Thursday, July 31, 2014

Good morning!  I woke up during the wee hours of the night, to the sound of Thunder.   This made my night restful.

We have so much to be thankful for, here on the last day of July, 2014.   Our temps for yesterday ended up being in the 80's and the weather guys are predicting the same for today.

I took my dad for a drive through the country side yesterday, and he just kept saying over and over......gosh, the grass is green.    Our area has been fortunate enough to have received several nice rains.....lately.

Green ...... all around

Such an unusual July......but, you want find me complaining!!

Enjoy your day...

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Decorating Styles......???

There are so many simple ways for me to bring tons of happiness to my life.    Take for example.....Our Home.

My style of decorating is filled with all  kinds of things that I love!!  First and foremost....are the photos of our family.  There are so many adorable frames out there, and I always try to select a frame that enhances the photo that I have chosen to use.

I love seeing the smiles on family faces and I it makes me giggle when I see the sometimes quirky poses that we all come up with when we take pictures.   

I would never be so selfish to decorate our home in a way that pleases only me.   After all......Sam lives here too, and it is very important for a man to feel comfortable in his own home.  

We both are crazy about antiques and we have spent many hours together collecting all kinds of items that we can use in our home.  It's very interesting how we all have our own decorating personalities.  

I am not one who cares for the new "Modern" look and I'm not super crazy about lace and the more "Victorian" look.

I suppose that what my style would be is just down right
simple and old. 

I made some purchases several months ago to add to the decor in our home, but I somehow forgot to share them with you....

A lighted arrow!!!   Several  months ago, I went on a search for an arrow like this and I was so disappointed when the only one that I found was way too expensive.   

And then.......right before my eyes, this gorgeous RED arrow appeared at one of my favorite stores, right here in Chandler.     Yes....."Chandler Feed and Seed" had this very arrow displayed on one of their shelves.   It is made out of tin and it has been distressed in a red paint.   

Sam found this Red fold up kitchen stool for me at a nearby antique shop....   $45.00!!   My heart skipped a beat when he brought it home!!

Here is a sneak peek of .........

EAT   sign!     Oh my.....I knew I had to have this one for my kitchen!!    Shug's kitchen is always ready to feed anyone who walks through the backdoor!!

Just another one of my baskets that I am filling up with MORE  rolling pins and old kitchen gadgets.   I already have a lot of these kinds of things, but as you can see, I have plenty of room to do a little more antique shopping, in order to fill this lovely basket...

And now.......I'm    ISO  some old chairs.....

I feel confident that I will find them!!

What kind of decorating style do you have?
There are no wrong or no right ways of decorating....

It's all about what makes you happy.

Oh happy day....

Shug ~

Good morning friends.......

I've been up for about 30 minutes now and I have already had my first cup of coffee....   As I sit here typing on my computer, my eyes are so heavy.  I could easily go crawl back in my warm, comfy, bed, and sleep another two or three hours.

I don't like feeling like this.  I need ENERGY!   I have a busy day ahead.   A funeral to attend at 10:00 this morning, and then a whole lot of extra stuff to do this afternoon.

The Summer is passing by so quickly.  I have so many projects that I need to get done, and some of these really needed to have been done a few months ago.   I have one room that totally needs a complete make-over.   But, first comes the Paint.  

Geez.....I do not like to paint, so it is in my best interest to get going with this while my girls are still out of school for the Summer.   I'll somehow convince them to get the painting done for their sweet mom!  

Do you remember that project that I was working on about a year ago?  The one with the burlap and the ladder?  Well.....I plan to have this completed by next week!!   Wish me Luck!!

I think I'll grab my second cup of coffee for the morning....and try to get myself going!!   Have a happy day!

Shug ~

Sunday, July 27, 2014

State Champs!!

We were the heat of the day......waiting.... with anxious movements and sweaty palms.

It's a dream for many....     Baseball....the great American game!!

What does it mean to "Play Ball".....  It means to get out there and have fun!!  

The "Patriots"......a team of kids, that have been playing baseball together for many years now.  Each kid, bringing much to the game.  Far above the talents of each young boy, comes a love for the game!!  

This past week, 13 boys and 3 coaches...(along with parents and siblings AND GRANDPARENTS).....traveled a little over a 160 miles, to begin a week of State Playoffs for the 12 and under, winning area baseball teams.  

How happy and proud we all were to be sending the "Patriot" team of Chandler, to represent our district, in the State Baseball Tournament.

