Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Monday, July 21, 2014

Fleeing Children

More than 60,000 unaccompanied children have crossed the Texas border in the past 9 months.   This is very hard to believe......the Unaccompanied part!

What is difficult for me to understand, is how these children are making their way up through Mexico on this 1500 mile trip.....alone! 

What is being reported is that it has become a "Flee or die" choice for families.   Drug-fueled corruption and heavily armed gangs is what stands behind the fleeing of these children from Honduras.

My heart is heavy for children involved in these horrible ways of living.   The question is:  What are we to do?

What does it bring to our Country, aside from 60,000 or more homeless children?  Disease is a threat from immigrant children who have not had the vaccines that children here in America have had.

There is and will continue to be an enormous cost of housing these children.  This adds an additional burden to an already financially burdened Country.  Where will the money come from to take care of these kids?  Will the already -heavily taxed- tax payers be responsible  for supplying the funds to meet the needs?

I just don't know!

I have a very good friend who works with the border patrol and I know just how honest of a person he truly is......I know that there are MANY problems just in dealing with drug traffickers.   These are dangerous people that are feeding the young kids of America......all kinds of dangerous drugs.

Illegal aliens are a huge problem and now, the border patrol has an even bigger issue in having to  deal with a lot of innocent children......

Many people are out protesting.....  Some want to send these children back.....some want us to do the humanitarian thing and help these people.   

We have thousands and thousands of children in our Country that need help.     I'm talking about children that are hungry!  Believe it or not....the only meal that some kids get each day, is the lunch that they are fed at school.

What are we to do as a Country?   If you don't mind sharing, I would love to know how you feel about this issue that we have going in United States!!

Blessings to all...


Michelle said...

I have conflicting feelings about this situation as well. What to do? Obviously they are in some dire straits to be sent here alone. But, I work in a school with 80% of the population receiving free/reduced lunch. And, I know what you mean when you say some kids only receive a good meal at home. We even have a backpack program so students can take food home on the weekends. So many people in need, not only in our backyards, but all across the world.

Melinda said...

This is a hard one. It is hard to
imagine so many children leaving their families and going by themselves to a foreign country.
I don't know what to do or not do.

M :)

Patty Sumner said...

Of course there are so many major concerns.. disease would be one of the greatest.. I would not want to endanger any of the children who are here...but I would think they could settle that problem by simply immunizing the kids while they are being held...watching for outbreaks.. I believe poverty here in America is one that we have allowed the government to put us in...we have become such a dependent nation upon the government for all our needs...They have allowed so many to becaome labeled disabled and become dependant on a small amount of money to survive.. As for me.. I grew up in the Mtns of Appalachia....Actually, my home county was just named one of the worst counties in America to grow up in due to poverty, lack of education and disease by the New York Times.. They based it upon state stats... The county has become so dependent upon the government for money through grants and disability. Over the years many have learned if we are "labeled needy" we get money. The money is always misused. Always ends up as a salary for an overseer and never makes it to where it needs to be. What I see.. much of the county lives in nice homes.. drives nice vehicles yet the stats say just the opposite. I feel easy money has caused a mindset which has caused many to alter truth to keep the money coming.. Just so sad.. I guess my opinion is..I try to base how I live. How I would treat others according to What the truth of Gods Word says... I believe we should help the children. They are innocent.. I am sure their parents and families have sacraficed making a decision it is better to let your children go instead of keeping them with you.I cannot imagine having to make that decision.. again so sad! How do we do it.. I feel the churches of America should rise up.. do what they were intended to do.. stop building huge building.. huge salaries for and feed the hungry and needy.. help children...I know it can be the greace of God I ran a Rescue Mission for around 10 years. I did not make money.. it took time and sacrafice.. Many Christians gave and donated but it was done without costing those who were in need anything.. These children are innocent...they just want to survive.. The families have trusted that they would find hope for the children here.. I feel we should help.. thats my opinion.. I hope I expressed it clearly.. Blessings!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

This is a tough one! We can't turn our backs on innocent children, but the older illegals shouldn't be allowed here. I'm afraid if we start to do too much for the illegals, then our people who are in need here are going to get angry and we'll have a huge mess on our hands.

Gail Dixon said...

Boy, this is one enormous issue with so many far-reaching social and financial issues. Where to begin? I don't know what the answers are, but I have great compassion for these children. Pray, pray and pray some more. That's the only answer I have at the moment. Sigh.

Pam said...

This is horrendous for the children and I see nothing good about it. So many issues involved...

Gert said...

My feelings are conflicted too. I do believe that we are a caring country (which we are) and they know it. But, we really should be caring for our own children too. Just hard to know what to do.


bj said...

Hi, Shug...
My first reaction is that if they took a lot of these kids to the front lawn of the White House, things might slow down on the border.
Our Pres. is the one that said send us your children. He is so good at getting problems started and then wants US to handle it. As you can tell, I totally believe a LOT of our trouble is that there's not been a lick of leadership from this president.

As for the kids. Such a huge problem...none of us know what in this world we can do with these precious children. Well, SOME of these kids have been in gangs in their country, admitting to, here they are in OUR country. It's such a huge mess that is already out of control...prayer is always good so we are doing a lot of that. I feel so sorry for these babies here, in a strange country, no mama or daddy....what were the parents thinking????

Terra said...

We need to secure the border, this is a scandal that the border leaks like a sieve. A secure border would mean the children and the adults would not be tempted to make the long hazardous journey. They need to be sent back to their homelands quickly and safely, on air conditioned buses or planes.

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