Wednesday, July 31, 2013

We Get to Choose

Good morning from Chandler, Texas!

It's a beautiful day!  Heat is on it's way, but right now.....I'm enjoying a sweet breeze and I'm very relaxed with what all is going on around me.   The birds are singing....the squirrels are playing chase, and the sounds of life are near and far.

Such a fabulous Blessing that has been given to me this morning!  I am so thankful that I'm not caught up in the middle of a rush zone as I begin my day.   

As I sit here enjoying all the beauty around me, this thought quietly came to my mind.   "I have the power to choose my thoughts for the day!"   Will I choose to honor God, by rejoicing in all things, or will I choose to be a complainer today?  Will I choose to suffer.... by my own choosing, because I don't like what is going on in my life right now, OR will I face the challenges ahead of me, by trusting God to watch over me?

I have a choice today, to do good for others.  I can make myself available to be a helper, OR I can selfishly decide to lock my blessing in a closet and keep them all for myself.

I can choose to be a Godly example, OR.....I can walk around with a frown on my face......determined to be a grouch.  

I can be honest and kind, OR.....I can choose to be a distasteful person!

Isn't it Amazing......How God puts His trust in us to make the right decisions?  His desire is for us to be like him, but yet.....He is such a gentleman and He allows us to make the choice!   

I know.....for sure......what I want to choose?  Do you?

Hugs my friends....
shug ~

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What's Been Going On.....

What?   No new stories from the razzle-dazzle housewife??
No confessions??

This is not exactly true.....I always have a story to tell....just not enough time to tell them!  

I've missed each of you, dear friends......BUT, we've had lots and lots of things going on around here!  

Alzheimer's has been doing some overtime work on my dad.  Woooooooooo!  is what I have to say about this.....He has had all of us doing a few overtime hours lately.   It's very difficult to keep him satisfied and CALM!

News about the vacation season:  There has also been a lot of packing and unpacking going on around this place.   The washer and dryer are doing a little overtime as well!     I'm not the one doing the traveling though!!  :(      It's the kids!!    Two of them flew out this morning, headed to Utah!   I love it!!   This means lots of fun and excitement for them.
I probably could write a song about the places they've been:  "San Antonio, Houston, Del the car and away we go!  Arkansas, Missouri, New Mexico.....Oklahoma, Utah, and El Paso!  Zip-lining, four wheeling, hiking and zooing.......these are the things that we've been doing!!"   
  I left out a lot of stops, but I kinda ran out of words...
 Nashville here I come!!

Anniversary News:  We've been planning my in-law's 65th Wedding Anniversary Dinner!   Isn't this wonderful?  What a great testimony of their many years together...IN LOVE!

Here's our School News:     We've been doing quite a bit of School Clothes Shopping, along with searching for lots of school supplies!   Shanda has changed schools this year...she will be teaching at our districts OTHER elementary!   The theme at Trista's school has changed for this next school year....
"Taking Excellence to the Extreme"  is the new motto!  We have been surfing the net, looking for some great ideas for decorating her classroom!!
Tyler is now a senior, and we have been working on several things for him.   Football is big around here, which means that  we've been doing a lot of things to make his Senior Year an unforgettable year!!   I'll post pictures of this later in the season!!

Career Happenings:  Does anyone have any idea how long it's been since I've worked?   A very long time!   But now.....
Drum roll please:  I'm a "Thirtyone consultant."     I'm now selling Thirtyone bags and goodies!!   Made my very first order yesterday and I loved it!!  If you don't anything about this company, then check it out....    Go to:

This is what's been going on in my part of the world.....

Hope to get back to doing what I love.......BLOGGING!!


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pair of shoes

Oh Wow.......    Did you know that "Life Isn't Fair?"

I can't tell you how many times I have heard this said.  What do you think?  Is life fair?

What is it that we all want in life?  Usually, it's the very things that we don't have!  I'm thinking it because we can't have it that causes us to think life isn't fair, or is it because one of our friends has it and we don't, that makes life unfair?

