Monday, September 24, 2018

Let me invite you to visit me for some "Table Talk" this morning.   Don't you just love {Table Talk}......   You know, just sitting around the kitchen table, enjoying a good hot cup of coffee, while catching up on life's happenings.  

I love coffee!  and I especially love it when the weather is Cold.'s not COLD here!  But I still love coffee!!!

I also love German Chocolate Cake....   You just can't beat a "made from scratch"  GCC.   Yes, Of course I made it!!!    My mother made these all the time when I was growing up.   Our family's ALL TIME FAVORITE cake.  

This cake is so rich and so tasty.....the more icing you have....the BETTER it gets.  

Just look at this picture I took with my cell phone camera.    Another quilt barn....    Found this one on our trip to Tenn and North Carolina.   

Excuse me for just one moment.....I thought I heard the door bell ring!!!

I'm back.......could I get you another cup of coffee??

Did I tell you that we are planning a wedding!!

Not a wedding for me!!  And both of our daughters are already married....

Grandson No. 1 is getting married!!!!!!!

Here is his sweetheart..... Let me introduce you to Emalee!
She is so SWEET and we are so excited for her to soon be joining our family.

As you all know......{Grandson} Tyler is in the Air Force.....

He was able to come home last Friday for their Engagement Party!

The party was so very nice and it was wonderful to be able to celebrate 
Tyler, Emalee, and Keelan.   

a February Wedding is in the plans.


Ummm.....Lets see.    What other news do I have to share?

RAIN!!  We have had a lot of rain this past week!  We have also had millions of "Army Worms."     OH MY......I've never seen so many worms.  The whole countryside has WORMS!  Not to worry....Sam has the spray to get rid of them.  

I've certainly enjoyed visiting with all of you today......

See you tomorrow!!



Wednesday, September 19, 2018

I don't know about the rest of you, but I totally enjoy rowing at a gentle speed....

I once read that if you row your boat too miss so many beautiful things in life.  

This is so true.  

Allow yourself to gently row through this day......absorb every single moment that this day has to offer.  


Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Who doesn't love an old barn?    I certainly do....and this past week, I was able to capture the beauty of several OLD barns.  I took a few days away from the normal busy lifestyle that I live, and traveled with Sam on a business trip to Tennessee.  

Many of the vendors that he was meeting with,  live way out in the country, so this gave us the opportunity to travel down many back roads.

We came upon so many barns and I was constantly clicking my camera button.  I know that this old barn probably has a whole lot of interesting stories it could tell, and I must did catch my eye.   However.....I prefer the old barns with the old wooden roofs.   I'm pretty sure this one had a wooden top, but it has now been replaced with metal.   :(

We drove past this beautiful portion of the ditch....that had been planted in Zinnia's.  It was absolutely gorgeous...!!!   I ONLY HAD SECONDS TO SNAP THIS PICTURE.   It's not too bad, considering we were traveling about 60 miles per hour.

Look at these beauties.....   Rising Sun Red Bud!!  I love to see them growing in rows out in the field.   

A closer view when Sam had his door open.   I'm hoping to plant one of these in the front yard this Fall.   

We had a great trip.  Very successful for what Sam was hoping to accomplish.   We drove 600 miles yesterday and made it home last night.  No matter where you go and how much you might enjoy a trip.....for me, it is always so nice to be HOME!

I'm thankful to be back in Texas.   Hotels were beginning to be filled to capacity due to the hurricane.   Many people are having to leave everything behind and head inland to other states.  

Please be in prayer for those who are not able to leave, like our grandson!  His job in the Air Force, requires him to stay on the job! If looks as if the hurricane could hit his area with a powerful force.  

Hoping and praying that all will be safe for him and his fellow workers.   

Lots of rain around here.......but I know it's no comparison to what the Carolinas and the East Coast is going to get.   


Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Our part of the Country was Blessed with some much needed rain yesterday.....I think we have more coming today.   I'm Praising the Lord for this sweet rain!

While the past few days have been very difficult for our little community, it's important for us to keep in our minds that God's Love Never Fails!!


I've been bringing out a few of my pumpkins and Fall decorations....

This cute little pumpkin picture looks crooked in this photo....but it really isn't.  My OCD is driving me crazy though..   I just want to reach up there and straighten the thing up...

 I've really been enjoying my succulents.  They add such a special touch and oh my.....they are so easy to take care of!!

I do like Orange pumpkins, and will be adding some of them in my decor a little later in September, but for now.....the sweet white ones and a few turquoise pumpkins are what is making me happy....

"I keep my eyes always on the Lord.  With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken."

                                                                  Psalm 16:8

Be Blessed.....

Shug ~

Monday, September 3, 2018

I believe in the power of prayer......I have witnessed for myself, exactly how the power of prayer can heal, it can bring comfort and it can change lives.  

This very day, my friends need a whole lot of prayers.  It was just last night in which a mom and dad loss their only son in a freak accident.  

It was exactly one month ago yesterday, that another precious family loss a son to a very unexpected illness.  

Both of these families are very close to one another.  It's as if they are all one BIG family.  

Two young lives that have been taken.   Both of them were great kids (young men).  One of them graduated with our grandson, Tucker......The other one would have graduated this year with our other grandson, Carson.   

This is so painful for the families and it is very heartbreaking for our community.  Please pray for God's comfort and peace to touch those who are deeply hurting.   

Even though our little area is's still a small country community.   We've all grown up together.    We've known grandparents, parents and aunts, uncles and kids.  

It's not like your just a grandmother to your own our community, your a grandmother to all of their friends as well.   

When one hurts....we all hurt.    Not only have we loss these two young men, but in the past month or so, we have had several of our older citizens to pass away as well.   Some were our past teachers, some were folks we've known for ever, and some were family and LONG time friends.  

Our community and the students at our schools need your prayers...


Sunday, September 2, 2018

Fall, Cooler Weather, and Pumpkins

Excitement is the air around here....   I was finally able to turn my calendar to the 9th month of the year.   Just knowing that we are now in September seems to really refresh my soul.  

I already have 21 days on my September calendar that are completely booked with events, appointments, traveling and some surprises......   It's going to be a busy month!!

This is also Fair month in East Texas.   I've always loved going to the fair.    Just the kid (Kidd) in me.   I say Kidd because my maiden name is Kidd.   

We were visiting with our kids just today about the Fair about how, when we were younger......the weather was always cooler in September from what it is now.   The Fair has always been in Sept......and when Sam and I were dating, we would spend a couple of evenings out at the Fair grounds.   

We always wore our letter jackets.....not because we wanted to show them off.....but because it was cold outside.   

Now days, we can wear shorts to the fair and still be hot.  

Seasons are changing.    


I am ready for that cooler weather to be here NOW.   I know that Fall doesn't actually begin until September 22nd, but I'm already gearing up for it in our home.    I do have a few pumpkins sitting around.   

I'll post pictures when I get all my stuff out.....of course, with 21 days of my September already filled, it may be the first of October before I get it all finished.   


We were Blessed this morning with some great music at church.  You just can't beat the old hymns when it comes to worship and praise.....My heart is full.

Hope you all have a Blessed evening...


Vacation time is the BEST!!   Wouldn't it be great if we were all able to take a good vacation at least 10 days or so, ever other month?...