Saturday, August 29, 2015

Is it Fall??

What a good week it was...........AND,  I was able to listen to so many great {First Week} of school stories from both my daughters and my grandkids.   

Kids are so cute!!!

I decorated my dad's room yesterday....  We are now into the FALL decor.    I bought an Autumn swag, and decorated his bulletin board!  Looks great.   I also purchased two, really cute banners and hung one of them in front of the curtains on his window.  Hung the other one on the bulletin board.  

I then replaced his RED bedspread with a beautiful bright Orange one.   I found a Turquoise blanket to help keep him warm.   After adding a few Fall wall hangings and a bucket of Fall flowers.......his room looked totally awesome!

I don't know if anyone else feels the way I do......but I like knowing that my dad's room is comfortable for him and that it is filled with uplifting decor.   After all....the nursing home {his room} is now his HOME!  His room needs to be comfortable and have that home feeling.

Have any of the rest of you made any FALL purchases?  I must is difficult to get all excited about the  scarecrows and pumpkins lining the store shelves.....when it is still in the upper 90's outside.   

Our little town is having a scarecrow decorating contest and the money up for grabs could land someone a hundred bucks!
The challenge is to decorate our front yards with a scarecrow or scarecrows......along with other Fall decorations.    The one voted on as BEST, wins the money.

I'm not really feeling the decorating fever yet, so it's still up in the air as to whether or not I will enter.    

After all.......I've got cruising on my mind right now.   {A story for later this week}

Hoping you all enjoy a wonderful Sunday!  Don't FORGET to do something that will Bless the Lord.


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Around Town...

Around town......I found a few interesting images that I thought you all might enjoy!

Turquoise gates!!   Kinda neat and eye catching!!

Golden eggs.....

They sure add a lot of character to the landscape of this home.....

Isn't this horse a beauty?  And of course.....the fence post!

On the other side of the post......another horse!

My NEW fence......built by my hubby!!   

 Great job Sam.....building this eye catching fence!

 I'm joining Good fences on this beautiful Thursday morning...

Hugs to all....

Monday, August 24, 2015

I went to sleep last night and when I woke up this's as if I became a "Princess."     

TODAY.....I turned "49" again !!

and my sweet, sweet husband has really outdone himself by making me feel like I'm the most important person in the world.  

This morning, I kinda took my time waking up.....I was soaking up as much rest as I could, before the day began.     And....I must say, it felt pretty darn good to be able to do so.
However....when I did finally did decide to get up {around 7:30}...I was absolutely surprised that Sam had taken a day of vacation.....just to spend with me on my special day!!, I already knew I had the BEST husband in the world, so why would it be a surprise for him to do something like that?

He showered  me with not just one B'day card, but 3 in was hiding in my make-up bag.   He had Breakfast waiting on me, along with a cup of coffee.   Sam took me to see my dad at the nursing home, then out to lunch!!   He also stopped at the bakery and bought a luscious looking "Italian cream cheese cake" so that we can share it with our friends this evening.  

Am I rotten??  I do believe that I am.

Last evening....our kiddos {and the BEST mother-in-law and the BEST father-in-law in the world} met Sam and I at 
Springcreek BBQ for dinner.   I got to be the center of attention by receiving some fabulous new Brighten sunshades, along with some cash!!  Woo hoo.   I was also treated to a nice, yummy cookie cake!!    

As I said earlier.....tonight, we will be eating with our friends and eating Birthday we put the finishing touches on the plans for our cruise, which is coming up in just a few weeks!!

Am I Blessed?  You bet I am!!!   It's not about all the extra goodies in Blessings come from having a husband that truly loves me....and from having family and friends who go out of their way to let me know how much they care!

Wishing you all a happy day!

{I still don't have a lot of knowledge about my New Apple computer {gift from Sam} so I'm posting from my old one today!  Hope to learn the other one soon}

Saturday, August 22, 2015

My gift.....

Lol.......This brain of mine is not too hip on learning new technology!   

