Friday, November 30, 2012

I'm Ready For This.....

                         My weekend begins TODAY! 

and it's going to be a full weekend of shopping, eating and having fun!

I'm almost positive that there will be a stop at the
"Cheesecake Factory" ......maybe two!

You's great to be able to share a weekend with some of my wonderful (GURL) friends and on the extra-plus two daughters are coming too!  I can't wait!!

I doubt seriously if I'll be wearing these kind of 
shoes....I prefer my flip flops! It's complete comfort for
this lady when I've got shopping on  the mind.....

I've already taken my B12 shot... taken my vitamin D....
and drank a Spark!  I think I'm ready to do this thang!!

Hope you'll wish me luck....gotta keep up with all these gals!

and until Monday....
sweet hugs!


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Something I've never done before

I am so very proud of myself!!!  Yes, I am!   My blogger friends (especially those who have cooking blogs) will probably find this hard to believe, but I did something that I have never done before, TODAY. goes.....I went to the grocery store...purchased a fresh GARLIC clove.....came home...chopped it up, sauteed it and used it  in my homemade soup.

This is really big for me for the reason that I never use garlic and rarely use onions!  (I bet your thinking...poor Sam...he doesn't know what good food taste like)  This just may be the reason that we eat out a whole lot!!

I don't mind using dried onions, or garlic salt, but that's as far as it goes.   I don't usually like the taste of onions (especially not fresh ones) and the smell of the little boogers makes me ill.  Am I unusually weird or is there anyone else out there that doesn't like the taste of onions and garlic?

It's all out....I've said it....and now I feel better.

You can now understand why the garlic thing today is such a big deal for me!  

My soup was delicious, and I really could not taste the garlic, but....I KNEW IT WAS IN THERE.

Well.....this was my excitement for the day!   Enjoy your evening and rest well tonight!!


Remembering Christmases Past

This is the day that the Lord has made....let us rejoice and be glad in it!!!!!

I just marvel at the goodness of the Lord. Lord and Savior is more than WONDERFUL!

I love family and much fun to sit around a fire and just enjoy spending time with one another.

Thankful for my two wonderful brothers and my dad.....

So grateful for this precious granddaughter.....Tori!

Proud of my sweet father-in-law......He is reading the Christmas Story, with Mylee in his lap.

It's wonderful to look back at the Christmases Past, and see the joy that is shared in our family....

Will be sharing more old photos this week...

blessings my friends.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Doesn't get any better than this....

Black Friday ........

Well....Black Friday wasn't the same this year...   Since the merchants decided to open late on Thanksgiving day, it changed a lot of the excitement of getting up early and mixing with the crowd.   Not to worry....we made it exciting anyways!

This year, we had another member of the family decide that HE wanted to be a part of Black Friday shopping.  It was none other than TYLER.  This was his first rodeo with us and let me tell you, he had a GREAT TIME!

He was in charge of our shopping carts!!  As you can see, he was doing an awesome job of keeping anyone from taking our buggy...

Our morning began around 4:45.... We got up at this time in order to get dressed and to be at the mall by 5:30.   Woo Hoo...we made it!!

Our number one stop is always J.C. Penny's.  It's not to buy anything, but we stop there in order to get the snow globe that they give everyone when they walk in the door.  Guess what?  This year they didn't have them....instead, they were giving out buttons!
We were disappointed!

As we made our way out into the mall, we were approached by 2 different news stations, and they wanted us to do an interview for their Black Friday News event.  Of course, we gladly said YES!!  EXCITEMENT BABY!!

My niece designed t-shirts for about 20 of us...just for Black Friday.
I think the news stations really loved our shirts...

Our shirts read.....


Ended up, that Shanda and Tyler competed in a Black Friday trivia game against each other.  Shanda WON!   This event made our day....we laughed and laughed and are still laughing.   One of the questions was "Who Started Black Friday."  There were four different answers to choose from with one of the answers being Frank Sinatra.  Our precious (16) year old grandson (who had no idea who Frank Sinatra was) ANSWERED......."Oh, I've got to go with my man....Frank KINATRA)   Even the news lady got tickled!!

