Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, July 18, 2014

Needs My Constant Attention.....

One area of my life that needs my constant attention, is staying connected to God while living a busy life.

Busyness wraps itself around me most days.  Simply taking care of a household requires a lot of my time......the reason why?  Because I like to have a well kept home.  Other things which cause me to veer away from my time with God includes hobbies, trips, that famous black box known as a TV, my yard, and no computer.  

I am always thankful for our church and for the time I get to spend with our church family.  However, there are times when my focus at Church is not where it needs to be.   I do not like living a "ME" centered life.   I need The Lord in my life at ALL times.

This thing called guilt swallows me up when I know that I am not putting God first in my life.   Way too many times, I have seen days when I have stepped away from my daily conversations with God and it is during these times that I find it difficult to focus even at Church.    

What do these kind of days speak to my heart?  It speaks that I am focusing way too much on "ME" and on the worldly things in life.

My life operates best when I take the time to wake up each morning and say:  "Good Morning, Lord....thank you that I am alive." great it is to sip a good hot cup of coffee as I read God's word and spend time in fellowship with the Lord.   It is super important for me to sit quietly and to hear the direction in which God is leading me.

I also love to talk to God just before I go to sleep....How important it is to thank the Lord for his Mercy and Grace.   To thank HIM for loving me and for watching over me.   At the end of the day, I have so much to thank HIM for.  

Oh yes.....Busyness does have a way of soaking up our lives and it can make us so tired.   Do we have to give up those things we love to do?  No....we do not.   We only need to Put God first and all else will fall in order the way it is suppose to do.  

Hope you all are enjoying this beautiful days.

I had to wear a long sleeve shirt earlier today.  The temps are WAY NOT NORMAL.....for our area.   Especially in the middle of July.   I believe there was a record low this morning of 66 degrees.    Very Nice!!

Hugs Y'all.....
shug ~


Ginny said...

This is such a common problem.In fact, Phil is writing a lesson on it for church. He will teach it Wednesday in two weeks. Hop a plane and come on over! We'll have pizza after! It is hard when you have as much as you do! At bedtime is good, but sometimes I fall asleep when I pray! If I am extra tired.

Gail Dixon said...

I often wonder why it's such a struggle for me to focus more on the Lord. The distractions of our day are the main thieves, which you mentioned. When I'm immersed in the Word, I always feel so at peace. I should desire to do this at every minute of the day, but sadly I don't. Throughout the day I acknowledge Him or thank Him or pray brief snippets as things come to mind, but I always wonder if it's enough.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

We are both so blessed my friend and I am thankful, too. I say a prayer of thankfulness when I first get up in the morning. It helps to start my day the right way. Enjoy your weekend and the nice weather! Hugs, Diane

Betsy Adams said...

Hi Shug, The one thing which helps George and me when it comes to keeping God in the CENTER of our lives at all times is to start each day with a 30 minute devotion together. It does wonders for both of us...

Yes, life gets in the way and we do stay so busy... And we have problems and things happen which we are not proud of... BUT--God forgives us and knows that we are only human. Thanks be to God that there is forgiveness for all.

P.S. Did you check out my latest blog talking about the train trip we took???? It's so neat.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Hope you had a good day. I had a long day. Left home at 6am and arrived in Calgary at 9pm,local time,which would make it 10pm my time.did I mention that I am tired?

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Great post, Shug. I try to start and end each day with prayer and with thankfulness. And throughout the day I'll think of someone I need to pray for or just thank Him for the beautiful day or a pretty sky, etc. But, there are those days when I get super busy and get distracted and just sort of put God on the back burner. And that makes me feel bad later when I realize that I've done that.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the cooler weather. We've had some great weather, too, this week. But it will warm up soon, I'm sure. :)

Lea said...

Great post Shug and very profound and full of truth.

It is wonderfully cool here in NE La. as well. Awesome!!!

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