I'm sitting here waiting on grandson #1 to come teach me how to use my new computer!!  I have another 49th birthday coming up on Monday.....but Sam chose to give me my gift a little early.   

A new Apple computer!!  Woo Hoo......

I'm as lost as a goose.......  I have figured out a few things on my own,  but I can't seem to understand the photo section.   How hard can it be??

Anyways....this is a test post and hopefully I'll be able to post my photos...a little later this afternoon.


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Joy of Life?

............. Walked outside a few minutes ago, and WOW.....what a difference!  The temps have dropped and it is such a beautiful morning!!  Thank you Lord!

What is your true joy of Life?  For me, it is serving God and being a Blessing to my family and to others.  Every day opens up a new journey for each of us.   If only we would all allow our journey to be used like that of a mailman........making numerous stops each day, delivering (not mail) but acts of awesome would this world be?

This morning.....I'm joining "Good Fences"    Hope you enjoy!

Shug ~

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Flying Horse.....

...............On Monday of this week, I walked into my dad's room and I could certainly tell by the expression on his face, that he was so glad to see me.   It was as if he had been waiting for me to get there so he could tell me about something {BIG}.    

I said......"How are you this morning, dad?"    His comment was:  "I just got back from Houston!"  "Houston?" I said!    I ask him what he had been doing in Houston and he said....."You already know!"

He was just as serious as could be.....and very excited!   I told him that he needed to remind me as to why he had been way down Houston.

"I WON A HORSE" was his reply!  A beautiful horse named {Jimmy}

"Well dad.....just how did you win this horse?"   He said: {with so much excitement}  "I was the fastest, so I won the horse!"

Funny thing is:   The Nursing home has a big, black, precious, dog that lives there at the home.  The dog is so friendly and it visits with the residents......sometimes in their rooms.   Just so happens that the dogs name is JIMMY!   I'm pretty sure that Jimmy had recently visited my dad {in his room} and therefore, dad dreamed up the idea that he had won a horse named Jimmy. 

Whatever......Wherever the story came from......I can tell you that it put a huge smile on my dad's face!  I am thankful for those who take the time to train animals to help those in need.   


Sam and I were gone most of the week, last week.   We attended the big TAN {Texas Association of Nurseryman} show, which was held in Dallas.   

A natural Purple orchid

I thought the longhorn was neat........Makes for a great conversation piece...

The Pot is what caught my eye here........AWESOME!!!

And who doesn't love big white hydrangea blooms??  

I am like a kid in a candy store when I go to this convention.......

                "I want EVERYTHING"

There are so many flowers, shrubs, and TREES on display.....PLUS, all kinds of gardening tools, big pots, chimes, and gorgeous, garden decorations.....that can be viewed and ordered.

I want at least ONE of everything......and sometimes, I want {several} of some items.   

This was the view from our room ..... located on the 11th floor of the Omni Hotel.   The night view was Gorgeous.........with all the lights on the buildings shining bright.     I actually took this picture while sitting on the big, king size bed..........which was ever so comfortable!!!!

I don't think we ever shut the curtains......because, the night scene was so pretty!!!!    Especially with the big horse (Pegasus) reflecting on one of the buildings....

In the far distance, you can see the "Flying Horse" landmark.....on top of the magnolia building.

Hoping all is WELL with all of my blogging friends.....

Shug ~

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

God opened the door....

Whew.....I have no idea how many times I have said "It's HOT" today!   It is HOT!   Temps of 105 mixed with like being in a Sauna.

And then came a teeny tiny shower....and, I am sooooo happy to have have received every single drop of rain from that teeny tiny shower.    Thank you Lord!


I am Happy to Report that God has shown his favor upon daughter #1 this week.   Trista has been teaching 4th grade math for quite a few years now and has enjoyed every minute of having a full classroom of kiddos.   

However.....she has been feeling a need for a change.   Just this week, she accepted another position (In the same school district) and it is just the change that she was looking for.  

With only a week left until school starts....we ALL (family {her dad, sister and myself} and two of her close friends)had to come to the rescue and help her get her classroom put together.   