Believe me....he hasn't lived it down!  I can't tell you how many different people (who saw the News that day) called, giving him a hard time and wanting to talk to Mr. Frank KINatra!

The news stations didn't stop there....They followed us for what seems to have been all morning....filming us as we shopped!!  Ummmm...not sure I liked the way I looked of TV.

Our next stop was the one eating place that we go to every single year for breakfast....


got to have those mini chicken bites!   These things are sooooo goood!

Trista....loving her hash brown...

Tyler....putting a face on his hash brown!

Next.....Shanda's feet were hurting, so it was off to Dillard's to buy some shoes.....


A little Blurry...

I think she likes em'

And now....on to the toy store......

Found me a nice helmet for my buggy!!  Looks pretty good on me don't you think?

Let me tell you.....

We shopped all day and half of the night!!  After meeting the family for dinner, the shopping crew headed back to the mall......

Made it home around 10:30 that night and I was soooo tired!

I can honestly say that it doesn't get any better than this....having a fabulous day with your kids....laughing and making memories....

I love it!!!

shug ~

Way Too Busy....

Good Morning......

I opened my blog this morning and was like....Geez, it's almost been a week since I last visited here.  It's interesting how I can get so tied up to the point that I don't even know what day it is.

So much has been going on around here that I honestly have not had time to think clearly.   It has been a balancing act so to speak...    Most of you would probably get a big kick out of seeing our home right now.  We went from Thanksgiving......right into Black Friday.....and now shopping bags are actually a part of the decor around here.

 Fall placemats, Christmas trees, Christmas lights,  and all sorts of different colors are still appearing all around this place.  Late last evening, I did finally put up all the orange jack o' lanterns!  Maybe, just Christmas Eve, my tree will be completely decorated.  I have had the tree up for over a week now, but the lights were the only decorations that dressed up this tree.   Yesterday, I added some mesh ribbons, and later today, I'll try to pull out a few other things.


We are suppose to Honor GOD with Healthy Habits.... and I'm not doing a very good job of this right now.  Some might argue..."It's that time of the year" but I don't think there is any place in the Bible that says..."Honor God with Healthy Habits when you want to."   Aside from being too busy, I've been abusing my rights to exercise and eating way too much good food.  Even with eight hours of sleep, I find myself still exhausted both mentally and physically.

So, here is my plan......the rest of this week, I plan on finishing up my Christmas decorations.  I'm going on a ladies shopping trip to Dallas, this coming weekend. (Whew...this will certainly be a challenge for me to keep up with all the GURLS)  Next week, I plan to focus on wrapping gifts....the next week I'll be in the kitchen, BAKING..... I'll have the rest of the time to sit back and ENJOY the Holidays.

Hope your day is fun....rewarding....and full of happiness!


Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Kind of a Day...

Sure glad that I'm not a Turkey, cause if I were.....I'd be the very one that everyone would want.

I'm pretty tender and feeling pretty PLUMP right about now....  We had a Huge Thanksgiving Day Lunch and a Large Thanksgiving day Dinner.  I was so very thankful that my Dad and niece could join us for lunch.  

Sam's parents were not able to come for lunch, but Sam did take each of them a big plate of food.  We were also able to share our meal with our elderly neighbors that live right next door.

This afternoon, Tyler was showing me an App on his phone (I can't remember the name of it) but this is the coolest App!

The way it works is by using your phone.  It gives you directions to a place and then a compass leads you to a  certain place where you find a box of some sort, and then you just follow the directions.

Like today.....I went with Tyler on a treasure hunt.   The App led us about 2 and half miles from our house, to a cemetery.  The clue was something like "Is that really you Myrtle."   We went to the cemetery and the compass led us directly to a pair of crepe myrtles that were located in the center of the place.  Underneath one crepe myrtle was a grave with the name Myrtle on it.   Hidden inside the crepe myrtle tree was a box.   When we opened the box, there were all kinds of things marbles, coins, used shotgun shell, rubber toy, etc.....there was also a name list where you write down your (made up) name and the date.  You also add something to the box.....

I was so surprised to find the box, and then to see how many names were on the paper and how far back the dates went.   It was first signed in 2009.    I find it amazing how these kind of things come about.

