Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, July 11, 2014

Here is a Funny!!

How many of you are familiar with the word
-Panhandler- ????

In many of the larger cities, you can find them on every corner......with their signs......begging for money!

Some of them can be very creative with the signs they hold!!

This has never been a problem in our area until recently.   Just yesterday, I saw three different men standing at intersections, holding signs.   "Homeless and Hungry".......
"Need money for food."

Let me tell's a very difficult thing for me to drive by and not offer some kind of help to folks.   However, I am smart enough to know that most of those that are out begging for money......could be working!!!

This is an issue that is beyond my comprehension!!

For me, this is something that I allow the Holy Spirit to direct.  This is a prime example of why we need to have an intimate relationship with the Lord....We need guidance that only God can give!!

Here is a funny.....Which is what prompted this particular topic on my post.   

This morning, I was driving through our small town and as I approach the entrance to the only Grocery Store in town, I see a man standing on the corner.   

He was not panhandling.......he was trying to thumb a ride!
What is so funny about this??????

He needed a ride for himself and for the case of BEER that he was holding!!    Let me tell you......This cracked me up!!   Nothing shocks me this world that we live in, one can witness almost anything these days!!

Who knows why some folks do the things they do.......

What's happening in your day?  There are garage sale signs all over town, here in Chandler.  And....there is a big Estate Sale going on, just across the street from me!  I think I'll do a little GS shopping today!!

Have fun!!


Pam said...

Too funny with the hitchhiker! Many panhandlers in Chicagoland! It's not always as it seems---some have manicured nails, and so forth, stand at the same spot every day, one even refused a like-new winter coat, not what he liked and on and on.

Michelle said...

That is something I haven't witnessed before! lol

Gail Dixon said...

I've always had a heart for the homeless. My cousin runs the St. Vincent de Paul shelter here in town and my grandmother used to feed homeless strangers that wandered into her yard during the Depression. My inclination is to give and not judge. I feel I've done my part and they have to decide on their own what to use the money for.

Betsy Adams said...

I learned when I lived in New Orleans NOT to EVER give anyone money--no matter how needy they appeared. Our church had a ministry by which they would help people. They would work with other churches in the area to help people with specific things like their rent/utilities,gas etc. BUT--never ever give them money. (Many of them will use the money for drugs or alcohol.)


Melinda said...

Too funny!!!

Needed a ride for him and his beer
good grief!

M :)

Ginny said...

Well, these guys, AND gals are everywhere around town. They stand by busy streets holding their signs, some say VET. And they usually have a dog. That can be love, or a good ploy to get money from animal lovers.Phil has given money to some, better than that he has taken them to McDonalds for a hamburger. But many need the money for drugs and you need to discern the really hurting ones from the addicts. We look at their bare arms, and their eyes. That usually tells the picture.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Ha! The hitchhiker and his box of beer-- is funny.
I will tell you though-- I noticed something the other day, that I hadn't noticed before... a town near us--
there is a place that sells beer and wine ...AND THEY DELIVER! Yeah, like Pizza!
I guess that is one way to keep 'em off the streets. ;)
Hope you had a successful day garage sale-ing.

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