Wednesday, May 30, 2018 is definitely warming up here in good ol' EAST TEXAS.  By the weekend, it is suppose to be above a 100 degrees and these kind of temps are too HOT for me.   

I keep thinking about all of the plants that I planted in my flower beds about a month ago.....of course, we had some really nice, cool, weather when I was planting them.  

The Best place to be to beat the summer in the POOL.

I see that blogger is making a few changes!  Since I'm not super Tech smart, I hope that the changes are not too difficult to adjust to.


You know.....our existence here on Earth would be a little boring if EVERYONE liked the same things and did things exactly alike.  I realize that this is just my opinion, but can you imagine what our days would be like if there was only one favorite food, one favorite color, or one favorite hobby?   

Since I am not a person who likes would be very sad for me, if Liver was the favorite food.   I would be super disappointed if my two favorite colors {White and Black} were not on the color     "LIST."
And....oh boy, what if the rattlesnake roundup was everyone's choice for hobbies?  I would have to move to the moon!!

God has given so many different kinds of things to bring each of us  different kinds of joy.  Different kinds of plants, trees, animals, flowers, cars, States, Countries, food, reading material, music, etc, etc, etc.

We can make choices on things that please us!

I enjoy Facebook, however, I know that many people are not on FB.    The thing that I don't enjoy about this particular source of social media, is that it gives SO MUCH power to "Friends" when it comes to speaking their minds.  

It's almost as if it gives others the right to JUDGE people!  I think that FB is a great place to connect with old friends and new friends alike, but I also think that it gives too much freedom for people to express themselves in a sometimes, negative way......

Our ways are not going to be the same.....Our music style is not going to be the same......Our beliefs are not going to be the same....and even our morals are not always the same.   

However.....these differences DO NOT give us the right to be judgmental towards others.  

About once ever two weeks or so, I say that I'm going to delete my FB account.....simply because it bothers me to see post that are derogatory towards others.   But yet, I keep on....keeping on.

I guess it just confuses me, because Facebook would not be a big thing if it were not for "FRIENDS."     Friends do not judge friends!
We do not have the right to judge another person's Heart.

*Note:   This is simply a TOPIC that I chose to write about.   I have not been judged....nor have I judged others.   I HAVE seen bad post that are judgmental towards others......and in my opinion, this is not what FB should be about.

Shug 🌹

Sunday, May 27, 2018

                       We have so much to be thankful for on this Memorial Day Weekend.  So many men and women have paid the ultimate sacrifice for OUR freedom.   

It's not about the first picnic of the year or having a family cookout.  This weekend is not about  having a big outdoor party.  It's about Remembering those who died for our Country and for our Freedom!


I have been super busy, going through old pictures and even taking the time to look through some old annuals.  

This coming August, my in-laws will be celebrating 70 years of marriage.   I'm not one to put things off....I prefer to be way ahead when it comes to planning events such as this.  For this reason....I have been looking through photo albums.

It has been the old annuals that I have spent so much time looking through.   Annuals from mine and Sam's school days!

Gosh....we were super young.  I think this was our 10th grade year.

Junior year in High School.....  Yep!  "Most Athletic"  lol.

This was the Senior "Powder Puff Game" and that's me....#80.  Sam is beside me and he is sporting a short black wig.   The guys were our cheerleaders!!  Glad to report that our team WON!!

I don't know why all the pictures are circled... Not sure if it was Trista or Shanda that circled our pictures in these old annuals...

Senior year......1971.....  

I guess this picture of Sam's Senior picture tells us for sure which one of the girls marked on the pages..... That would be Shanda Kay!!  LOL.

Homecoming Nominee and Sam was my escort.....Junior year.

Newspaper sports editors.....Sam did the guys sports and I wrote about the girls sports....

This one makes me doesn't even look like me!!

Sam and I both loved Basketball......   Sophomore year!

Sam's Senior Football picture. 

I laugh at this one too....My Senior Basketball picture.  Looks like I'm scared to death.  I have no idea what the face is about....

