Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Good morning friends.......

I've been up for about 30 minutes now and I have already had my first cup of coffee....   As I sit here typing on my computer, my eyes are so heavy.  I could easily go crawl back in my warm, comfy, bed, and sleep another two or three hours.

I don't like feeling like this.  I need ENERGY!   I have a busy day ahead.   A funeral to attend at 10:00 this morning, and then a whole lot of extra stuff to do this afternoon.

The Summer is passing by so quickly.  I have so many projects that I need to get done, and some of these really needed to have been done a few months ago.   I have one room that totally needs a complete make-over.   But, first comes the Paint.  

Geez.....I do not like to paint, so it is in my best interest to get going with this while my girls are still out of school for the Summer.   I'll somehow convince them to get the painting done for their sweet mom!  

Do you remember that project that I was working on about a year ago?  The one with the burlap and the ladder?  Well.....I plan to have this completed by next week!!   Wish me Luck!!

I think I'll grab my second cup of coffee for the morning....and try to get myself going!!   Have a happy day!

Shug ~


Gail Dixon said...

Sounds like a busy day ahead. Hope the second cup kicked you in gear! After the busy weekend I had I'm having trouble getting my motor running this week too. Going fishing tomorrow with my dad and I'm too tired to get excited about it. Hope you get all your projects done! God bless.

Ginny said...

The retro dining room is so spectacular!! I would love one just like it! But I bet that table cost a lot! And how neat to hang plates on that white divider screen! I wish you an extra amount of pep for today!

Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Painting is easy--
prepping for that is the hard part!
I'm like you, I've got lots of things that need to be done already, and I have a ton of things that are being added to the list daily...
sorry, about the funeral. One of those things, that you have to do--but don't like doing it.
I never know what to say when the time comes.
Hope your energy picks up.
I like the photo up top. Is that taken locally where you live? Or where? I love seeing the antique places in Malakoff-- but haven't been in a few years.

Barb said...

Hi Shug!

Sounds like you need lots of energy to tackle your day - that second cup will come in handy!

I think we all have that room that needs a make-over, mine is the computer room. I just keep putting it off!

Hope your day was a good one!


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Don't work yourself too hard. I know the feeling when so much needs to be done and so little energy.

Michelle said...

An extra cup of coffee usually helps my morning motivation :) Good luck!

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