Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Ready for the ZOO

Who doesn't LOVE visiting a Zoo?

The Zoo in our area is so very nice and a huge gathering spot for families.   This is a place that we all want to visit, especially when the kids are out of school......or during the summer.  

However.....our kids are out of school, but the ZOO is off limits to the public right now, due to cover-19.   I'm guessing that the animals are missing all of us just as much as we are missing them!!

Tori was having a great time in this picture!

For me the Zoo is a peaceful place to visit.......with the exception of the "Reptile" house.   Oh NO...I stay away from that place.

The great thing about a Zoo is that it is a place for all ages.

Trista (our oldest daughter) worked at the zoo during the summer of her Junior year in high school.    She worked in the snow cone hut.    

She would make hundreds of snow cones each day...

Gosh....those look so tasty and refreshing!!

I can't wait for the Zoo to re-open and we can all feel safe going to this favorite fun place....

Have a Blessed Day....
Shug ~

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Wouldn't you Know it?

Wouldn't you know it?  This past week, I worked so hard out in my flower beds....pulling weeds, planting flowers, filling my pots with new soil and adorning them with ferns.   

As you can tell from my pot.....we had rain over the weekend.  Actually....we had 3 1/2  inches of rain.   

The beds look great and my flowers are so very pretty....

But...Wouldn't you know it

We have FROST warnings for tonight.  

I'm thinking I might better get outside and cover these beauties up.
I would sure hate to wake up in the morning to find them all frost bitten.  

I guess this has been our Easter spell.   You know...that cold front that always comes around Easter.  

We had temps in the upper 80's last week......and this week we have been in he 50's with night time lows in the upper 30's

Not to worry....we are suppose to be in the upper 70's by the weekend.

This is what you get when you live in Texas....

Shorts one day and toboggans and long sleeve shirts the next.


Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Finding Things to Do....

Finding something to do during this time of social distancing has not been very difficult for my grandkids.   They love fishing, so here they are again, throwing their poles out into the water.

This big tank is behind my brothers house, which is walking distance for the kids.   

Of looks like they chose to ride the gator rather than to walk....    I'm hoping for sure that Trey wore boots and they are sitting on the gator. 

No, no and NO.....would I ever step into the tank like this....  I'm thinking that Trey might have even taken a little swim.   

I'm not very fond of hanging out around bodies of water like this.  Too many snakes and turtles for me.  

How are your Grands spending their time in this Social Distancing period??

Trista took this picture this past weekend.  A pine tree on their land.  
Isn't it neat how it makes a S curve? 

Until Later....


Sunday, April 5, 2020

Don't you just LOVE childhood memories?  I do!   I find a lot of comfort when I think back to many of my days growing up.

One thing that I always looked forward to, was Palm Sunday.  I know....sounds a bit different for a child to LOVE Palm Sunday.  I must admit... the thing I loved most was waving the Palms.  Did you ever do this as a kid?

At church, on Palm Sunday, the kids would always enter from the back of the church, just as the service would begin....We would all have Palm branches in our hands and we would wave them back and forth as we marched down the aisle.   

I am super thankful for my Sunday school teachers who taught me what waving the Palms was really all about.  

The beginning of Holy Week.....the Sunday before Easter.

Jesus rode on a donkey into the town of Jerusalem and as He traveled, large crowds waved palm branches and laid them 
on the road, to celebrate the triumphal entrance of Jesus.  

In the name of the Lord, Hosanna in the highest!

Blessings on this Palm Sunday!


Friday, April 3, 2020

Our little community is so Blessed to have the Best "CLOWN"
ever!!!    I truly mean this.....Kornpop the clown makes life FUN!!

This past weekend, I was out working in the flower beds, when Kornpop pulls into my driveway.   I'm thinking....."I didn't order a clown for today!"

He gets out of his van and tells me that he has an order of balloons just for me.   WHAT????  who ordered balloons?

The giver of this gift to me was none other than sweet husband.   He is always looking for ways to lift my spirits and I will have to say......He did an awesome job with this JOY.


Who do you think enjoyed these two letters.......??

J and O

I'm sure you guessed right.....  Mylee Jo!!.. the youngest granddaughter.....the one in front of the letters, in my first picture.

So many people passed way and slowed down to take a picture of this Joy.    Not only did Sam do a great job in lifting my spirits, but he was able to spread joy in our Community...

Thanks to Sam and to Kornpop the clown...


Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Family Fishing

I am extremely thankful that we are Blessed to have the opportunity to spend time as a family, FISHING!

The kids have spent many hours down at the lake during this time of social distancing.   

Mylee and Tori were taking a break!   I'm pretty sure that Mylee would love to have been out there on the lake, driving Tori around.  

Trista and her husband, Ty........just a fishing away.

Tori is a one that loves turtles.....ALL turtles.   This turtle was the first thing Trista caught on her line.  Of course, it was a snapping turtle and no one wanted to take the thing off the hook.   But...Tori came to the rescue.  She was able to free the thing.

Here.....Trista caught a 4 pound Bass.  We were all shocked, because she was fishing with a cork and a worm.   How many Bass Fishers use this kind of set up to catch their fish?  Actually...she had laid her pole down and was dancing on the pier when Shanda noticed the cork bobbling.  After getting Trista's attention that there was a fish on her line.....Trista flew into action.   

Here is Trey fishing....  I don't think he caught one that day, but he usually catches lots of fish.

Mylee decided to play in the spill-way!   This was her kind of fun!

Ty, on the land fishing....

And Me.....I didn't fish at all....BUT, I did enjoy spending time with the family.   Bad hair day, but who cares when you're having a great time.

Prayers for all of you.....stay safe and keep those hands washed..


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