On Friday, Sam and I traveled down to watch the games....
Our grandson, Carson #2 ......has played with the team ever since it first came together.

(He is the tall one, standing behind the TEXAS trophy, next to one of the coaches)

Carson, enjoys all sports, but Baseball is what makes his heart swell!

The games started on Monday and the Patriots played at 5:30 and at 8:00 P.M. that night.    They won both games with big scores and they only gave up 1 run from the other team.   

They played another game on Wednesday evening, and left the field with a Big WIN.  The other team had no runs to take home with them.   

On Thursday evening....the Patriots were once again winners with a 3 to 0 win over the Royals.  This is the game that took them to the "Championship" playoffs.

On Friday evening, they were just one game away from being the "STATE CHAMPS"

The team they had beat the night before would be their opponents for the evening.   Sad to say, the Patriots started the game with several turnovers, which opened the door for the Royals to beat them 12 to 1.   :(

This meant that our team would have to turn around and play the Royals once again, in order to claim the championship title.
What a GREAT game it was!!!

These two teams played into the 8th inning with 
coming home with the 

State Championship Title!!

Way to go Patriots!!  Way to go Carson....

As a grandmother,  I found myself a teeny, tiny bit frustrated.
Seems that Carson had some GREAT games earlier in the week as he hit 2 .....  over the fence  ...... HOME RUNS!!

The Royals took notice and each time that he got up to bat, the opposing team Walked him.  :(       Sad, because....this Shug wanted to see him hit another one over the fence!!

So proud of Carson, So proud of his Teammates and coaches, and so proud of the "Patriots"

Shug ~

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Hot temps have arrived here in East Texas!!  I just keep believing that Someday...... I will be COOL!

Happy Friday!!

Shug ~

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

As I sit here this morning??

As I sit here this morning, I can't help but think back to a particular journey that this family struggled through, together.....just a few years ago!   A total of 5 years, with three of them being very challenging...

Tucker giving his mom (Trista) a big kiss at one of his visit's at the hospital....

Tucker will be turning 16 in just a few weeks, and each birthday for him is received with such special thankfulness....

This past Sunday, Tucker boarded a big Motor coach bus from the parking lot of Children's Hospital in Dallas, Texas.   He was headed out to attend his "Senior" week at Camp Esperanza!!  

Tucker, here with his good friend they wait to load on the bus.    Jake attends the same High School as Tucker.  Jake was diagnosed with Leukemia about a year after Tucker.    They have a bond that only the two of them can share.  Both of these fine young men, know what it's like to fight for your life.

Jake and Tucker have been huge Blessings to one another!!

Camp John Marc has hosted "Camp Esperanza for almost 25 years now.  At this camp, kids with cancer and those who remain in remission, are encouraged to rise above their disease, as they are encouraged to achieve a positive outlook on life. 

Beads of Courage!

Tucker was diagnosed with Leukemia, just 4 days after he turned 8 years old.   Here he is with Sister (Shanda) as she was a his 2nd grade teacher at the time.

There were many, many days when he was so sick, he could barely stand up......his weight loss was extreme.  Again....pictured with Shanda.....her heart was so touched by this child.....her student, and her precious nephew!

Always acting goofy......This was a norm for him as he tried so desperately not feel the pain of looking and being so different from the other kids that were his age...

Some fun times for Tuck.......the only problem was that he had to go to a private bowling alley to enjoy this fun time.  Most of the time, his counts were so low that he could not be in the public areas.....especially during cold and flu seasons.

In this picture, Tucker was awarded for being a leader at Children's Hospital...

Did you know that a child is diagnosed with cancer every three minutes?

Cancer treatments can be very hard on a child's body....some of the long term side effects include hearing loss, chronic illnesses, diabetes, neuropathy, eye sight problems and even fertility issues..

Many physical disabilities often results for survivors.   Often, these kids have difficulties in being able to participate in social activities, school activities, and in some cases, they deal with depression and feelings of isolation.

As I said.....Tucker is now a Senior at the camp...(his last year to attend)  and they have so much planned for Seniors...
A Senior dinner party and formal night, along with a graduation ceremony.   Aside from these special events, the camp also offers:

Cook outs, Scavenger hunts, Volleyball, Archery, Horse riding, Basketball, Zip Lining, arts...crafts...and pottery.

they also have......Photography, cooking classes, a climbing tower, Swimming, fishing, Kayaking, Paddle boats, and so much more!!

When Tucker turns 18, he will be invited back to be a counselor at the camp....What a great and special opportunity it will be to, be able to give back to a camp that truly was a positive influence in his life.