I recently saw a video clip and it's possible that you all have seen it as well.   A little boy (I'll call him Tommy) was all down and out, because life isn't fair!!  (I couldn't find it, or I would have posted it for all to see)

The video is filmed in a city park and (Tommy) is a little boy who is very poor looking.  His tennis shoes are all torn up and his pants and shirt are ripped in several places.

Just seeing his face made my heart heavy.  Why?  Because, when I was working in the library at our local school, I saw kids that were dressed very much in the say way!!  This isn't the only reason.....I actually know kids who are ridiculed often because their parents cannot afford to buy them, name brand shoes or name brand clothes.   :(

As (Tommy) walks through the park, he comes upon another boy (Let's call him Bobby) sitting on a park bench.   Tommy sits down on one end of the bench while the  nice dressed (Bobby) sits on the other end.   Tommy looks down at his old, torn up shoes and then he looks at Bobby's shoes.   (name brand shoes)    Tommy stares at the shoes and in the video, you can tell that he is so sad.

Tommy gets up and goes over to a nearby tree and sits down.  He takes off his shoes and begins to play like the shoes are puppets.  He is repeats over and he wants to be like the Bobby.    Suddenly, he is.  He and the  Bobby, exchange lives.

Both are SO HAPPY.   Now, Bobby is over by the tree.....Dancing and running around in complete happiness.

Tommy is sitting on the bench and he looks down and sees that he no longer is wearing the old torn up shoes...He has on the nice designer shoes.   Tommy is Thrilled beyond belief!!   He can't believe what he is seeing.... 

Things change when an older woman pushes a wheelchair up beside the bench and tells Tommy, it's time to go!!!!!

You see.....Bobby was thrilled to finally be able to walk and run, while the Tommy was so excited to have new shoes. 

 Tommy's eyes were so focused on his own needs, therefore, he did not realize the Bobby had needs too.

Needs are all around us, aren't they?  

Life is not fair.......      

I am Blessed!!!


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"This Old House"

In our area, in our neck of the small is something that you don't see a whole lot of these days.

Not that everyone has loads of money....but when it comes to homes, most of them are spacious.

 The average home (around here) has a total living space of around 25oo square feet.    You will find some that have around 1200 square feet, but most houses are 2500 and up, up, up and up!!      Space seems to be the big thing.

Most people, when looking for a house to buy, are mostly interested in having a big kitchen.    I find this humorous since most folks around here eat out numerous times a week, including us.

I'd say that a large kitchen is the thing to have......well, at least a little bit bigger than this one.

Most of us have utility rooms that are bigger than this kitchen!!

The land in the header photo is a picture of the land which Trista and her family are building their new home on.    The dirt work is going to start in about a week.    But first, the old wooden framed house has got to be knocked down.
(I know that there must have been a lot of good memories for those who once lived in this old home)

Today, I rode out to the land with Trista and Tori.   After much begging, I finally got out of the car and went inside the old, run down, house.  I honestly can not believe that I took one step inside......especially since there are have been many sightings of a panther around and in that area.   (I'm going to estimate that this house is at least 50, maybe 60, 70 years old)

This is what I would call a very simple home!  Who knows....way back then, it may have been a mansion!!

Take a look with me....

In this photo, I'm standing in the family room.  This was a vent for the old wood burning stove.   Behind the brick is a small bedroom.

The kitchen....!!   I  sure wish that I had taken a picture  of the other wall....but you see,  I was standing at the other wall.....
Very Small Kitchen!

Area that connects both bedrooms and the bathroom!

Sorry.....this picture turned out blurry!!

The ceiling of the back bedroom...

And.....this is it!!

Within the next week or so, this house will be demolished and before long a brand new home will be standing in it's place.....

folks......we have sure come a long way in life.   This family lived in this simple little home and I am sure that not only did they have all that they needed, but they were probably very happy and content.

A picture of Tori walking, on the back part of the land....

Hope you enjoyed my tour of "This Old House"


Monday, July 22, 2013

Krazy Us

For real......don't you just love technology?  We are sitting here this evening.....having ourselves a ball.   Lots of cackling, snorting and just plain goofy laughing.