This is how I spent part of my afternoon....Fun, Interesting, and enjoyable.   The rest of the evening  called for a nap and more FAMILY TIME!

Hope you all had a terrific day.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Good things are cooking....

My lovely daughter (Shanda) volunteered to make the Corn Bread Dressing for our Thanksgiving meal....   This made me Happy, Happy, Happy!  It actually made me happy for two reasons....
For one, I don't have to do it, and for two.....I'm happy to see her venturing out in her cooking skills.  She made it a couple of years ago, and I must say, it tasted fantastically YUMMY!

Right now, I have some great aromas coming from my kitchen.....  HOMEMADE GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE - done!  PISTACHIO SALAD - done!   PIES - done!  HAM - done!  TURKEY - done! CREAMED POTATOES - done!  ( I know...some of you are thinking "she has already creamed the potatoes")  

I'm actually trying a new recipe on the potatoes...My friend Marsha, gave me this recipe...Some of you may have tried it before, but this will be a first for me.  

5 pounds of potatoes (cooked and mashed)
8 oz. of sour cream
8 oz. of cream cheese
Butter to taste
salt and pepper

put into a casserole dish and refrigerate over night.....bake in the oven the next day! Top with cheese.

Tomorrow morning, all I have to do is make the tea, fix my candied sweet potatoes, make my deviled eggs, fix the beans and cook the rolls!!  Oh, and roast the corn...

This is what I call a feast and I am so very Thankful to have family to share it with.....

To all my USA friends.....

To all my other friends......



Monday, November 19, 2012

What If?

Something to think about isn't it? a Reflection of a humbled heart....

Not just this week, but every single day of our lives, we have SO MUCH to be thankful for.  I don't know about you, but it's extremely hard for me to be thankful for difficult situations that arise in life.   The bible says that we are to be thankful in ALL things.   This means EVEN the things that bring us disappointments.  

I find it very easy to give thanks to God, when I am receiving Blessings, or when things are going my way....I think this holds true for most of us.   I know for me, it is so easy for me to say "Thank you Lord" when a front row parking spot is sitting there, just waiting for me to park my car. often do I say "Thank you Lord" when I have to walk a good distance in the pouring rain?  

People can sometimes disappoint us....Family members can let us down....Friendships can fail to fulfill our expectations.  It is during these times that I/we must focus on what is greater than those disappointments.   I/we must focus on the strength that God is delivering to us during these difficult times.   There is much to be said about being thankful for God's merciful strength.

I had to really think about these words....."What if I woke up today with only the things I thanked God for yesterday."   What if I didn't thank God for my family or my friends yesterday? I would certainly find myself in a lonely place today.  What if I never took the time to thank God for even the simplest of disappointments that might come into my life through my family or friends?  I would be missing out on the Blessings of  "Strength" that God had in store for TODAY!

I pray that my heart will always be humbled and that I never forget to Thank God for ALL THINGS IN MY LIFE.

Be Thankful and Be Blessed...


Pictures for Yesterday's story.....

Pictures for yesterday's story.....  Enjoy!

Ty....bringing me my shoe....

The Wedding

Bride's Walk Way

Gorgeous Flowers...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I Did It Again

I stinking did it again!  I do have pictures to show you, but I'm too tired tonight to download them.  Maybe sometime this week I'll get to it!

Sam and I had a wedding to attend this afternoon...a 4:00 wedding.  This wedding was being held at  "Elmwood Gardens."  I have heard many people talk about the place and how beautiful it is.  I was so excited to be going and to get to witness for myself, all of the country elegance that is hidden so deep in the country.

  We were estimating that it would take us at least 30 to 45 minutes to get there, but with us not knowing for sure where we were going and with the known fact that we are prone to get lost, we felt it would be best if we left a little early.

We found the place with no problems AT ALL.  (not one single wrong turn)  As a matter of fact, we were early enough to go ahead and take a Sunday Afternoon drive, down some roads that we had never traveled before.'s now 3:10 as we approach the garden gate, we find a nice place to park the car.  Just as I start to step out of the vehicle, I look down......and I HAD DONE IT AGAIN!!  No Joke....I had on two completely different shoes.  On the right foot, was the right (black) shoe that I was suppose to be wearing....On the left foot, was a tapestry covered shoe, that did not match AT ALL!