Tyler, Carson, TUCKER, and Trey....    Tucker now stands about 5'11" and he is a picture of good health.  As most of you know, he does have Type 1 diabetes, but he does not let this stand in his way.   

Although he can no longer play football, baseball or any other type of contact ball......He is a avid Golf player....and he is very good.  He is also a very good student and an officer in the FFA program at school.   I believe that he has a bright future ahead of him.... 

He is such a handsome young man and he loves the Lord...   I can not wait to see what God does in his life....   I know there are some really big plans!!

Hugs to each of you......thanks for letting me share...



Monday, July 21, 2014

Fleeing Children

More than 60,000 unaccompanied children have crossed the Texas border in the past 9 months.   This is very hard to believe......the Unaccompanied part!

What is difficult for me to understand, is how these children are making their way up through Mexico on this 1500 mile trip.....alone! 

What is being reported is that it has become a "Flee or die" choice for families.   Drug-fueled corruption and heavily armed gangs is what stands behind the fleeing of these children from Honduras.

My heart is heavy for children involved in these horrible ways of living.   The question is:  What are we to do?

What does it bring to our Country, aside from 60,000 or more homeless children?  Disease is a threat from immigrant children who have not had the vaccines that children here in America have had.

There is and will continue to be an enormous cost of housing these children.  This adds an additional burden to an already financially burdened Country.  Where will the money come from to take care of these kids?  Will the already -heavily taxed- tax payers be responsible  for supplying the funds to meet the needs?

I just don't know!

I have a very good friend who works with the border patrol and I know just how honest of a person he truly is......I know that there are MANY problems just in dealing with drug traffickers.   These are dangerous people that are feeding the young kids of America......all kinds of dangerous drugs.

Illegal aliens are a huge problem and now, the border patrol has an even bigger issue in having to  deal with a lot of innocent children......

Many people are out protesting.....  Some want to send these children back.....some want us to do the humanitarian thing and help these people.   

We have thousands and thousands of children in our Country that need help.     I'm talking about children that are hungry!  Believe it or not....the only meal that some kids get each day, is the lunch that they are fed at school.

What are we to do as a Country?   If you don't mind sharing, I would love to know how you feel about this issue that we have going in United States!!

Blessings to all...

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Put Your Feet Up.....

My girls gave me a wonderful Christmas gift that I still have not used.......

I desperately need to call and make an appointment to use this "Pampering" certificate.   

My Gift?   A spa treatment!!  Can you believe that I have allowed 6 months to pass me by without using this gift?

I'm pretty sure that most of you have had one before and you probably already know just how wonderful it feels.   I am usually so relaxed and it makes it difficult to want to drive home.

I am so ready to make my appointment and to be pampered.

Did you know that our souls can be pampered as well?  All we have to do is to lean back into the arms of God and just rest.
What I love is that God gives HIS love so freely and there is NO TIME LIMIT on the Peace that we can experience.  Our bodies can be completely nourished when we bask in the Love of God.

"Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from Him"
                                                                    Psalm 62:5

Friday, July 18, 2014

Needs My Constant Attention.....

One area of my life that needs my constant attention, is staying connected to God while living a busy life.

Busyness wraps itself around me most days.  Simply taking care of a household requires a lot of my time......the reason why?  Because I like to have a well kept home.  Other things which cause me to veer away from my time with God includes hobbies, trips, that famous black box known as a TV, my yard, and no computer.  

I am always thankful for our church and for the time I get to spend with our church family.  However, there are times when my focus at Church is not where it needs to be.   I do not like living a "ME" centered life.   I need The Lord in my life at ALL times.

This thing called guilt swallows me up when I know that I am not putting God first in my life.   Way too many times, I have seen days when I have stepped away from my daily conversations with God and it is during these times that I find it difficult to focus even at Church.    

What do these kind of days speak to my heart?  It speaks that I am focusing way too much on "ME" and on the worldly things in life.

My life operates best when I take the time to wake up each morning and say:  "Good Morning, Lord....thank you that I am alive." great it is to sip a good hot cup of coffee as I read God's word and spend time in fellowship with the Lord.   It is super important for me to sit quietly and to hear the direction in which God is leading me.

I also love to talk to God just before I go to sleep....How important it is to thank the Lord for his Mercy and Grace.   To thank HIM for loving me and for watching over me.   At the end of the day, I have so much to thank HIM for.  

