Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Saturday, July 20, 2013

You Got to do what you gotta do!!

Sometimes you just got to do what you gotta do!!  Isn't that right??

This has been an interesting Saturday......this morning, Sam and I headed out in search of a special place to host his parents 65 Anniversary dinner....

Would you believe that the very first place we looked at just happens to be the PERFECT place to honor this wonderful couple?  

Next thing I know, we are stopping at the mall.    It's a rare thing for Sam to step foot inside of the mall....NO KIDDING!    I purchased what I was looking for and my surprise, we shopped in the men's department at Dillard's.    WE ACTUALLY MADE A PURCHASE FOR HIM!!!

He does not like to shop for himself!!

Target was next on the list....Sam usually lets me out at the front entrance of Target and then he finds him a nice little parking spot where he can watch for me to come out!!  This did not happen today.....Sam out of the car and came in with me to shop...  Woo Hoo

It was then time to meet Trista and the kids, at the movies.   Carmike 14  was in sight!!  We were thrilled to see that our Pastor and his family were joining us!!

Before I start this next part, you have to understand that NONE of us really knew anything about the movie we were going to see!!!!!!!!   I know.....this sounds crazy, but honestly, we 
had seen some of the ads about this show and we did know that it was rated PG-13, but that is it.

There are lots of good movies that are rated PG-13.  Movies like the baseball movie "42"
Forest Gump, The Help, Sweet Home Alabama......etc, etc, etc.

And then there is:    Grown Ups 2

and got to do what you gotta do!!    

Popcorn and drinks in hand, we find our seats and start to get comfortable in our seats.  We sit through about thirty or forty minutes of trailers for up-coming movies. was movie time!  

To make a long story short, let me just say that this movie was NOT rated properly.   In my opinion, it should have been rated R.

We soon discovered that we could not sit there and watch this movie......ALL 9 of us got up and left the theater.   Not only was there bad language, but there were scenes of nudity as well as other suggestive things that are not appropriate for eyes and ears, not to mention those of my grandkids.

Let me tell you about my daughter (Trista)     She was not going to leave that complex without getting her money back!!   We all ended up getting our money back, which sure made me feel better.  Funny thing is,  Trista had purchased the refill bucket of popcorn, which means that you can take the bucket with you every time you go to the movies and get your popcorn for 
$3.50.   This really is a good deal, considering that a lg. bag usually cost $8.00.

Well......guess what?  Tucker threw the bucket away as he was exiting the theater.   What do you think that Miss Prissy pants did when she found out that he had thrown it away?    That's right, she marched herself right back into the place and went directly to theater number 10.   She found that trash box and started digging.....Yep, she found her bucket!!!!

We had ourselves a good chuckle!!    I think I feel a Good Sermon coming...soon!!

Now you see why Sometimes you got to do what you gotta do!!!

Shug .


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Way to go! Stand up for what you believe and know is right.

Gert said...

Oh glad you had a good day..or at least part of it! You all were so right to walk out of that movie...but how sad is that? Apparently the rating people don't know what PG 13 should be. Hey..kudos to your daughter!


Betsy Adams said...

We just don't go to movies much anymore at all. Nudity and bad language is the NORM these days... Unbelievable. Glad you got your money back... AND--glad that Trista got her popcorn bucket back... (Like Mother--like daughter, huh????? ha)

Great that Mr. Sam actually went shopping with you. George reluctantly goes with me--but he hates shopping. Of course, I don't like shopping either --so I guess that's a good thing... ha


Barb said...

Hi Shug!

Kudos to you girl!! I have always taught my kids to get up and walk out of a movie if it wasn't appropriate, no matter where they are, and sometimes, it takes courage! I'm so glad you got your money back...that would never happen here - and the popcorn bucket story, just too cute!

My hubby HATES to go shopping too, I guess it's just the "man" in them!


Ginny said...

Good for all of you!!! I have seen trailers of this movie and it does not look good to me. This is so cool about Sam!!! Maybe he is tired of being bored in the car and wants to be where the action is! How on earth did you make that header??

Lea Culp said...

Well, good for you, taking a stand!!! If enough people would do that, the movie makers might just get the message! And, I love that Trista took a real stand and got a refund. Yea!

And, how sweet that Hubby has decided that shopping is not so bad after all.

Happy week!

Michelle said...

lol I like Trista!

Katharine said...

Oh this made me laugh and want to cheer at the same time! Good for all of you!

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