Good Gracious.....My heart beat got super heavy, because I knew I was going to have to tell Sam what I had done.   Let's face it here...this was not my first rodeo...I have done this so many times before and for no good reason AT ALL!  I turned to Sam and told him what I had done and he immediately opened the rear door to see if I had an extra pair of shoes in the car.....   I DIDN'T.

I knew that if I pulled myself together, I could make it home, change shoes, and be back for the start of the wedding....   OK....I'll admit, I might have driven a tad bit fast!   Now, here is quick thinking on my part...I called Shanda to see if she could help me.   She couldn't!  She was shopping in Tyler.   I called Trista and woke her up from a nap...I told her she had to help me.

She drove over to our house, grabbed my RIGHT shoe, drove back to her house and sent it with Ty (our son-in-love) to bring to me.   I met Ty about 3/4 of the way, got my shoe and headed back to the wedding.   Surprisingly.....I made it there, just as the Bride was walking down the isle.   Since it was an outdoor wedding, I just kinda slid in and made my way around to the seating area.

I stood there through the wedding, just steps behind Sam.....and he never even knew I was there.

Whew......I'm not saying that I wasn't mentally exhausted after all of this, but I it wasn't bad enough to keep me from enjoying the wedding.  

I'm sure you are all asking.....Why I have such a problem with my shoes.  Well, the truth is, I don't like wearing shoes!  I'm a barefoot kind of girl and you can just about bet that I'm going to kick my shoes off ever chance I get.  I just need to learn to kick them off in different places, so that I don't end up with going out the door with two unlike shoes!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Rest of the Story....

Good Morning......wanted you all to see this gorgeous tree!  It's not good to envy, but perhaps it's a wee bit OK if what I am envying are the splendid views of the Fall foliage that my Northern friends get to witness each year.  Something that we rarely see here in East Texas.     This particular tree was absolutely radiant in it's own beauty.

I'm not a fan of my own pictures, so let me explain here....I want you to see (a portion) of our class
T-shirts that we wore.....  It says BHS...Class of 71'    There were 5 of us on this trip that graduated together.   There were soooo many people to ask us about our shirts.....kinda made us feel important! lol..

Our main focus for this trip was to see the show "Joseph" at the Sight and Sound Theater.  I mentioned this earlier, but honestly.....if any of you ever have the opportunity to go see this.....PLEASE GO.  YOU WILL BE BLESSED.  It truly was awesome!

This trip was so relaxing and full of good times.  We.....ATE, LAUGHED, ALMOST CRIED, LAUGHED SOME MORE, ATE SOME MORE, TOOK LOTS OF PHOTOS, (had to counsel each other from time to time)  AND ENJOYED FOUR FABULOUS DAYS OF FELLOWSHIP TOGETHER.....And to top it off, the Aggies WON!
Yes.....we even had time to watch the Aggies, BEAT Alabama!!   Did I tell you that WE WON?

It was a Great Time with Great Friends!!

Blessings my sweet Friends...
Hope you all enjoy a super great weekend...


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fun in Branson

So.....we survived the Chicken Pot Pie incident and for this, I am extremely thankful.
I can assure you that it will be a very, very long time before this chic orders anything that
resembles a Chicken Pot Pie!

The rest of the day was fun, fun, fun!!  Just happens that there were several Antique Shops along
the way, and we made sure that we stopped at EVERY SINGLE ONE!
My purchases for the day.......Christmas Decorating materials, another Bell for my collection, Spoons....the neatest cupcake spoons!  

We then returned to our hotel....which was fabulous!

                                        Just one of the fabulous views from  "Chateau on the Lake"

Gingerbread Houses on display at the hotel...... Gorgeous!

Another (detailed) Gingerbread House......

After a short rest, it was time to get dressed for our show on the "Showboat Branson Belle"
The walk down all the way down through the park was absolutely beautiful......Christmas lights were everywhere and I could definitely feel magic in the air! We enjoyed a wonderful meal, while being entertained by several great musical artist.  

I felt pretty comfortable, UNTIL.....the MC stated that in some areas of the lake, it was at least 200 feet deep!!!  YIKES, at that point,  the only music I could hear was the music played on the "Titanic."   It was nice to know that there were plenty of life jackets on board!!

