Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Write Them deep Within Your Heart

We all could use a lot of kindness throughout our day.   I honestly can not imagine there being anyone,   who wakes up every morning only to say  "I hope no one shows me any kindness today!"

Kindness makes our life easier.  Our Heavenly Father gives us the "Fruits of the Spirit"  to remind us that we are to be kind in all that we do.  In our modern day world, this can sometimes be very difficult to do.   People make it hard to be kind!     Why is this so?   It's because of selfish attitudes.  We want what we want......when we want it and no one is going to change that.

In Proverbs 3:3. Tells us that we are to let Love and Faithfulness never leave us.  We are to bind them around our neck.  We are to write them deep in our heart.

Love is kindness.    

Did you know that sometimes we can rob others from being able to express their genuine actions of kindness?    I witnessed this just the other day.   I was busy doing my own shopping at our local grocery store...... As I approached one isle, I saw an elderly lady who was trying to pick up a case of water, was quite evident that she was struggling to get it placed into her buggy.   A young lady extended her hand out to help this lady, and in doing so, she ripped a portion of the plastic wrap that keeps the bottles in place.   What was meant to be an act of kindness, turned into an outburst by the elderly lady.  She was unhappy that the plastic was torn, because now
..... ( in her words) she was not going to be able to get the water out of her car and into her house.   She was extremely rude to the young lady and even went as far as to tell her that she needed to cut off those blank, blank fingernails.     This was simply a young lady trying to help someone that she didn't even know...... Someone, who it was obvious, needed help.

Not only did the elderly lady rob this person of the joy of showing kindness, but she more than likely weakened this persons loving spirit, for the day.  

I felt very bad for the young lady.     It is very important that we take time to recognize kindness given by others and we need to remember to be gracious even if what they are trying to do, doesn't work out.  

It s written in my heart that kindness is love!..

Hugs friends


Ginny said...

Guess that old lady was not quite as old and frail as it seemed! This kind of behavior, it is especially unbecoming on a senior, who ought to have learned something about dealing with others in her long life! LOVE your stained glass window. So many stained glass windows are hard to make out the pattern, but you can tell immediately here!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I've observed that many seniors seem to get crankier as they age, for some reason. My own dad was that way. It is very hard on others that have to deal with them and it is hurtful, to be sure. But, it does teach a good lesson, too, in that we resolve never (hopefully!) to act like that ourselves. This lady must never have learned that lesson!

Betsy Adams said...

Humans can be ugly at times, can't we? You should send this post to the ladies on The View --which you spoke about on Facebook this morning. What is it with people have to spew their ugly words and share them all over TV and the world??? Our country is in such a mess--and instead of getting better, it's getting WORSE with each passing day.. We all need to step back and express KINDNESS to each other.


Barb said...

Hi Shug!

Kindness is truly one of the most important attributes we can have - I pity the elderly lady, she obviously lives a very bitter and sad life. The young woman will thankfully receive many blessings for her willingness to help. I love the quote, ..."kindness begins with me". I also love the scripture reference, beautiful post!


Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

My jaw is dropped, Shug! I can't imagine anyone being so rude and ungrateful... just plain mean. Wow. I'll bet that young lady's spirit was brought down that day. I pray she was lifted up again by the kindness of another.

I love the Jewel song that goes, "... in the end, only kindness matters." And, I believe that. blessings and hugs ~ tanna

Mary Callan said...

What a shame, along with kindness comes forgiveness.
Mary x

Lea Culp said...

Oh, I would have been so tempted to say something to that lady. My goodness! Yes, kindness goes a l-o-n-g ways! Happy week!

Melinda said...

People just don't think before they speak.
All that needed to be done was put that case back and get another one. Goodness!!

I was shopping yeasterday and most of the store employees were in a BAD mood. Tried to pass on some smiles but to no avail so I gave up. WhenI got to the check out the
young man behind the counter was so friendly I about fell over.

As I said-some just don't think.


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