Sam....#23.   He was a great Basketball player!  Me being his girlfriend throughout High School, probably stopped him from going on and playing on the college level.

Another Great shot of Sam...

So many more pictures and memories of our High School days.....but I won't bore you any more than this...

Our grandkids have laughed a whole lot, while looking at all these old pictures.   ME TOO!

Isn't it fun to go back an look at the past?  

I'm going to try to stay focused this week and look for the pictures I plan on using for my in-laws anniversary!

Have a great Monday!!!!

Shug 🌹

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Whirlwinds can be scary....they can be powerful.....and at times they can be deadly.    They can also be interesting to watch... {for some people}  There can even be whirlwind Romances!  

 Did you know that whirlwinds are mentioned several times in the Bible?

I actually feel as if I have experienced all of these things this weekend......So, I guess you could say I've been in a whirlwind.

Just look at these beautiful pictures of my lights!!!  
Sam worked all yesterday morning....hanging lights in my backyard.   I love they way they look.  

While he worked {so hard} in the yard.....I spent the morning at a Wedding Shower.  This cute little couple....well, they're like family.  Jake and Kailey......Jake is a first cousin to our grands on their dads side.

It was an awesome shower....They received so many wonderful gifts, and the ladies giving the shower did an outstanding job putting it together.  They served Mexican food, and each part of the meal was packaged in the cutest little bags, containers, and cups!  I'm so disappointed that I didn't get any pictures!!!  Very organized!

I came home and changed clothes so I could attend a funeral for a very dear lady in our church.  Earlier that morning....I fixed a casserole dish and delivered it to the church....Before going to the shower.  

This sweet lady was a young 51 years old.  She leaves behind her husband and 2 sons.  It was a beautiful home-going for Tracy.  

After the funeral, Sam and I went over to the hospital to see his cousin.  Patti has been battling cancer for several months now and has been in and out of the hospital numerous times.  Patti is our age and not only did she and Sam grow up as BEST cousin friends, but she and her family have always been so very special to us.  We have so many memories of crazy things that we have all done, over the years.  Special memories that last a lifetime.  

Our news while sitting with her at the hospital was not so good.  Her cancer is roaring it's ugly head and we can only hope for a miracle.  God is able!!

Again, this morning, we were at the hospital......sitting with Patti.  
It breaks my heart to see this beautiful lady....fighting for her life.

These past few days,  I have celebrated a "New beginning" and a "Celebration of life."   It has truly been a whirlwind kind of weekend.  

Enjoy your Blessings of each new day!

Shug 🌹

Monday, May 14, 2018

I know for sure that I will not be roller blading anytime during this season of my life.......  doing the "Chicken Dance" is all together a different thing.   I do believe that I can possibly dance like a chicken.  It might not be pretty, but it's movement!

My mind tells me that I'm spunky enough to do anything, but my body is screaming...."are you crazy....these old muscles have really shrunk ...and don't you dare think of stretching them!"

 Do you know what the fastest way to age is?  Especially after the collagen has dried up like a overcooked turkey?   It's losing weight! I haven't set any records on weight loss...or anything like that, but I have managed to lose a few pounds.   Heck....I thought losing weight was suppose to make you look better!!

The weight "genie" didn't bother asking me where I wanted to lose the weight at!  I certainly didn't want to lose it near a WRINKLE!!

What I've discovered is that Aging is not a disease!!  Let me repeat that.....Aging is not a disease.   It's Life!!

Aging doesn't have to be a number, and this is why I am still 49 for the fifteenth year......!  

My friends are my age......well, they're not 49....but most of us did graduate together back in 71'....   Even though we have seen many changes in life, our social vision has not changed at all.   We are all still active, and we always have a bag we can hit the road and explore new adventures!

Have you ever stood at a cosmetic counter, reading and looking and reading and looking for the very BEST cream to take away the wrinkles?  This is gonna sound a little gruff coming from me, but every label is L-Y-I-N-G.   It's not true....these creams do not remove a decade of wrinkles.   They are deceiving us aging folks.

