Saturday, August 1, 2015

A Mission

A fabulous day it was today.   I worked at the church along with about a hundred other people.   

Our church hosted a "Back to School Health Fair" today, and I can honestly say....this was a true Blessing for many folks in our community.  It was a Blessing to me as well....just in being able to work at the registration tables and to be able to meet (and pass out smiles) to all of those who chose to come to be a part.

The church provided dental screenings as well as eye checks.   Each child received a back pack full of school supplies, a pair of New shoes, socks, tooth paste, tooth brushes, and a fresh hair cut, if they chose to get one.   A noon meal was also provided.   

Our church has been collecting over 350 pairs of tennis shoes, back packs, and school supplies, over the past several months in order that we could make this Health Fair a big success and could help those who otherwise might not be able to furnish these things for their they return to school.

What I witnessed today was a huge number of the working volunteers......coming from our youth department.   It was truly awesome to see our young people, working and showing great compassion for all the kids that came through the lines.  I know that their hearts were touched, as they chose to Honor God and work in this mission field.   

What a great church we have and what an AWESOME GOD we serve!!!

Hugs to you all.....
Shug ~


  1. It's is always so wonderful to be able to share God's love and serve others!

  2. Awww, Shug. This is so wonderful to see!

  3. Hi Shug!

    WOW!! I just love that your church serves the community! I can't think of a better way to show, Christ-like love and compassion! Hugs to you sweet friend!!

    More Hugs,

  4. I got goose bumps and a little teary reading this post. So many souls touched, I'm sure. Seeing a need and reaching out is what God expects of us. Good to see churches serving their own communities.

  5. This is just wonderful! What a super idea and a tangible way for your church to show God's love.

  6. What a sight!
    Kids helping kids.
    Everyone went home a winner.


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