Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Something I've never done before

I am so very proud of myself!!!  Yes, I am!   My blogger friends (especially those who have cooking blogs) will probably find this hard to believe, but I did something that I have never done before, TODAY. goes.....I went to the grocery store...purchased a fresh GARLIC clove.....came home...chopped it up, sauteed it and used it  in my homemade soup.

This is really big for me for the reason that I never use garlic and rarely use onions!  (I bet your thinking...poor Sam...he doesn't know what good food taste like)  This just may be the reason that we eat out a whole lot!!

I don't mind using dried onions, or garlic salt, but that's as far as it goes.   I don't usually like the taste of onions (especially not fresh ones) and the smell of the little boogers makes me ill.  Am I unusually weird or is there anyone else out there that doesn't like the taste of onions and garlic?

It's all out....I've said it....and now I feel better.

You can now understand why the garlic thing today is such a big deal for me!  

My soup was delicious, and I really could not taste the garlic, but....I KNEW IT WAS IN THERE.

Well.....this was my excitement for the day!   Enjoy your evening and rest well tonight!!



Anonymous said...

you are so sweet, garlic is good for us, I put it in things that are cooked but I do not like a lot of it, same
thing with onions, my sister inlaw will not eat any onions! You are not alone in your dislike, but now you will reap the benefits of garlic, good for you!

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

So funny, I use all the garlic and onions I can get my hands on in everything. Hubby doesn't want them raw but he loves them cooked. Works for me!

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

My husband hates onions. Makes it hard because almost every recipe calls for it. Good for you to try to overcome your aversion to garlic.

Betsy Adams said...

Ha, Shug.... George and I both love both garlic and onions. BUT--when one of us eats some, then BOTH of us eat it...

Garlic (if you haven't had any but your partner has) is the WORST to smell (when it comes to the breath)... SO---we both try to eat it and then neither of us smell it.

We love the taste of onions and garlic in our food...


Dar said...

I'm so proud of you. Good for you for trying something new to you. I made scones for the very first time a while back and my sisters were flabber-gasted that I hadn't done that before. We come from a family of cooks and bakers that try anything at least once. Now, I need to go knead something for I have yet to master yeast breads. Thanks for the boost. Oh, by the way, rather than an entire winter, you might just try a 'weekend' of cold snow. We have 6 mths. of it and it does get old fast. LOL

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I love garlic and onions, but I know many who don't like them. My daughter hates eggs and won't touch them no matter how they're fixed. I love them!
I'm with you on eating out...after 40 years of cooking, I eat out every chance I get!

Debbie said...

And you call yourself a Texan! :D
If we don't have onions and garlic...we can't cook. What about Italian and Mexican food. How have you avoided real onions and garlic for so long? Ok, they do have a strong odor and make your hands stinky, but they are pretty good.
Glad you're finally getting your feet wet. :)Just kiddin with ya!

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