Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I Did It Again

I stinking did it again!  I do have pictures to show you, but I'm too tired tonight to download them.  Maybe sometime this week I'll get to it!

Sam and I had a wedding to attend this afternoon...a 4:00 wedding.  This wedding was being held at  "Elmwood Gardens."  I have heard many people talk about the place and how beautiful it is.  I was so excited to be going and to get to witness for myself, all of the country elegance that is hidden so deep in the country.

  We were estimating that it would take us at least 30 to 45 minutes to get there, but with us not knowing for sure where we were going and with the known fact that we are prone to get lost, we felt it would be best if we left a little early.

We found the place with no problems AT ALL.  (not one single wrong turn)  As a matter of fact, we were early enough to go ahead and take a Sunday Afternoon drive, down some roads that we had never traveled before.'s now 3:10 as we approach the garden gate, we find a nice place to park the car.  Just as I start to step out of the vehicle, I look down......and I HAD DONE IT AGAIN!!  No Joke....I had on two completely different shoes.  On the right foot, was the right (black) shoe that I was suppose to be wearing....On the left foot, was a tapestry covered shoe, that did not match AT ALL!

Good Gracious.....My heart beat got super heavy, because I knew I was going to have to tell Sam what I had done.   Let's face it here...this was not my first rodeo...I have done this so many times before and for no good reason AT ALL!  I turned to Sam and told him what I had done and he immediately opened the rear door to see if I had an extra pair of shoes in the car.....   I DIDN'T.

I knew that if I pulled myself together, I could make it home, change shoes, and be back for the start of the wedding....   OK....I'll admit, I might have driven a tad bit fast!   Now, here is quick thinking on my part...I called Shanda to see if she could help me.   She couldn't!  She was shopping in Tyler.   I called Trista and woke her up from a nap...I told her she had to help me.

She drove over to our house, grabbed my RIGHT shoe, drove back to her house and sent it with Ty (our son-in-love) to bring to me.   I met Ty about 3/4 of the way, got my shoe and headed back to the wedding.   Surprisingly.....I made it there, just as the Bride was walking down the isle.   Since it was an outdoor wedding, I just kinda slid in and made my way around to the seating area.

I stood there through the wedding, just steps behind Sam.....and he never even knew I was there.

Whew......I'm not saying that I wasn't mentally exhausted after all of this, but I it wasn't bad enough to keep me from enjoying the wedding.  

I'm sure you are all asking.....Why I have such a problem with my shoes.  Well, the truth is, I don't like wearing shoes!  I'm a barefoot kind of girl and you can just about bet that I'm going to kick my shoes off ever chance I get.  I just need to learn to kick them off in different places, so that I don't end up with going out the door with two unlike shoes!!


Katharine said...

Bawhahahahaha! Sorry for laughing, but oh my word, that is funny! So sorry you had to go back, but great quick thinking to enlist some help!
Thanks for the smile!

Terra said...

That does make a funny story to tell on yourself, and to think you've done it more than once. Good thing you had great helpers to fix the problem.

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Oh my gosh, you had me laughing. I have mixed up navy and black hose before, but never shoes! Good thing the wedding wasn't too far away to call for help or you might've had to live with it or go barefoot to the wedding.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I had a good laugh over this, Shug! I've never gone to a wedding wearing 2 different shoes, but did once when I used to work. Luckily I sat at a desk most of the time, so no one knew but the few I told. I couldn't resist telling on myself and laughing about it. I discovered recently that I'd put on navy instead of black pant socks to wear with my black shoes. :)
Glad it all ended well for you!!

Betsy Adams said...

Good Gosh... I have done many dumb things in my day--but I've never done that... Don't the shoes walk differently--or are they exactly alike except for the color???? How could you not see your feet when you walked???? That is the craziest thing I have ever heard of.... Glad you made it to the wedding though... What a crazy story!!!! You are one of a kind, Shug!!!!


Inside a British Mum's Kitchen said...

I love it!!! perhaps it could become your trademark!
Mary x

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