Sunday, June 24, 2018

These two girls have a way of making my heart overflow with joy....

No matter how old they are....they still have so much fun with each other, and are always cutting up.  

I love how they love life and love each other....

Their Mom,
Shug 🌹

Saturday, June 23, 2018

One thing that the month of June is known for is "Weddings."

I was a June bride!  June 16th, 1972!!  Back, when we got married, rarely did anyone have their wedding outdoors.  Most all weddings were inside the church.   

Today, with all the new outdoor venues, a lot of weddings are outside, under the stars.......or should I say, under the SUN!

My niece got married just a couple of weekends ago at an Outdoor venue!  It was beautiful....but HOT!!!!

We have another Outdoor wedding this evening at 6:00 P.M.

Let me tell you.....the Texas heat brings about much misery if you are out in it for any length of time.   And....the humidity is guaranteed to whip you!!!

I will definitely be carrying my paper fan to use this evening....  There just may be a lot of people offering to buy the thing from me!!  lol.

I'm super excited for Jake and Kailey.....these two are long-time sweethearts and today they will say their "I Do's."


For those of you who do not follow me on Facebook.....I am happy to tell you that our grandson, Tyler is home for a few days.   Tyler is in the Air Force and is stationed clear across the Country from Texas.   We haven't seen him in 6 months, so I am so thrilled for him to be home.   He just so happens to be in the wedding tonight.  

Tyler and Jake are first cousins!!  

You can see a lot of happiness on his moms face in this picture that I took Thursday evening as Tyler arrived home!!

We are very proud of him and are thankful for his service to our Country.  

******'s to hoping that I don't melt tonight!!

Take Care....

Shug 🌹

Thursday, June 14, 2018

I'm assuming that most everyone has some kind of vacation plans for this Summer or Fall....

Any of you have a driving trip planned?  At one time in my life....I loved driving trips.  I suppose I still might, if the driving trip included some very high mountains and gorgeous rivers.  For the most part, I struggle with long road trips, these days.  

                                       This is Bald Mountain somewhere in the Carolinas...I'm not sure if it's in SC or NC.   I took this picture last Fall and I remember being so scared......because, Tyler was walking out on this huge rock, and about 30 feet in front of him is the edge of this mountain.  It drops off to what seemed to be the bottom of the earth.

I have a lot of friends that are going on Cruises.   I love to cruise.  We have only been on one cruise, but it was tons of fun!!

And of course....there will be lots and lots of people going to the beach.  I love the beach too!!!!  All things are good when you're vacationing on sandy soil with a massive ocean in front of you.  

we don't have any specific plans for vacation this year....I'm sure we will do something, just not sure yet.  

I'm thinking I might need to take a vacation from myself!!!  LOL.  
Oh my.....I have to tell you about my afternoon yesterday.

I had to go to the Doctor and I had to park in a pay to park garage.  
When I was leaving the Dr's. office, the receptionist stamped my ticket so that I would not have to pay.   

I go down to get in my car and at the same time, I'm talking to Shanda on the phone.   I was discussing the results of my Dr's visit.  

I have that little ticket in my hand, so that I can give it to the attendant at the gate where I could exit the garage.   By the time I get there....the ticket somehow disappears out of my hand!!!  
Imagine that!!

I'm guessing that there are about 4 cars behind me, waiting to exit the garage as well.   WELL....since the ticket is no longer in my hand, I assume that I dropped it on the floor.   Sure enough, I see a white card in the floor just beneath my feet.  I bend down and pick it up, and hand it to the attendant.   

He gives me this strange look, and tells me that he doesn't exactly like that fragrance!!   WHAT???  WHAT ON EARTH WAS THIS GUY TALKING ABOUT?

A few days earlier, I was in the mall and I had gone by the fragrance counter to get a tester card of a particular cologne that I have been wanting.   This fragrance card was what was under my feet.  I had given the attendant the fragrance card..

He could see that I was in a panic state of mind as I was looking for the actual ticket.   Finally, he just waved me on.....No ticket needed.
I'm pretty sure the cars behind me were happy that he let me go on.

I just say thank you to the guy who waved me on through!!

I really am a fun person....just come hang out with me for a few will have a GREAT time!  One never knows what I'm going to do!!

SEE......I do need a vacation from myself!!!

hugs to you all....
Shug 🌹

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

            "Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted above the nations, I will be exalted in the earth."

