Sunday, March 31, 2019

I think it would be safe to say that almost ALL of us are ready for SPRING.......I know that Spring came on the 21st, but did it really?

We have had some sunshine over the past couple of weeks, but we have also had some COOLER weather as well.   

I think it was in the 40's this morning.   This is not the typical Spring temperatures for our area.   

Our trees are leafing out and we have several signs of Spring all around.....BUT....we also are still having to wear jackets to keep warm  in the early mornings and the late evenings.

Rain....Yes....we have had some of that too!!!

The weather may not always be exactly like we want it to be, but that should not stop us from losing our SMILE!

Smiles can be contagious!!  A big ol' smile can be valuable to NOT ONLY ourselves, but it can be so valuable to those we come in contact with.  

A smile can change how other see their day.  Our simple smile can sends happy vibes to others that are around us.   A smile can brighten the heart of someone who is hurting.  

Even if we have something BIG planned for a day......AND if it rains on our Parade......lets find a way to smile and turn that frown upside down.   

Just my thoughts for this chilly day!!


Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Cowboys and Cornbread

Cowboys and Cornbread.....these two things remind me of my Dad!  Oh was a rare thing to see my dad without his Cowboy hat, wearing those Cowboy Boots, and a Snap button  Western shirt.

All he needed was a Texas Star Badge and he could have been the STAR in any old Western Movie!

In between Mylee's "Little Dribblers" games this past weekend, Sam and I drove over and visited a Plant Farm that was in the area.   I always enjoy visiting {Jordan's Plant Farm) located here in East Texas.  

Sam was shopping for garden plants! He bought several kinds of tomato plants and a few peppers.  

My favorite thing is walking through the different rooms that Jordan's has throughout the building.  They have an old Country store with many old western scenes as well as other decorations.   

Now.....I'm guessing you are wondering how I'm going to add CORNBREAD into this post.  Well, {Jordan's} did not have any cornbread for sale, but the old western scenes made me think of my dad. In the Country Store, I saw many old tin cans and jars that were filled with dried pinto beans.  

What goes with cooked pinto beans?  


My dad loved to break up his cornbread into a tall glass.....add some milk and a little salt.   This made for an awesome meal or snack.

Our older grandkids always wanted to eat cornbread and milk, just like their "Papaw."
I have to say...I liked it myself.  

I wonder how many of the younger generation have ever had such a treat.'s to Cowboys and Cornbread!!!

I love sweet memories like these.

Happy Trails to you!

Monday, March 25, 2019

Hey Y'all.......It's "BLUEBONNET" season in TEXAS!

Oh my.....the beautiful bluebonnets are in full bloom.  I'm a little sad that I'm not touring the gorgeous fields down South, but I did come across these sweet beauties, this past weekend, and I was beyond thrilled to see them.

  It was almost 80 degrees here today and I can honestly say that watching the leaves bud out on the trees is magical.  It's like, within just a couple of hours, a bud will burst open and a brand new, tiny leaf is rolling out.   Such Beauty!!

Maybe, just maybe......I will get to make a trip to Ennis to view the rolling fields of bluebonnets, and take in the wonderful fragrance that fills the air.   These flowers don't last very I guess I need to get going!!


Sunday, March 17, 2019

Good Sunday morning.....hope you have your GREEN on!

When I was MUCH younger, wearing green on St. Patrick's Day was a big thing.    As a kid, my friend's and I would get excited when St. Patrick's day arrived.   We couldn't wait to get to school in order to seek our someone who may have forgotten to wear GREEN.

Back in those days, you could (softly) pinch someone on SPD and not get in trouble.    Fun day, fun times, that not many kids these days get to experience.  

Our pinches were not done to be was fun to catch someone off guard, someone who forgot to wear green on that day.

I can even remember forgetting to wear green myself!  Hey....the solution was to pick out a green crayon and stick it on the top of your ear....(kinda like you would do a pencil)

We used our creative thinking skills to make sure that we had some type of green on our bodies.   

It is said that way back in the 17th century, back in Ireland.....being pinched on St. Patrick's Day for not wearing Green, was a simple reminder that Leprechauns could sneak up on you at any time and give you a pinch!  


I'm not Irish....but...I'm wishing you a 

 Happy Day 

shug ~

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

So Strange........ I started a post about "Forgiveness" and it disappeared.  I'm thinking that some of you may have read a portion of it, by the comments that I had.   

Too funny......I wasn't even finished, but I guess I somehow deleted it or else, a computer ghost took it away.   (Maybe the ghost didn't like the topic of forgiveness)

Oh well....for those of you who did not read a portion of the writing, let me try to do this again....      I have no idea if this is for someone out there, or if it's just something that God placed on my heart.   I always pray that the words that come from me, will be a Blessing to someone else.  

