the age of 45, she and my dad took on the roll of being parents for a second time.  They become mentors, parents, and loving supporters for their grandchildren.  Their sacrifice was remarkable and full of love.   

The loss of a daughter and later, a grandson was very difficult, but my mom, my parents, stood strong for the rest of us as a family.   

This precious Mother of mine, was my biggest hero!!
There are no words that could possibly give her all of the credit that she so deserved, for being the "Outstanding Mother" that she was! 

My Mother was an Excellent cook!!  She made the best pound cake, drizzling with a thin icing.  I would love to have one of her Egg Custard pies right now.   I know this is an easy pie to make, but never, have I ever tasted another egg custard pie as good as hers.  Everything she cooked was the BEST.

I thought about her yesterday, I think about her today, and I will remember her for all the days to come.    I will always be thankful for all of the Sweet, sweet, memories that I have of this lovely lady.  

She was A True Lady full of great character and love.  Her character still lives on today in those that she so strongly touched.  

Happy Heavenly Mother's Day Mom....


Happy Mother's Day to you all...

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

May is turning out to be a seriously, busy month.   Shoot…..all the months are busy for me!  

Here at the home front, we have been having new floors put in, changing out….and adding some additional lighting, closed in part of my back porch….to be made into a personal office for me, and doing a few more changes here and there throughout the house!

The bedroom furniture was moved into the living area while those floors were being done.  It is all now back in place!   My entire closet stuff was moved into the living area, but is now back in place.   The office furniture is presently sitting in my breakfast area, awaiting the new office.  Living room furniture has been spread throughout the house, while new happenings are taking place in there.   And…..WE HAVE BEEN STAYING RIGHT HERE, in the mix of all of this!!

                                                       Bedroom floor looks awesome!!

No Decorations Yet ......I'm just thankful to have the bed set up again!!

Aside from all of these happenings, we have baseball playoffs going on, graduation parties, 



                                                    This was at the Athletic Banquet last evening..

So Proud of these two!  Tori received the MVP award for Girls Tennis.....And Carson received MVP
                                                                 for Boys Baseball.....

                                                     Carson Graduates in just a couple of weeks....
                                                           Tori graduates next year.....

Back to the Gallbladder!!!!!

Yes….Sam’s gallbadder is not working very well and his surgery will be in a couple of weeks.   I have already purchased plane tickets for Trista and I to fly to South Carolina to visit Tyler, Emalee and Keelan……and guess what?
Our tickets are Non-refundable and Non-transferable!  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Sam doesn’t have another gallbladder attack, until after I get back from the trip.  


OH….and Tammy will be moving to BVT!!!!!    Yay….we have been waiting on this for 3 years now!    She will stay for one week, beginning on the 20th of this month……and will permanently move in some time in June.   

I have had furniture redone for her new bedroom and it looks awesome!    We have to get her furniture all moved...

I love being busy and it sure looks like I will be loving the month of May….


Thursday, May 2, 2019

Update on Tammy

Oh is so great to have good friends who pray for you when times are difficult.  So many of you have messaged me or ask  how Tammy is doing.   

Even though the week has been emotional, Tammy has tried very hard to keep an uplifted spirit.  She is very bruised around her abdomen, from the seat belt......but so thankful she had it on.  Her face is bruised but getting better, and after many long soaking baths, her soreness is easing us.  

Thank you, thank you for your prayers!  

Hugs to all....

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

It is going to be a great day today!  God is good and I want to receive all of HIS goodness this day.

I have flowers to plant and more to purchase.  I love having gorgeous flowers in all the beds.  

As you can see.....all of the little tassels from our pecan tree, are beginning to fall.  They remind me of little worms! 

This bed will be full of Lantana as well as Turks cap and a mix of other blooming flowers.

I do like to top dress my beds, sure can cause problems for the next year of planting flowers.   I've got some tilling to do!!

I don't usually plant zinnia's, but thought I would try them this year.

This is my little rock garden....Gosh, I sure have a lot to do in this area.    I usually do flowers in pots out in this area.  The ferns that you see in the red pots, are left over from last year.   I've got to get them cleaned out and get them to growing for this season.  

Hope you all enjoy this beautiful day...

A Day of Remembrance

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