                                                              Psalm 46:10

I can truthfully say that I am a busy person.....actually, I am a VERY busy person!   There are many days when my name could easily be...... "Busy Bee Pollard."   I am always engaged in much action!  I sometimes feel like I look like a BEE, moving in a fast movement style....from place to place, gathering sweet pollen.  

My busyness usually is all about moving from place to place, doing errands for my girls or for Sam, or for the grandkids.  I don't think there could possibly be any sweeter thing, than loving my kiddos enough to "BEE" their awesome chore girl.

I can only imagine just how busy Jesus was with HIS earthly ministry....yet, Jesus knew the importance of rest.  HE knew that rest was needed to refresh the soul.  

I think about Martha and how her busyness created a spirit of  resentment towards her sister, Mary.  

So many times, I get caught up in my day to day busyness, that I forget to do the work that God desires for me to do.  
I always have "Fish to Fry" or "Things to do" which seems to interrupt my Godly intentions.

When I go to buy groceries, I am usually looking at my list, even as I walk through the doors....... There is no telling how many people that I have failed to give a smile to, or say a nice hello to, simply because I am caught up in my own little world.  

I guess my "Busy Bee" pace of life, spoke to me today, when I realized that it was more important for me to rush out to do errands, rather than to take the time to make breakfast for myself.   A little later in the morning, I felt like my tummy was going to cave in.....BECAUSE I was hungry.  I had been too caught up in tending to details of the day, which as a result caused me to eat something that  was not healthy for me.  👀

And then.....I realized that one of my plants (that I had just planted a few days ago) looked like it was about to die.  Why? Because I had not taken the time to water the thing!  This wasn't a cheap plant either....I paid more for it than I normally would, so why would I not take the time to take care of it?   It's called being too Busy!!!
I saw that it needed water earlier in the day.....but I almost waited to late to give it a drink.  

I know these are some pretty petty examples that I used, but I think you probably get my point.   How can I even think about doing good things for others, if I don't take care of myself?   

Rest is good, and my intent is not to complain.....because I truly enjoy being busy.   I am writing on this topic to remind myself that First of all.....everyday should Begin and End with my mind on God's perfect Will for my life.   Second.....I need to slow down!!


Shug 🌹

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

It is not an everyday event for me to go to the Pecan Nursery. Actually.....I may go to the office a couple times a year.  

It was this past Sunday, when I rode to the Nursery with Sam to water some trees.  To my great surprise, the "Hill Yard" was filled with many Sunflowers.    Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers.  They are so bold and full of life.  The bright yellow with the dark center, speaks much happiness to my soul.  

If you're wondering what the heck a "Hill Yard" is, let me take a moment to explain.   The actual farm for growing the trees for the nursery, is about 10 miles South of town.  The business is located in downtown Chandler, and this is where the selling action takes place each Fall and Winter.  

The trees that are in buckets, along with the bareroot trees which are dug out of the fields, are brought to the office and Hill Yard area......beginning in October, and ending in March.

The Hill Yard is where the bareroot trees go.....and then the roots are covered with soil throughout the selling season.

Anyways......after the trees are all sold.....this lot is empty and the sunflowers start popping up.  The sunflowers were not planted.....they just keep spreading and coming back every Summer.   I always know that they are going to be there....but this year, I had forgotten about them, until I saw them on Sunday.  

This "Hill Yard" makes for a beautiful sight when the flowers are flourishing.  The nursery does not irrigate this area in the Summer, so the flowers usually don't last very long.   

Of my sweet mind...the mind that loves flowers, I'm thinking that this could be a second business!  Irrigate and produce thousands of Sunflowers.....then sell them!  Right??

Oh well...I'm not the one that makes those decisions, so I guess that I'll just keep enjoying the ones that are there each year.  

Hope you all have a super Blessed day...

Shug 🌹

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Is it Summer time Yet? {I think the official first day of Summer is on June 21st this year} 
 I guess it depends on what Summer means to each person.   When I was growing up, we usually got out of school around the 20th to the 25th of May.  

And of course.....School did not go back in session until after Labor Day.   This meant for us kids, Summer was from the time we got out of school until Labor Day.    I'm disappointed that the school days are not still the same!!!
Who doesn't love the Beach in the Summer?  Our kiddos love going to the beach as a family.  Hopefully next year, we will make this trip again!!

Believe it or not.....I love riding bikes on Summer Vacation.

But my favorite thing about Summer is swimming.  I can not actually swim.....but I love being in the pool...


It is really HOT here today....!!!

What better way to cool off than jumping in a pool....

Happy Day....
Shug 🌹

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