I was saying in my first saved post......that this topic doesn't have anything to do with me personally....nor does it have anything to do with any of my friends or family.......IT'S JUST A TOPIC!!

I just believe that when a person is so obsessed with everything being about themselves....(narcissist) they immediately tend to think that they are RIGHT  about EVERYTHING and they disregard how offensive they can be...  

They sometimes are so full of jealousy, deceit, bitterness and often, a spirit that is filled with untruths.   Many times, their actions seriously hurt INNOCENT people.  The bad thing about this is.....because they fail to see theTruth,  they falsely accuse others to hide their own insecurities.   More times than not, they have NO interest in ever saying they are sorry to the people for whom they have brought pain to.  After all....their intent is to Blame others while they desperately seek some kind of happiness in their own life.  They seem to always have a jealous nature.

  My mom always told me that if anyone ever has an attitude of negativity or is spreading lies towards me, to just be polite, kind, and to walk away.......She said to just smile and let my beauty shine!!    She told me to learn to forgive anyone who might hurt me, because my kindness and my positive energy brings honor to the Lord.  

Now....this is not to say that my mom encouraged me to never defend myself, because she taught me to take care of myself as well.   She was just simply telling me that when you are dealing with someone such as a Narcissist, "You can kill more flies with HONEY than with vinegar." Even if this doesn't least you can find happiness in knowing that you have done your best.

I have, seen such actions of people who are mean and selfish....They like to gather their own little crowd, and convince them to help bully the target that they intend to hurt.   This is so very sad.   

I would tell my children, my grandchildren, my friends or anyone who might be facing this type of situation...... that if a Mean Spirited Person preys upon them, to do what my mom taught me to do.....and to pray for the person who tries to hurt you.  They may never say they are sorry for their actions....they will always have an excuse for their ugly behaviors.  They often wear a Mask to make them look like a great person, but once they come in contact with their target, they drop that Good Mask and the ugly one comes out. 

The truth is:   They act this way because they themselves are very weak people.  They believe that by making others feel less, that it somehow makes them look important and powerful.   They try to hide their weaknesses by making others look bad.   

I am so thankful that my parents taught me to say "I'm Sorry."
I'm thankful that my parents taught me to apologize when I hurt someone or wronged them!

Most of all....I'm thankful that they taught me to 
Forgive others, even when it hurts....  

God has forgiven me of my sins and HE continues to do so.....I have been washed by the blood.   As a Christian, I know that we are to forgive others!!!!


Saturday, March 2, 2019

My hands are always full..
But my heart is always the fullest!!

I'm pretty fond of this little quote.  I am a 
busy person.....By Choice!  But I can promise
you that every single adventure, somehow ends up
bringing me incredible joy.

I have so many examples of simple things, and I would love to share one of them with you.  


I don't know about you, but Friday's are "Lively"
 days for me.  I kinda (knowingly) overfill these days.
This past Friday was no different from any of the other
Friday's that I have marked on my calendar, with the 
exception of needing to attend an event that I was
sure would not fit into my day.

My day began with a trip to Tyler (our closest big city) and then home again.....Within any hour, I was headed back to Tyler to help Tucker take care of some business.   Then it was back home for me.

The next thing on my list was to get in my car and drive about another 20 miles to an event that BVT was involved in.  As I have mentioned many times before, BVT is the program that my niece Tammy, attends during the day.   It is for adults with mild to moderate disabilities.

This event was hosted by a private school just outside of Tyler.  BVT would be playing BrookHill in a basketball game, along with some some other physical type drills.

I honestly did not want to fill my afternoon, sitting and waiting for these matches to take place.   I knew that Tammy would be riding with BVT, so I was trying to excuse myself in every way possible from attending.   

BUT.......I did go and after having to drive around the parking lot about 6 times in order to find a place to park my car, I really was not sporting a huge smile on my face.  

Needless to say..... once I entered the gym and heard the cheerleaders yelling for BVT and the band playing in support of BVT, my attitude began to change.   As I watched these physically and mentally challenged players from BVT, display extreme excitement, my heart began to melt.   

They played their hearts out and each and every one of them were so very happy with what they had accomplished.  Can I tell you that I am so thankful that I did not miss this game!

I was so proud of them and I was very proud of all of the student body at BrookHill.......   Of course, they let the BVT residents WIN THE GAME and they cheered for them as if they themselves were at a State Championship game.   There was nothing but pure support for Breckenridge Village!  

Tammy ended up making 16 points and she was beyond thrilled.

My heart was so full by the time the game was over!!  How could I have not wanted to attend??    A piece of me hurts for having had such a bad attitude.   

Thank you Lord for directing my steps and for the wonderful Blessing that I received from going and supporting these fabulous, sweet, men and women.    

God is Good....All the time!


Fall is my Favorite

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