Why?  Because we are swapping videos back and forth with the vacation crew.    This is what happens when we all have our iPhones  in hand.   

One of us will start a crazy song....sing it on a video and send it to the others.   Then the next person challenges the others to show out even more!!!!

I know it seems like we are one big KRAZY family, and I guess we are.......but, we have lots of fun!!   

Just thought I'd share this funny evening with you!


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Isn't She Lovely

Isn't she lovely?   I almost didn't recognize her!!......

Whoever is happy will make others happy too........
                                                                                      Anne Frank

You know....I simply find myself full of blessings when I see happy people and it truly thrills my heart to see the face of a smiling child.

How many of you remember family vacations?  I certainly do!  I remember seeing the Alamo way before San Antonio was a big city!  As a matter of fact, the Alamo was still surrounded by trees when I saw it as a child.

Tom, Shanda and the kids are vacationing this week in the big city of San Antonio!  Today they visited "Sea World."
I was happy to see all of their smiling faces in the photo above.   

I'm assuming that the boys wanted to show their tough side, so therefore, they did not get their faces painted.   But....for Mylee Jo, this is her kind of thing!!  

You can only imagine the huge, ear to ear smile that adorned my face when I opened up the picture message on my phone.  I loved seeing that cute, little, Pink butterfly!

It made my day!!

This one will definitely be posted on my refrigerator!!

Keep Your Face Happy.....

Shug ~

Saturday, July 20, 2013

You Got to do what you gotta do!!

Sometimes you just got to do what you gotta do!!  Isn't that right??

This has been an interesting Saturday......this morning, Sam and I headed out in search of a special place to host his parents 65 Anniversary dinner....

Would you believe that the very first place we looked at just happens to be the PERFECT place to honor this wonderful couple?  

Next thing I know, we are stopping at the mall.    It's a rare thing for Sam to step foot inside of the mall....NO KIDDING!    I purchased what I was looking for and my surprise, we shopped in the men's department at Dillard's.    WE ACTUALLY MADE A PURCHASE FOR HIM!!!

He does not like to shop for himself!!

Target was next on the list....Sam usually lets me out at the front entrance of Target and then he finds him a nice little parking spot where he can watch for me to come out!!  This did not happen today.....Sam out of the car and came in with me to shop...  Woo Hoo

It was then time to meet Trista and the kids, at the movies.   Carmike 14  was in sight!!  We were thrilled to see that our Pastor and his family were joining us!!

Before I start this next part, you have to understand that NONE of us really knew anything about the movie we were going to see!!!!!!!!   I know.....this sounds crazy, but honestly, we 
had seen some of the ads about this show and we did know that it was rated PG-13, but that is it.

There are lots of good movies that are rated PG-13.  Movies like the baseball movie "42"
Forest Gump, The Help, Sweet Home Alabama......etc, etc, etc.

And then there is:    Grown Ups 2

and got to do what you gotta do!!    

Popcorn and drinks in hand, we find our seats and start to get comfortable in our seats.  We sit through about thirty or forty minutes of trailers for up-coming movies. was movie time!  

To make a long story short, let me just say that this movie was NOT rated properly.   In my opinion, it should have been rated R.

We soon discovered that we could not sit there and watch this movie......ALL 9 of us got up and left the theater.   Not only was there bad language, but there were scenes of nudity as well as other suggestive things that are not appropriate for eyes and ears, not to mention those of my grandkids.

Let me tell you about my daughter (Trista)     She was not going to leave that complex without getting her money back!!   We all ended up getting our money back, which sure made me feel better.  Funny thing is,  Trista had purchased the refill bucket of popcorn, which means that you can take the bucket with you every time you go to the movies and get your popcorn for 
$3.50.   This really is a good deal, considering that a lg. bag usually cost $8.00.

Well......guess what?  Tucker threw the bucket away as he was exiting the theater.   What do you think that Miss Prissy pants did when she found out that he had thrown it away?    That's right, she marched herself right back into the place and went directly to theater number 10.   She found that trash box and started digging.....Yep, she found her bucket!!!!

