Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Remembering Christmases Past

This is the day that the Lord has made....let us rejoice and be glad in it!!!!!

I just marvel at the goodness of the Lord. Lord and Savior is more than WONDERFUL!

I love family and much fun to sit around a fire and just enjoy spending time with one another.

Thankful for my two wonderful brothers and my dad.....

So grateful for this precious granddaughter.....Tori!

Proud of my sweet father-in-law......He is reading the Christmas Story, with Mylee in his lap.

It's wonderful to look back at the Christmases Past, and see the joy that is shared in our family....

Will be sharing more old photos this week...

blessings my friends.


Anonymous said...

such a beautiful family, thankyou for sharing such tender moments,

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Precious memories.

Grandma Bonnie said...

Nice photos. I do enjoy great memories of our past holidays. I have some precious Christmas memories. Thanks for the reminder.

Chatty Crone said...

And how nice to have Christmas present about to happen. sandie

Cheryl @ TFD said...

So many of my family...parents, brothers and parents-in-law are gone now. The memories of past Christmases are very sweet. I even remember so long ago when we were kids, that my younger brother came running excitedly into the kitchen and telling us he saw Santa putting gifts under the tree. The door to the room was shut where the tree was. He said he peeked and who he saw, I have no idea! But I'll never forget his excitement. Of course memories of my children when they were little are very sweet, too. Hmmm, if I can find it, I'll have to share a pic of one of my favorite Christmases when I was a kid on my blog!
Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

You are right to cherish these times. God bless, Shug. You have a beautiful family.

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Yes....My Grandkids Rock