Wednesday, March 6, 2019

So Strange........ I started a post about "Forgiveness" and it disappeared.  I'm thinking that some of you may have read a portion of it, by the comments that I had.   

Too funny......I wasn't even finished, but I guess I somehow deleted it or else, a computer ghost took it away.   (Maybe the ghost didn't like the topic of forgiveness)

Oh well....for those of you who did not read a portion of the writing, let me try to do this again....      I have no idea if this is for someone out there, or if it's just something that God placed on my heart.   I always pray that the words that come from me, will be a Blessing to someone else.  

I was saying in my first saved post......that this topic doesn't have anything to do with me personally....nor does it have anything to do with any of my friends or family.......IT'S JUST A TOPIC!!

I just believe that when a person is so obsessed with everything being about themselves....(narcissist) they immediately tend to think that they are RIGHT  about EVERYTHING and they disregard how offensive they can be...  

They sometimes are so full of jealousy, deceit, bitterness and often, a spirit that is filled with untruths.   Many times, their actions seriously hurt INNOCENT people.  The bad thing about this is.....because they fail to see theTruth,  they falsely accuse others to hide their own insecurities.   More times than not, they have NO interest in ever saying they are sorry to the people for whom they have brought pain to.  After all....their intent is to Blame others while they desperately seek some kind of happiness in their own life.  They seem to always have a jealous nature.

  My mom always told me that if anyone ever has an attitude of negativity or is spreading lies towards me, to just be polite, kind, and to walk away.......She said to just smile and let my beauty shine!!    She told me to learn to forgive anyone who might hurt me, because my kindness and my positive energy brings honor to the Lord.  

Now....this is not to say that my mom encouraged me to never defend myself, because she taught me to take care of myself as well.   She was just simply telling me that when you are dealing with someone such as a Narcissist, "You can kill more flies with HONEY than with vinegar." Even if this doesn't least you can find happiness in knowing that you have done your best.

I have, seen such actions of people who are mean and selfish....They like to gather their own little crowd, and convince them to help bully the target that they intend to hurt.   This is so very sad.   

I would tell my children, my grandchildren, my friends or anyone who might be facing this type of situation...... that if a Mean Spirited Person preys upon them, to do what my mom taught me to do.....and to pray for the person who tries to hurt you.  They may never say they are sorry for their actions....they will always have an excuse for their ugly behaviors.  They often wear a Mask to make them look like a great person, but once they come in contact with their target, they drop that Good Mask and the ugly one comes out. 

The truth is:   They act this way because they themselves are very weak people.  They believe that by making others feel less, that it somehow makes them look important and powerful.   They try to hide their weaknesses by making others look bad.   

I am so thankful that my parents taught me to say "I'm Sorry."
I'm thankful that my parents taught me to apologize when I hurt someone or wronged them!

Most of all....I'm thankful that they taught me to 
Forgive others, even when it hurts....  

God has forgiven me of my sins and HE continues to do so.....I have been washed by the blood.   As a Christian, I know that we are to forgive others!!!!



  1. Shug, you are right about all these things. We cannot bring ourselves down to their level, we must be sweet and forgiving! This is hard, but we should pray for God to help us with it.

  2. Yes, yes, yes. I have been forgiven so much, the least I can do is forgive others the little they may have done towards me.

  3. " pray for the person who tries to hurt you. "

    I came back to comment again because I just wanted to say this totally works. It is amazing.


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