First thing was to undo the original room that she was prepared to teach in this year....We had to take down all of the bulletin boards that were already READY...We moved all of her personal bookshelves, teaching supplies, and the other school about 10 miles down the road.   

Today.....we put the NEW classroom in order.
We decorated bulletin boards, organized her teaching supplies, set up her computers, and now have all of lessons lined out for the beginning of school.   There are a few minor things to do...but this is no problem.

For all of you teachers out know what a job this was!

Most of all.....I want to give God all the Glory for every door that opened for Trista, to be able to make this move.   We all have been praying for this...and most importantly, we have been praying God's will for a change!

Can I tell you....that without a shadow of doubt...I know that God directed every step.

1.  In order for her to make this move....her position as a {top Math teacher} had to be filled.  The date for getting out of her contract was up during July...  

2.  The new position is one that most teachers jump at....

Now for the good part.....

1.  This position had been open for about two weeks, and NO ONE had applied for it.   {God was saving this position for her}

2.  The very day that Trista applied for it....another person applied for a Math position...teaching 4th grade through 8th grade!  How cool is this?????   4th grade, exactly what Trista was teaching!!!!!

The position that she now teaches is Reading and Math intervention.   No more home room classes.....No more STRESS over testing....instead of having 30 kids in a class, she will have 3 or 4....maybe 5 at a time.  And...the best part is, teaching kids that need that extra bit of help in their understanding of math and reading skills.

Every door opened and God opened those doors!!

We are so very Thankful.....

Shug ~

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Happy Thursday....August 6th.

 What caught my eye with this fence??  The Boot!!  Just an old rubber boot (with a hole in it) sitting on the fence post.

And.....another thing about this picture........only in East Texas will you find a Pine Tree growing in the middle of a cactus plant!   Got to love it!

 A big thick fence used as a corral just outside of the old barn.  The old, rust stained tin on this barn gets two thumbs up from me.  Got to love old, rusted tin!

Joining Good Fences today.....

Have a wonderful day......

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Texas Heat

Step into my world an experience a little bit of the Texas heat.

Top left.....leaves on my butterfly bush.  I think the pattern is very unique....but I really prefer to see bright green leaves on my gorgeous purple BFB.  

Top of my variegated hydrangea's.  This plant is in the shade, but the heat is blistering the leaves.

Bottom left.....  Is it Fall??   No....but these are leaves that have fallen from our Redbud tree!   We have been pouring the water to it, but the temps are just to hot and this tender tree is suffering.

Bottom right......Part of the grass is drying up.  Again...we are keeping the sprinklers going on the grass, but the heat is taking the moisture right out of the ground.

The grass is burning up!!

Temperatures for the days ahead are nothing but HOT!   106 degrees on Saturday!!   Wow...I need to head North!


Shug ~

Saturday, August 1, 2015

A Mission

A fabulous day it was today.   I worked at the church along with about a hundred other people.   

Our church hosted a "Back to School Health Fair" today, and I can honestly say....this was a true Blessing for many folks in our community.  It was a Blessing to me as well....just in being able to work at the registration tables and to be able to meet (and pass out smiles) to all of those who chose to come to be a part.

The church provided dental screenings as well as eye checks.   Each child received a back pack full of school supplies, a pair of New shoes, socks, tooth paste, tooth brushes, and a fresh hair cut, if they chose to get one.   A noon meal was also provided.   

Our church has been collecting over 350 pairs of tennis shoes, back packs, and school supplies, over the past several months in order that we could make this Health Fair a big success and could help those who otherwise might not be able to furnish these things for their they return to school.

What I witnessed today was a huge number of the working volunteers......coming from our youth department.   It was truly awesome to see our young people, working and showing great compassion for all the kids that came through the lines.  I know that their hearts were touched, as they chose to Honor God and work in this mission field.   

What a great church we have and what an AWESOME GOD we serve!!!

Hugs to you all.....
Shug ~

Fall is my Favorite

  Seriously.....Who doesn't LOVE Fall? To Some, the season is called FALL.  To others, it is referred to as Autumn! 🍁 How true this say...