After returning to the hotel, we all sat in the lobby and enjoyed what I call "Down to earth, good ol' conversation with friends."  We laughed, laughed and laughed......sometimes at each other!!

As the clock moved towards the midnight hour, it was "Cinderella Time" for this chick.....
My feet could not run fast enough!  I needed  the bed and I needed my beauty sleep!!

The rest of the story comes tomorrow!!

Enjoy this beautiful day.....


Monday, November 12, 2012

Fun and more Fun

Oh My Goodness.....If any of you have plans to visit Branson, in the near future.....Please make sure that  you see this show!!  Joseph at the Sight and Sound Theatre.......

Several months ago, I contacted a few of our friends to see if they would be interested in going to Branson to see this show.  Just as I thought.....THEY WERE thrilled to plan such a trip, and this is when we all began making plans for our recent "Road Trip."

We left around 5:30 on Wednesday evening and drove to Arkadelphia, before stopping to rest for the night.  Early the next morning we were headed out, for what would be a complete day of traveling and antique shopping.  (my purchases for the day included 2 bells and a "Virginia Rose" gravy dish)

                                     (I'll post bout the "Virginia Rose" dishes later this week)

Now, let's get back to the trip.......We arrived at our destination...."Chateau on the Lake" ......around 5 or 5:30.....checked into our gorgeous rooms and then headed out for dinner....we ate at a place called
Doc's....BTW, the food was very good!

The next day (Friday) we drove over to "Lambert's"  the famous eating place of the flying rolls!  One of the specials for the day was chicken pot pie.....   I really do like a good ol' chicken pot pie, but please let me tell you.....I may NEVER eat it again.

Sam and I ordered the pie and when it arrived, the smell of the pot pie was so bad that I almost lost my previously eaten dinner roll... it was if my stomach turned upside down within minutes.  At first, I thought something was wrong with ME and then, I looked over at Sam and I could see that he too was having issues with the pie.    LET ME TELL YOU....THE STUFF WAS RUINED!  It smelled like rotted chicken pieces.

We sent it back and evidently, the manager got a big wiff of it as well....Needless to say, the chicken pot pie was pulled from the menu for the day!!!    Sam had taken one bite of the stuff (Bless his heart) and so the worries set in as to whether or not he would have food poison or not...


The rest of the trip will be continued!!

Blessings y'all

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Un-Announced Road Trip

If Laughter IS GOOD for the soul......this only means that today, my soul is REAL GOOD!

Can you believe that I forgot to tell you all that Sam and I were heading out on a "Road Trip" with some of our wonderful friends?  How could I forget something as special as this?

This past Wednesday evening, we headed out the door with four of our very best friends, heading for BRANSON!

Me, Sam, Joe, Marsha, Vicki, and Susie was taking the picture!!  Oh, let me go ahead and point out that Sam's shirt really was clean....I'm guessing that he spilled his water on that crisp, starched shirt!!!!

This is what Sooooooo Much fun will do to you!!!  We had a Blast!

More to come later, as we just got home and I have a lot of unpacking to do!!

Hugs Friends.....

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Can You Guess?

Can any of you guess what this is?  I know, I know it looks like a cell phone, but take a closer it really?  Have you ever seen a cell phone that sits on a metal stand like this?

Here is a bigger (picture) of what is really going on.

Mylee found her a brand new playhouse and in order to make it complete, she needed a TV!
The best that I could do was to turn my cell phone into a TV.  Hey, it works!  She is watching
"Tom and Jerry" via Shug's phone.

I have two "GRANS" home with strep throat today, so I am having to try to be creative in keeping them both happy.....   There is a big age difference between the two..    Tucker is 14 and Mylee Jo is 4!   Wouldn't you know it, they both want to watch TV in the family room!  One wants to watch Duck Dynasty and all the other hunting shows, while the other one wants to watch the cat and the mouse...Tom and Jerry!

Looks like Mylee has the best deal!  Comfy, Cozy and Peaceful!!

Don't like it when the kids are sick, but I know that I am truly Blessed to be able to take care of them...


