Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Monday, July 8, 2013

What every little league coach should know!!

As a child growing up in a small, country town......a whole lot of our summer was spent at the old baseball field.   We lived just a little ways out of town, but I can remember my brothers riding their bikes to practice, almost every week day.  What we had was good, fun, baseball back then.......... It was the kind of game, very similar to the kind played on the movie, "Sandlot."

Most of the coaches worked, which meant that a lot of days, the little guys practiced on their own.  (Back then, no girls played little league ball.)    

Being at the ball field every day was just part of being a little boy!!!

The game was "REAL"...... The "COACHES" were REAL.

and OH.....the parents were real!  Never did you see a parent displaying an ugly side.  Parents respected coaches, and Coaches respected parents.  Never was this an issue.

Great were the days, when the game was not so much about the "WIN"..... But it was about teaching little boys the true mechanics of baseball.   The kids grew up wanting to play, because they had FUN, and they had a love for the game.

Never.....did you hear a coach yelling at the players.  They did not degrade any of the kids, and they certainly did not make huge demands.  This was the "fun" kind of ball playing that every kid SHOULD GET TO EXPERIENCE. 

It's not the same today......and it's our children, our grandchildren who are missing out!!

Children should be taught that          WHEN THEY DO THEIR BEST......WHEN THEY GIVE IT THEIR ALL.........THEY ARE WINNERS!!

Little League Baseball is winding down right now for the teams in East Texas. The playoffs are this week, and two of our grandchildren are still playing.   As I sat at the ballpark this evening, many thoughts ran through this head of mine.    I started writing this post before the game was even over.......

(These are some older pictures of Carson from a couple of years ago.  I can't believe that when we got ready to go to the game......I just then realized that my battery was not charged on my camera)  NOT GOOD!

During playoffs, there are several different teams, from all over the district playing at this tournament.  I observed many different situations tonight that are a far cry from the old ways of coaching a team.

These little boys still need to be treated as kids, because this is what they are.   They are not grown men who have to live by the rules...."Men don't cry"   or   "A real man doesn't make mistakes."

My heart breaks every time I see a kid being YELLED out for missing a play.   Does a coach really ever take into consideration that these kids are just kids....their coordination is still being developed and they do not have the abilities to play like a High School player or a  professional.   They are not out there to compete for a spot as a pro team player.  

While I'm on this subject, let me just say that a lot of those little shoes sometimes walk in some very serious situations, before they hit that field.   A lot of kids endure things that even we as adults have a hard time dealing with.  None of us know what things have occurred in a kids life throughout the week.... or day... or just prior to a game. 

I would say that to be a successful coach, one needs to put those little guys first......then the game!  A coach  who possesses this quality will always be a winner.  

I do believe that the game should be fun and any coach who can lead a team with kindness, compassion and a genuine heart, wins my vote as being an outstanding leader.

Thanks for listening to me rant....just stating it as I see it!!



Ginny said...

I totally agree, Shug!!! Ella is still playing T-Ball, but they have NO winners or losers, it is all just for fun! And it is shameful the way the parents argue in the bleachers, they are not teaching their kids to be good sports!

Debbie said...

You've done a wonderful job of telling it like it is. I wish all who should could listen and learn. Our girls played on girl's teams when we lived in Dallas Texas, and we coach pitched and had fun. We did witness a lot of inappropriate behavior in coaches and parents. Some real sad ones. We finally opted to do other things, like go camping on weekends.
Less violent!
Great post kiddo!

Betsy Adams said...

When my son coached girl's softball, he had more trouble with the PARENTS than he did the kids... The parents were rude and ugly... You are right: these days it's all about WINNING. If you lose, you are BAD.... Isn't it sad that things are that way now? The kids are the ones who suffer.

Thanks for a great post.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

You are so right, Shug! I sat through a lot of ballgames, from baseball to basketball, when my kids were young and played. Kids do so much better when they are ENCOURAGED rather than yelled at! There is a right way to deal with mistakes and yelling isn't the answer. Why don't the adults get this??

Fortunately, my kids were never on the receiving end of the yelling, but you can bet the whole team suffers when they see their teammates getting abused. There, I've said it! I consider it a form of abuse! Okay, I'll be quiet now. This subject brings out the mama bear in me!

Grandma Bonnie said...

You are so right. We took out my youngest son from Little league when the coaches played favoritism to the children who could pitch better, catch better or had a coach for a parent. These were 6 and 7 year old children. How could they say one was better than the other? The rules said all children would play each position and be rotated often. My son and a few other spent weeks in the out field just watching. They would get yelled at if they did not pay attention to the game though even if they never actually got to play.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Amen and amen, Shug! Well said my friend. blessings ~ tanna

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