Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Texas Heat

Step into my world an experience a little bit of the Texas heat.

Top left.....leaves on my butterfly bush.  I think the pattern is very unique....but I really prefer to see bright green leaves on my gorgeous purple BFB.  

Top of my variegated hydrangea's.  This plant is in the shade, but the heat is blistering the leaves.

Bottom left.....  Is it Fall??   No....but these are leaves that have fallen from our Redbud tree!   We have been pouring the water to it, but the temps are just to hot and this tender tree is suffering.

Bottom right......Part of the grass is drying up.  Again...we are keeping the sprinklers going on the grass, but the heat is taking the moisture right out of the ground.

The grass is burning up!!

Temperatures for the days ahead are nothing but HOT!   106 degrees on Saturday!!   Wow...I need to head North!


Shug ~


  1. It's so hard when it's that hot. I have lots of family in TX and Arkansas and know it's been a terrible summer. We've actually had better temps here in Florida. I hope you get some relief soon! Sweet hugs, Diane

  2. Oh no! It has been a very pleasant day here in Manitoba today. Wish I could send some of that your way.

  3. i dont mind weds burning up but not my plants.

  4. Gotta go farther north than Tennessee in order to find some COOL air... We are hot too--maybe not nearly as hot as you, but hot for us!!!! Can't wait 'til Fall.

    My son in Houston is a home-builder. A few months ago, they couldn't build homes because of the rain and flooding... NOW--they can't build homes because of the heat and dryness. The ground is SO hard that they can't even break the ground up now to even begin a new house.... Mercy ME.


  5. How well I understand your heat. My mom's Lilac tree has been losing leaves right and left. We've tried to keep the flowers watered and the lawns halfway green but it's been a struggle. I feel for you.

  6. OUCH!
    That is HOT!
    Run for cover. The grass will come back but your poor plants. Give them water.


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