I'm on the verge of going naked!!  NOT my body!  I'm on the verge of going "face" naked..... Reason why?  because I slap on the creams and oils that are suppose to make me young looking....then I add the eye shadow and the eyeliner, which looks good for about an hour.  

Then it happens!!  The oil in the creams causes the make up the smear.   Especially eye make-up!  The next thing I know, I have huge black eye boogers in the corners of my eyes.    Oh, I know there are "Water Proof" make ups on the market....but, they're NOT
OIL PROOF from all the cream it takes to smooth the face.

Eye Cream....Eye Brow cream.....face cream....night cream....extra relief night cream....    I can only hope that this cream is not seeping in and clogging up my brain.  

Well.....this is my thoughts on aging!

As they say...aging is better than the alternative..

The truth is....There is Beauty in's called happiness!!

Shug 🌹

Friday, May 11, 2018

This is the start to "Mother's Day Weekend."   Such a sweet day to celebrate moms all across the Country.   I think mom's deserve to be celebrated.....can I get an Amen?

As most of you know.....My sweet precious mom passed away almost 13 years ago from cancer.  Multiple Myeloma....a cancer of the plasma cells which can deteriorate the bones.

Even though Thirteen years ago seems like a very long time to most people, it's like yesterday to me.   I can say,  I truly miss my Mother.   

One night this past week, I woke up during the night and I began to think about my childhood.  The sweetest moments popped up in my head.   I remember as a very young child, one particular day that my Mother spent all day long, sewing doll clothes for my sister and myself.   This little memory comes to my mind quite often.

I remember my mom's gentleness as she would shampoo my hair and style it with big ol' rollers.   I remember how she starched "Can Can's" each Easter for my sister and I, so that our Easter Dresses would stand way out.

I most definitely was a Mother's girl.   I would cry if I had to be away from her for any extended length of time.   The only exception was when I would go to my grandmother's house and spend time with my cousins. 

 I remember my fourth grade year in school.....

I'm pretty sure that the other kids in my class, called me a "Cry Baby" behind my back.......but, every single day, I would have to go see my Mother.   She worked in the cafeteria at the school, and I honestly could not think of anything except how I could get out of class and go see her......

I guess my 4th grade teacher {Mrs. Jordan} knew how my little heart was breaking, so she would let me go to the cafeteria to see my mom.  I loved how she would give me a little "Wink" as I would head back to my classroom.

One time I went to spend the night with a friend, and as the sun began to set, I cried and cried because I needed to go home.  My friends mom, would not let me call my mother, because it was long distance from their house to mine.   

 My mother had bought me a cute little pair of house slippers the weekend prior to my spending the night with this friend.  All through the night, I held on to those shoes so tight and I guess this is what helped me make it through the night.  

My mother taught me how to cook and clean......She taught me how to celebrate each day just being myself.  One thing that was important to her was, for us to make our bed first thing every morning.  AND....I still do!!  

I love that she taught me to not to expect things to be handed to me.  

She taught me to love beautiful things like flowers, and sunsets.  Her favorite tree was the Mimosa Tree.....I never see one that I don't think of her!  I somehow think that it was the sweet pink blossoms on the Mimosa that she loved.

She taught me that Life is not fair.....but to make the most of what I had and to find good in the things of life.

My mother taught me to appreciate be loving and kind, and to try my best to do something good for someone every day.

She taught me to love the Lord and to put HIM first in my life!

My grandmother......{my mom's mother} passed away at the age of 44.   My mother was so young and she had to learn so many things on her own, so very fast.   Mother wanted me to be prepared for what ever might come my way.....

Oh my.....I have so many stories that I could share of sweet, sweet memories and of the impact that my MOM made on my life.  

Mother and I talked on the phone every single morning.  She would always give me the weather report!!  We shared a lot of jokes about this.   She would have to make sure that all of my family was ok.   

The two of us shared so many special moments together.........

I am so thankful to have had this amazing woman as my mother....There is ~ NO ~ ONE DAY  in which I celebrate Mother's Day......   Even though my Mother is now in Heaven.....I celebrate Mother's Day every single day.....I celebrate the joys of having had her as my mom.    