Oh yes.....Busyness does have a way of soaking up our lives and it can make us so tired.   Do we have to give up those things we love to do?  No....we do not.   We only need to Put God first and all else will fall in order the way it is suppose to do.  

Hope you all are enjoying this beautiful days.

I had to wear a long sleeve shirt earlier today.  The temps are WAY NOT NORMAL.....for our area.   Especially in the middle of July.   I believe there was a record low this morning of 66 degrees.    Very Nice!!

Hugs Y'all.....
shug ~

Thursday, July 17, 2014

iPad posting....

I somehow believe that I have asked this question before.....but I evidently did not figure out the answer, because I still am having a difficult time.    When we travel, it would be so easy if I could take photos with my iPad and then post them on my blog.

The problem is:  This girl can not figure it out!   

When I go to get a picture, this is what comes up.

When I work on my laptop......the below photo comes up.

do you see the difference?   There is an upload button as well as a choose files button.  

can any of you offer suggestions or help me?

How many of you strictly use an iPad? do you post your photos?


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I Remember As a Child........

Hey Friends......

I remember as a child....on several occasions, saying "life's Not Fair."      My "life's not fair" usually came about when I was NOT getting my way.  My brother or sister may have been able to do a particular something that (I) wanted to do.   Or, I didn't get a fun toy that I thought I had to have.  

  Everybody does it at one time or another!

Do any of you recall times like this?    This past week, a good friend of mine posted a question on her Facebook life fair?    I was surprised at the number of comments that were left about this particular topic.  There were Many different thoughts about this subject.

I suppose that this is a question that has many answers.  Is there a Right or Wrong answer?   Take for example, a teenager who has had their heart set on getting a brand new sports car.   After all.....their best friend was given one by his/her wealthy parents.   

However..... The reacting teen comes from a family that has had a few financial struggles and the best that can be done is to purchase a used vehicle for the teen, that looks more like a family car....

I can already hear a great big "Life's Not Fair"

On the other hand, there are some real serious questions about life being fair and I can see how these questions can be legitimate.   My family has seen days like this.  A sister who died at the age of 28..... Three young children, left behind, when their parents were killed in a car wreck.  A car wreck that left these same three kids in body cast with multiple injuries and one with brain damage.

It is very difficult to try to answer the WHY questions that now come from the child that had brain damage.   Why is my life not normal like everyone else?  Why did this happen to me??  That child is now a 39 year old (beautiful) lady living with a mind similar to that of a 12 year old.

Years later.... One of these kids dies at the early age of 28 from a massive heart attack and his wife passes away just a few years later from cancer.   Once again, leaving behind two small little girls, to be raised by aunts and uncles.  

It is extremely difficult to watch a brother live in extreme agony as he tries to overcome alcoholism.  I see what his life could have been, but yet the reality of what his life is like, hurts deep within.  
His pain is my pain because I care so much.

To have a grandchild diagnosed with cancer and to not be able to do a single thing about it.....To have this child's life drastically  changed forever, due to the poisons in chemo and the harshness of radiation.......To watch this same precious grandchild day after day, dealing with Type I diabetes.......

This is when the question becomes real....  IS LIFE FAIR??

I don't know the real answer to this question, but what I do know is that through all the bad times.....GOD has always wrapped HIS loving arms around each of us and HE has never failed to bring us the comfort like only HE can give.   I also know that through it all.....WE ARE BLESSED!

Life is not about US......We are here to Serve the Lord!

Hugs y'all....
shug ~

Monday, July 14, 2014

I Think I'm Getting Lazy!

I do believe that I am getting LAZY!  Maybe this is what I'm suppose to do....after all, it is Summer!

Our road trip which began this past Saturday morning, led us to San Marcos, Texas!  A place that I love to go.  But.....not before spending some time at a beautiful resort that was packed with all kinds of adventure.  Sam and I ended up spending several hours out by the pool and we enjoyed a relaxing sunset dinner.....outdoors!!

Sam has a business convention in the beautiful city of San Marcos..... and I just trailed along.   He actually needed his voice is still not up to par.   This means that I get to talk a lot.   I don't see this as being a problem!!

After a busy morning.....I decided to take a break, out by the pool.  I soaked up a few sun rays and listened to one of my new favorite singers......Adam Fears!!  For those that do not know, Adam is the son of Vickie over at "Sand Flat Farm."

Vickie is a precious blogging friend.....stop over and give her a visit..

I'm guessing that Life will be back to normal when we have to travel home on Wednesday.   In the mean time.....I'm gonna do a lot of resting!!