We had ourselves a good chuckle!!    I think I feel a Good Sermon coming...soon!!

Now you see why Sometimes you got to do what you gotta do!!!

Shug .

Friday, July 19, 2013

Rule Maker....Rule Breaker

Are you a rule maker or a rule breaker?    I think I'm a little of both....

I would say that I'm better at making rules (especially if it's about setting rules for OTHERS) however, I would consider myself  a rule breaker when it comes to things that are sweet!

For some, breaking rules is liking coloring outside of the lines.  
The lines are there for a purpose.....a picture turns out really well when we stay inside the lines....BUT,  the moment that one little mark is made on the outside.....we feel that the picture is ruined and therefore we no longer care how many marks are made on the outside.

Rules are rules, .... and for the most part we need to follow them to avoid consequences that could be harsh.

When I say that I sometimes break the rules, it's usually with things such as this.....

I love to eat my dessert first....before my meal !!!!!

I can't help it......sweets are my thing!!!

I like to sneak into the movie ahead of time so that I can get my choice of seat on the back row!!!  

Don't get me wrong....I have my purchased ticket in hand....but I like to go in before the 
"Now Seating" light comes on. !!

Oh...this is a good one!  The advantages of toting a large purse is being able to hide my sonic drink (which is full of crushed ice) into a ballgame.  Sure, the concession stand is always open, but.....they don't have sonic drinks!!   On the gate at some stadiums, a sign may read.....Not outside food or drinks!!!   Yikes!!

This isn't something that is super bad, and if I'm guessing right, I'm pretty sure that most all of us have done this from time to time.

See.....I'm not a bad rule breaker.....but as I said before, rules are rules.

Where did this topic come from???  Well.....last night I broke a rule!   I've been counting calories and the rule for being able to lose weight in counting calories is to not go over your limited amount.     I DID!!!   

I made biscuits.......biscuits made the way that "Red Lobster" makes them.     Boy, were they yummy!!  I ate one, maybe two of the little boogers and they carry a whopping 150 calories in each biscuit!!   

I broke the rule.....I used up an extra 274 worth of calories!! 

What are the consequences??   weight gain instead of weight loss!!   

Oh is another day!!

hugs to you all sweet friends...

Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Steps are Ordered

I would like to start this post by asking prayer for a friend......Sam and I visited one of our High School classmates at the hospital last evening.    As of yesterday, he has been in the hospital for a month and a day.    The treatment for Leukemia has taken a hard toll on him and his mouth is extremely cankered.   Please pray for my friend!


God knew my name before I was even born!!  He ordered my steps from the very beginning.  I am here for a God given purpose.  So, what am I going to do to fulfill this purpose that God has given??

I must first, be willing to follow God's word by reading my bible and by doing all that I can to understand His words.   Then I must spend quality time in prayer and in fellowship with my Heavenly Father.   

Perhaps God is using my life to be a lesson for someone else!!  When I am totally connected to God, then I am able to make good choices.  People are watching.....if I say that I am a child of God.....then, I can assure you that people will be watching....

What excites me is that not only do they get to see me living for the Lord, but they also get to witness the Blessings that God bestows upon me.   

The Lord directs the steps of the godly, He delights in every detail of their lives.
                                                    Psalm 37:23

God's Mercies are New Every Morning....


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Painting Poppies

Poppies are beautiful flowers, but in our area......they just don't grow very well.  I remember a trip that Sam and I made to Colorado one year.....   Oh my goodness, the little mountain town of Ouary was decorated all around with the most gorgeous red poppies.   Each flower was so delicate looking and full of rich color.

Last night, several of our ladies from the church, gathered at Pinot's Palette in Tyler for a little painting and good fellowship.

I love all of these ladies.....they are the Best!!  Check it out.....I have a few years on all of them, but I am Blessed, because this crew always includes me in everything!!  

I try my best not to boss them!!!  Lol.

