Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Flying Horse.....

...............On Monday of this week, I walked into my dad's room and I could certainly tell by the expression on his face, that he was so glad to see me.   It was as if he had been waiting for me to get there so he could tell me about something {BIG}.    

I said......"How are you this morning, dad?"    His comment was:  "I just got back from Houston!"  "Houston?" I said!    I ask him what he had been doing in Houston and he said....."You already know!"

He was just as serious as could be.....and very excited!   I told him that he needed to remind me as to why he had been way down South....in Houston.

"I WON A HORSE" was his reply!  A beautiful horse named {Jimmy}

"Well dad.....just how did you win this horse?"   He said: {with so much excitement}  "I was the fastest, so I won the horse!"

Funny thing is:   The Nursing home has a big, black, precious, dog that lives there at the home.  The dog is so friendly and it visits with the residents......sometimes in their rooms.   Just so happens that the dogs name is JIMMY!   I'm pretty sure that Jimmy had recently visited my dad {in his room} and therefore, dad dreamed up the idea that he had won a horse named Jimmy. 

Whatever......Wherever the story came from......I can tell you that it put a huge smile on my dad's face!  I am thankful for those who take the time to train animals to help those in need.   


Sam and I were gone most of the week, last week.   We attended the big TAN {Texas Association of Nurseryman} show, which was held in Dallas.   

A natural Purple orchid

I thought the longhorn was neat........Makes for a great conversation piece...

The Pot is what caught my eye here........AWESOME!!!

And who doesn't love big white hydrangea blooms??  

I am like a kid in a candy store when I go to this convention.......

                "I want EVERYTHING"

There are so many flowers, shrubs, and TREES on display.....PLUS, all kinds of gardening tools, big pots, chimes, and gorgeous, garden decorations.....that can be viewed and ordered.

I want at least ONE of everything......and sometimes, I want {several} of some items.   

This was the view from our room ..... located on the 11th floor of the Omni Hotel.   The night view was Gorgeous.........with all the lights on the buildings shining bright.     I actually took this picture while sitting on the big, king size bed..........which was ever so comfortable!!!!

I don't think we ever shut the curtains......because, the night scene was so pretty!!!!    Especially with the big horse (Pegasus) reflecting on one of the buildings....

In the far distance, you can see the "Flying Horse" landmark.....on top of the magnolia building.

Hoping all is WELL with all of my blogging friends.....

Shug ~


  1. I smiled at the story about your Dad.It took me back to the time when I lived through many such times with my Dad. I love the way you humour him and do not disagree.In his mind this really happened.That is so sweet.

  2. Your story about your dad and his horse brought back many memories of my dad when he was this way. He saw things and would get frustrated that I couldn't see them, too. He always knew me but couldn't recall the simplest things. In his last weeks, he would wheel himself up and down the halls of the nursing home telling everyone about Jesus. Which I considered a God-wink, because even though he went to church pretty often when he was able, there were times when I wondered...

    Your photos are all wonderful, the purple orchid is gorgeous! Have a great day!

  3. What a great story about your Dad!
    The flower pics are sooo pretty too.
    I'd be a kid in a candy store too if
    I was there.

    Have fun.

    M :)

  4. Such lovely flowers! So glad you dad was happy thinking about his "trip to Houston." Enjoy what's left of the week.


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