Waiting for the polls to close........Might be a long evening!!



Monday, November 5, 2012

Please Vote!!

My tummy has little butterflies swimming around......This is bigger than just wanting my way...
I really am not that kind of person at all, to selfishly demand My Way!

This is the eve of one of the most important elections in this Country's History....    We all have to understand that right now, we are writing history...  We MUST make it a point to vote!

Why is THIS election causing butterflies in my tummy?  Has maturity finally set in?  Have I adopted some sort of addiction to politics?  Do I have some kind of personal connection to the

The truth is, I have deep concerns for our Country, the USA, the land that was built on the foundation of Christian principles!

I am praying, just as I know that the rest of you are, that the outcome is NOT, that which the liberal media would love for us to believe.

Please Pray, Please Vote!


Saturday, November 3, 2012

One Terrific Day

It truly has been one terrific day....(Face Book may have already read about this)

I have had the privilege of spending the entire day with our oldest grandson....Tyler...

There are no limits when it comes to helping your grandson.  Our day started around 8:30....We spent time together, getting a flat fixed on his truck.  Next, we changed the oil in "Gypsy Blue" and by the afternoon....she was looking as sharp as could be, because of the tender loving care she received from the two of us.

The afternoon was filled with all kinds of fun....In the kitchen!
Seems that we have a romantic and a chef in the family.....Tyler wanted to cook dinner for his girlfriend, Kelsey!  By the way, she is so adorable..   Kelsey loves broccoli-cheddar soup, so Tyler decided to make homemade soup for their dinner....

Oh geez.....he really is a good cook!  He chopped the onion and broccoli....he made his base for the soup by melting butter and adding some flour....then, he added half and half cream along with chicken broth.  Next, he added just a touch of nutmeg, some salt and pepper and finished the soup off with the sharp cheddar cheese.

This soup was Sooooo flavorful and delicious!   Tyler then decided that he needed a dessert to make their meal complete. He baked cupcakes....iced them and carefully decorated them in colors that he knew Kelsey would love.

While waiting on Kelsey to get here, Tyler and I decided we had enough time to make a "Pumpkin Roll."  He and I both LOVE a good pumpkin roll....The roll is in the refrigerator, just waiting on us to sink our teeth into it...   I can't wait!!!!!

No time spent with your grandchildren is complete, if you don't take the time to give them a few words of wisdom.   This is exactly what I did.   We took a short drive and I was blessed enough to have some great conversation with him about life.   Every young person needs to be surrounded with words of inspiration and encouragement.    Funny thing is, Tyler always has his own way of blessing me with such wonderful, encouraging words!

Oh yes, I am one Happy, Happy, Happy grandmother! 


Friday, November 2, 2012

Crossing Hurdles with Grace.

                                                                   Borrowed Photo.

Isn't this gorgeous?  Deer, seem to be so graceful when jumping hurdles.  They do it with ease.

I can still remember my early days of running track.   Standing on the track....looking at a set of hurdles worries, just anxious to give it my all while dashing toward the evenly placed sets of equipment.

Evidently, I was not very good in this particular event.  I don't recall receiving any 1st, 2nd, or even a 6th place ribbons for jumping the hurdles. 

At such a young age, who would connect the training of jumping hurdles, with life?  Not me!  However, in life we are constantly jumping all kinds of hurdles.  There are times when what we are up against is  nothing but a huge, solid wall....Then, there are times when we too, can gracefully jump the hurdle that is placed before us.

The good news is.....that as a Christian, God is there for us...HE is guiding us, directing our steps and giving us the strength to jump the highest of all hurdles.  HE is running right there beside us the encouragement that is needed to be a WINNER, to be VICTORIOUS.

I know that I can face the hurdles, I can jump these huge hurdles, and when looking at the big picture....I can see that I can do it all with Grace...."The Grace of my Heavenly Father."

Hey Friends.....Hoping that you all have a fabulous weekend....I'm hoping to make it to "First Monday" tomorrow....lots of goodies are for sale up there.   Whatever you do, have fun and don't forget to pray for our friends on the East Coast.....and for our Country!


  I don't know how many of you are familiar with the famous "Sonic Fast Food Drive Thru Places?" " Sorry....I tried to up...