Happy Mother's Day to my MOM in heaven!! 

Happy Mother's Day to all of you!
Shug 🌹

Thursday, May 10, 2018

This seems like Friday!  Happiness seems to reside in this day that we call "Friday."  

I belive that the essence of Optimism is to not worry about what day of the week it is.....just focus on the achievements that you made yesterday and look for the thrill of what you can accomplish today!

The sweetest joy was given to me this very morning.  I had a meeting with some of the staff at Breckenridge village this morning, for Tammy's annual progress report.  It is so refreshing when you hear the leaders rave over how good Tammy is and how she is such a huge Blessing to so many people.  

Mother's day is this coming Sunday, and as I sat there in the meeting this morning, watching Tammy as she shared her feelings, {straight from her heart} I couldn't help but think of how proud her mother would be to know that her daughter has such a genuine soul.  I can only imagine the joy that would fill my sister's heart. 

No matter the number of sorrows that have come Tammy's way, she
remains to be the truest, most loving, most giving, young lady that I have ever known.  She is Blessed with strength and peace.  

Already today, my path of life has been filled with great joy and inspiration......just by having the opportunity to be a part of a Tammy's life!!!

Light Tomorrow with Today!
                                Elizabeth Barrett  Browning


Monday, May 7, 2018

Prom 2018 has come and gone!  This was Emily's senior prom and her handsome date.....{my grandson}.....Tucker, accompanied her to this big event!


And now, it's Monday!  

My jobs for today........return Tucker's Tux, Grocery shop, laundry and entertain Mylee Jo this afternoon!

The Sports Banquet is tonight, so I plan on staying home with Mylee, while the rest of the crew goes to the banquet.

I have more flower planting to do this some time this week.  This will complete the front yard and the sides.   The back yard is still to come!!  👀's hard to believe that almost half of this year has come and gone.....  I hope the Summer passes by slowly!  

My friend Betsy has posted about a book on her blog...
"Prayer wasn't Enough"

I'm not a huge book reader....but this particular book sounds like such a good read!!  I plan to get a copy on Amazon!!

Hope you all have a super great day!  

                                                  Shug 🌹

Friday, May 4, 2018

Once friends and I attended a beautiful luncheon today,  in honor of the ladies at Breckenridge Village of Tyler.  

This event is a fundraiser to help raise funds for BVT, which is a faith based community for adults with mild to moderate intellectual and developmental disabilities.  

I regret not taking pictures of all of the gorgeous tables!  It is absolutely amazing how beautiful each table is decorated.  

Such a special time for the ladies at BVT.   

I appreciate this place and I appreciate all of the hard work and dedication that is put in, to making this event wonderful.  

Shug 🌹

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The scouting program is changing it's name.....Dropping the word "Boy" and going with Scouts USA.     

What happened to the "Brownies" and the "Girl Scouts?"  What happened to the BOYS?     So, what happens now with Girl Scout Cookies?   I guess they could be called "Scout Cookies!"

The older I get, the less that I like change!!  I don't want to be the negative "49" year old {😉 wink 😉} who goes against change, but Jeez....some things just need to be left alone!!!!!

I prefer to ignore this cute little inspirational quote.  

I'm kinda like.......if things are good, Why change?

Social change is a biggie for me.  Not so much with 
 staying in touch with technology....Just this past week, my group of friends joined "Marco Polo."  A new App that has been around for about a year now.  If you haven't tried it, you need to do so....
We have had a lot of fun using this App.

The reason it's such a Biggie for me is because I truly do not understand "Millennials" and I don't understand their sometimes, selfish, impatient, entitled ways.

I think that one reason Change is hard to cope with is because 
is happening so fast these days.  Gosh....Change was once a very, very slow process!  

I really like the "Walton Family" kind of life style......

Church has changed, schools have changed, jobs have changed and our society as a whole has really changed.

The great thing is:

GOD HAS NOT CHANGED.....Same yesterday, today and Forever!!

Thank you Lord!!

Shug 🌹

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