Actually.....I'm the life of the PARTY!!!!  (You know I'm laughing right now)

I am a person who needs light!!  Lots of light....
This painting was a challenge for me because I found it difficult to use the dark, almost deep turquoise, color of green.   For this reason, I ventured off on my own a little and therefore, my painting is a little different from most of the others...

This is the way the table is set up and each person has everything they need, right there in front of them...   There is a person up on the stage that is showing us the steps that are needed to complete this painting...

Loads of fun with friends.....

Sorry......just a little blurry!!

Friends are like Honey in this sweet journey that we call life!!

Hugs Y'all...


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Write Them deep Within Your Heart

We all could use a lot of kindness throughout our day.   I honestly can not imagine there being anyone,   who wakes up every morning only to say  "I hope no one shows me any kindness today!"

Kindness makes our life easier.  Our Heavenly Father gives us the "Fruits of the Spirit"  to remind us that we are to be kind in all that we do.  In our modern day world, this can sometimes be very difficult to do.   People make it hard to be kind!     Why is this so?   It's because of selfish attitudes.  We want what we want......when we want it and no one is going to change that.

In Proverbs 3:3. Tells us that we are to let Love and Faithfulness never leave us.  We are to bind them around our neck.  We are to write them deep in our heart.

Love is kindness.    

Did you know that sometimes we can rob others from being able to express their genuine actions of kindness?    I witnessed this just the other day.   I was busy doing my own shopping at our local grocery store...... As I approached one isle, I saw an elderly lady who was trying to pick up a case of water, was quite evident that she was struggling to get it placed into her buggy.   A young lady extended her hand out to help this lady, and in doing so, she ripped a portion of the plastic wrap that keeps the bottles in place.   What was meant to be an act of kindness, turned into an outburst by the elderly lady.  She was unhappy that the plastic was torn, because now
..... ( in her words) she was not going to be able to get the water out of her car and into her house.   She was extremely rude to the young lady and even went as far as to tell her that she needed to cut off those blank, blank fingernails.     This was simply a young lady trying to help someone that she didn't even know...... Someone, who it was obvious, needed help.

Not only did the elderly lady rob this person of the joy of showing kindness, but she more than likely weakened this persons loving spirit, for the day.  

I felt very bad for the young lady.     It is very important that we take time to recognize kindness given by others and we need to remember to be gracious even if what they are trying to do, doesn't work out.  

It s written in my heart that kindness is love!..

Hugs friends

Friday, July 12, 2013

End of The Road

It's Over!.........Baseball is over for the Summer!!   It's the end of the road for the gloves, bats and balls...

This is pure Carson warms up to pitch his next, to last, game.

Coach Steve and Carson.....talking about the game!

Game is on.....Carson winding up for a pitch!

Check out the intensity in his face as he releases the ball....

Left handed batter......#2 Carson B.....
sends one high into the outfield....

Yep....Summer Baseball is over!!

Woo Hoo!!!!

Carson's team placed 3rd in District Playoffs....
Trey's team placed 5th......

(Why are there no pictures of Trey's playoff games?  Because I went off and left my camera at Home!!)  :(

So proud of these two boys, for the discipline that they exercised in making all the practices and games for this season...

They both showed genuine respect for their coaches and team players.  

Next.......It's Football!!

Love all my Grand Boys!!  ALL Four of them!!


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

San Antonio Texas

Photo Header:   San Antonio River Walk

I absolutely love to go to the San Antonio River Walk.....Everything around that place is so colorful and festive!

This picture was taken inside one of the restaurants that we had dinner at.  Lots of color!!

The Alamo.   Such a beautiful place!  There is a picture inside the Alamo of a Dr. Pollard!  Kin Folk perhaps??

Just one of the hotels located on the river walk....

River Taxi!!  

If you've never been to San Antonio, need to plan a trip to this beautiful city...

Texas Fiesta.....River Walk.....Alamo....
Sea World....Tower of The America's

So much to much to much to eat!!

Great place for a great vacation!!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Giving Free Smiles Today!!

