Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Monday, July 7, 2014

A few Pics.....

Family Vacation 2014.....

Some of you may have seen this photo on my FB page...
Mylee and Tori ......  having a little fun!!

Dinner at the beach house of some good friends.....

Trista.....making s'mores

Family dinner at "Captain Anderson's"


Grandkids on the beach!!

Watermelon eating contest.......By the way......Tori was the winner!!!   She won a hat!!

Trista and Shan ...... on the 4th!

We were attending the parade!!

 A little kayaking!!

Beach Volleyball!!

A WHOLE lot of Bicycle riding

Even ME!!!!!!

We had a GREAT time.....I think I downloaded over 500 pictures last night!!   Hopefully, I can share more!!



Ginny said...

This is a great overview, now you can start posting more about different events! I love the grandchildren's picture in the twilight, and YOU on the bike, fabulous!!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos, beautiful family!

Betsy Adams said...

Oh --what fun!!!! Great photos. Hope you do share more!!! Such a wonderful and beautiful family!!!!! AND I'm proud of you for riding a bicycle.. I haven't done that in many years....


Gail Dixon said...

Kayaking!! Now you're talkin'. :)

Your love of family is so evident in these photos! Enjoyed each one, especially of YOU riding the bike. And a happy yellow bike at that--suits you perfectly. :)

Vickie said...

Beautiful pictures of your beautiful family, Shug! Looks like an awesome vacation that you all will remember forever!

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Yes....My Grandkids Rock