Blessings Y'all....
shug ~

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Finding fences

Road trip/Business trip ...... Starting today!  Once again, Sam and I are on the back roads..... Heading somewhere!!

The back roads are great for traveling.... And I especially love the small towns!   We just passed through one and the population sign read......pop. 291

I'm guessing with such few people, everyone knows everyone!  Heck.... Probably over half of them are kin...

I'm looking for some fabulous fences to take photos of.  Hopefully, I'll get to join Tex this week.  

In the mean time..... I hope you all enjoy a wonderful weekend.


Shug :)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Here is a Funny!!

How many of you are familiar with the word
-Panhandler- ????

In many of the larger cities, you can find them on every corner......with their signs......begging for money!

Some of them can be very creative with the signs they hold!!

This has never been a problem in our area until recently.   Just yesterday, I saw three different men standing at intersections, holding signs.   "Homeless and Hungry".......
"Need money for food."

Let me tell's a very difficult thing for me to drive by and not offer some kind of help to folks.   However, I am smart enough to know that most of those that are out begging for money......could be working!!!

This is an issue that is beyond my comprehension!!

For me, this is something that I allow the Holy Spirit to direct.  This is a prime example of why we need to have an intimate relationship with the Lord....We need guidance that only God can give!!

Here is a funny.....Which is what prompted this particular topic on my post.   

This morning, I was driving through our small town and as I approach the entrance to the only Grocery Store in town, I see a man standing on the corner.   

He was not panhandling.......he was trying to thumb a ride!
What is so funny about this??????

He needed a ride for himself and for the case of BEER that he was holding!!    Let me tell you......This cracked me up!!   Nothing shocks me this world that we live in, one can witness almost anything these days!!

Who knows why some folks do the things they do.......

What's happening in your day?  There are garage sale signs all over town, here in Chandler.  And....there is a big Estate Sale going on, just across the street from me!  I think I'll do a little GS shopping today!!

Have fun!!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Question of the Day!!

Dear Friends.....

The question for today is:  "What gives it away?"

From white to yellow.....from golden brown to grey.....from soft and smooth, to rough and wrinkled!!   

What is it that truly gives away the fact that one is aging?

None of the above!!

What gives away our age is how we act and we perceive life and what choices we make.  Do we complain a lot or do we still find pleasure in painting the canvass of our life.

The consequences of having a negative flow of thoughts....(as we age)...can be very damaging.   I have read that when people age they begin to feel less worthy and they begin to feel a cloud of insecurity holding them down.

We all want to look and feel our best....don't we?  It's important to feel beautiful!  I suppose I must clarify that beauty is not all about how we look on the outside.   Numbers may say that we are aging, but these numbers do not dictate how we feel and act.

Is your heart young?  Does your mind allow you to live a life of optimism?  

Some hearts never grow old!!


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Oh wow y'all.......    you all have been so patient in my constant posting of my and events...

The truth is.......each member of my family makes life WONDERFUL!

Life is filled with SO many uncertainties...and we never can anticipate what each new day will bring.  This is the exact reason why I want to make every second, every minute, every hour of the day.......COUNT!!

I enjoy living life with a passion....and I especially like to grab hold of every opportunity to treasure a memory.

One thing that I know for sure is that..... 
a precious moment that is captured in the frame of my heart will never, ever disappear.

I will always have these moments to treasure.  

We think that life will be endless, but the truth is....we never know which moment is the last.  For this reason, we must always love and celebrate every moment of life!!

I am extremely thankful for the special memories that were made on our vacation.  I am extremely thankful that I was able to share in these memories with the love of my life (Sam Pollard III) and with our family....

Enjoy each the one that God placed in your life....and never take a single moment for granted...

Monday, July 7, 2014

A few Pics.....

Family Vacation 2014.....

Some of you may have seen this photo on my FB page...
Mylee and Tori ......  having a little fun!!

Dinner at the beach house of some good friends.....

Trista.....making s'mores

Family dinner at "Captain Anderson's"


Grandkids on the beach!!

Watermelon eating contest.......By the way......Tori was the winner!!!   She won a hat!!

Trista and Shan ...... on the 4th!

We were attending the parade!!

 A little kayaking!!

Beach Volleyball!!

A WHOLE lot of Bicycle riding

Even ME!!!!!!

We had a GREAT time.....I think I downloaded over 500 pictures last night!!   Hopefully, I can share more!!


  Isn't she lovely?  I gave a broken piece from my cactus to Trista in order for her to start one for herself.   Here is my OLD cactus! ...