Life is just plain Fun!  

Today......I just had to smile and say: 

 "I love you Dad.....Thank You for Blessing me."

" My cheeks are stretched to their limits......BECAUSE........I find much joy in the things you say and do!"

Hope you won't mind if I share another small story.....created by my dad!  

I pick my dad up around 1:00 this afternoon, to take him to his endocrinologist appointment.  The nurse weighs him, only to see that he has gained 24 pounds since he last visited their office......6 months ago!

The very first thing that the Dr. said was:  "Hmmmm. I see that you have gained 24 pounds!"
"What do you think could be making you gain this much weight?"

His response:  "Well, I'm carrying a pocket knife and I'm holding this bag of medicine......I haven't gained weight, it's probably these things."

When I looked up....... my eyes going from the magazine that I had in my lap ,to my dad's face, I could see that he was really serious.  I took a glance over at the doctor and what I got was a big wink and smile.

As we were driving out of the parking lot, dad made another comment in regards to "That Place" not having good scales.  I drive a little further down the road and as I approach a red light......I hear this thumping sound.   I stop and then I look over at my dad......With both sets of fingers on each hand.......He is poking his fingers into his stomach.   

He proceeds to tell me that there is no way that he has gained weight because he exercises his stomach every day.   Of course, I'm thinking he's going to say something like: "I eat everyday....doesn't that qualify as exercise?"    
NO....not really!   With my dad being an Alzheimer's patient, I knew he wouldn't be able to think that fast.

I finally said:  "Dad....what kind of exercise are you talking about?"   To which he replied:  "Just like this.....I push the fat away with my fingers!"

Whoa......I didn't realize it was that easy!!   And to think that all this time, I never, not once, tried pushing my tummy fat away.

And again........He Was Serious!!

See.....I told you that life is Fun!   

I am extremely grateful to receive the smiles that I get from spending time with my dad every day!   

I'm sure that there will be many more cute stories to come!! I'm pretty sure that  my dad would be very happy to know that he was giving each of us a FREE SMILE TODAY!!



Monday, July 8, 2013

What every little league coach should know!!

As a child growing up in a small, country town......a whole lot of our summer was spent at the old baseball field.   We lived just a little ways out of town, but I can remember my brothers riding their bikes to practice, almost every week day.  What we had was good, fun, baseball back then.......... It was the kind of game, very similar to the kind played on the movie, "Sandlot."

Most of the coaches worked, which meant that a lot of days, the little guys practiced on their own.  (Back then, no girls played little league ball.)    

Being at the ball field every day was just part of being a little boy!!!

The game was "REAL"...... The "COACHES" were REAL.

and OH.....the parents were real!  Never did you see a parent displaying an ugly side.  Parents respected coaches, and Coaches respected parents.  Never was this an issue.

Great were the days, when the game was not so much about the "WIN"..... But it was about teaching little boys the true mechanics of baseball.   The kids grew up wanting to play, because they had FUN, and they had a love for the game.

Never.....did you hear a coach yelling at the players.  They did not degrade any of the kids, and they certainly did not make huge demands.  This was the "fun" kind of ball playing that every kid SHOULD GET TO EXPERIENCE. 

It's not the same today......and it's our children, our grandchildren who are missing out!!

Children should be taught that          WHEN THEY DO THEIR BEST......WHEN THEY GIVE IT THEIR ALL.........THEY ARE WINNERS!!

Little League Baseball is winding down right now for the teams in East Texas. The playoffs are this week, and two of our grandchildren are still playing.   As I sat at the ballpark this evening, many thoughts ran through this head of mine.    I started writing this post before the game was even over.......

(These are some older pictures of Carson from a couple of years ago.  I can't believe that when we got ready to go to the game......I just then realized that my battery was not charged on my camera)  NOT GOOD!

During playoffs, there are several different teams, from all over the district playing at this tournament.  I observed many different situations tonight that are a far cry from the old ways of coaching a team.

These little boys still need to be treated as kids, because this is what they are.   They are not grown men who have to live by the rules...."Men don't cry"   or   "A real man doesn't make mistakes."

My heart breaks every time I see a kid being YELLED out for missing a play.   Does a coach really ever take into consideration that these kids are just kids....their coordination is still being developed and they do not have the abilities to play like a High School player or a  professional.   They are not out there to compete for a spot as a pro team player.  

While I'm on this subject, let me just say that a lot of those little shoes sometimes walk in some very serious situations, before they hit that field.   A lot of kids endure things that even we as adults have a hard time dealing with.  None of us know what things have occurred in a kids life throughout the week.... or day... or just prior to a game. 

I would say that to be a successful coach, one needs to put those little guys first......then the game!  A coach  who possesses this quality will always be a winner.  

I do believe that the game should be fun and any coach who can lead a team with kindness, compassion and a genuine heart, wins my vote as being an outstanding leader.

Thanks for listening to me rant....just stating it as I see it!!


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Journey for Dishes......

Hello Lovely Friends......

I have a sweet story to tell and I hope it will Bless you in someway!

.................................... Let me back up a few years.

My maternal grandmother was the young age of 44 when she passed away!  I was 3 years old at time, which means that I really was not old enough to remember her very well.     My mom had two younger brothers that were a lot younger than here  (one being 6 years old and the other being about 9 or 10.)   My youngest uncle on my moms only 2 months older, than my older sister.  Note  *this sister, my only sister, died almost 35 years ago.      

 My mom and her mom were expecting at the same time!!  How cool would that be?  Guess it would depend on the age....My grandmother was 38 when my uncle was born... My mom was 18 when my sister was born.   38  hmmmmm.   18 not so bad!

My Grandfather re-married after the death of my grandmother.   To shorten this story......let me tell you......My grandmother's dishes did not get passed down to my mom...UNTIL......some 40 years later.  By this time, most of dishes had been used and many of them had been broken.    In reality, my mom ended up with very few pieces.

My mom died 8 years ago, but about a year or so before she passed away, she gave me the dishes that were once her mom's.   I was very honored to have each piece that was left.

The dishes were:  Homer Laughlin........Virginia Rose pattern.

I'm sure they were not expensive, but that doesn't matter.   What mattered to me was that my grandmother liked them, which made me want them more.

Homer Laughlin made several different patterns of dishes and some of them are very, very close in their patterns.

sorry for the blur...........

For the past 8 years, I have shopped many antique hopes of finding a set of these dishes.    Not much luck at all.     I found a dish at one shop a few years ago, and this past year, I have found a bowl, a creamer, and a plate.    That has been it!!

Until:     This past week!!

My sweet Sam realizes how important this is to me, and for this reason, he is always checking out some web-sites in hopes of finding these dishes.

This past week, he was browsing on Craig's List and he found where a lady had posted some "Virginia Rose Dishes"  

Sam never said anything to me, until after he had made a deal with the lady.   She was wanting to sell about 45 pieces of Virginia Rose dishes.  She and Sam sent messages back and forth, and she also sent pictures for him to see what pieces she had.  He made the deal and then he wanted to know if I would like to take about a two hour drive with him?  Said he needed to pick something up.

A few minutes later, he gets a call and it was the lady selling the dishes. She said that she would be coming to Tyler the next day and that if he wanted her to, she would deliver the dishes.  And so she did!!

I now own.......45 more pieces of the pattern of dishes that my 
grandmother loved.

I still have quite a ways to go before having a complete set, plus the side dishes......but I am convinced that I will be able to complete my set of dishes before long.

Now listen to this......

The lady told my husband that she had Prayed all day that someone would answer her ad in order to sell her dishes.     Her family was having some financial problems and desperately needed to make some money in order for them to survive the week!!

Our purchase was bittersweet for me.......I WANTED the dishes, but I'm sad that this lady had to sell her dishes in order to have money for her family.

Anyways.......I'm thankful and I can assure you that I will continue to be on a for "Virginia Rose" dishes...

If any of you ever see ANY of these dishes.....Please let me know!!



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