Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Little This and That

Who doesn't love a little bit of "This" and "That" from time to time.....I've got pictures...but not a lot of stories to go with them...

Hopefully....this one won't scare you.   It's just Tori and her sweet, precious friend, Natalie.   They were shopping for their "ORANGE"
day at church camp!   Each day...has a theme and each group has a name.    I know that Trey and Carson are the "Purple porcupines"
but I can't remember the name of Tori and Nat's team.

A partial view of my backyard....just before night fall.   I love lights and I'm a firm believer....the more lights, the merrier!

This two guys are best of friends....they have shared so much together, as both are Leukemia survivors.   They have spent several summers together, going to a camp for kids with cancer.   Thankfully....they are now...healthy young men.  

These two decided last make a trip to Columbus Ohio.....  to attend a "Concert."   Yes...they drove from TEXAS to Ohio to watch this concert.   They had VIP seats!
I was shaking my head...and praying for these two rascals to have a safe trip!  They made it back home this past Saturday, safe and sound.    

This guy right here.....the one in Blue on the left side of this picture.....GRADUATES from AF TECH school.....this coming Friday!  It has been a long 9 months of school, but he has gained so much knowledge and is ready to head out to his next base.    BUT...NOT BEFORE COMING HOME!!!!!   I'm guessing you can feel and hear my excitement as I type this.  
He will be home on July 5th!!!!!   I think he has like 17 days before reporting to the new base.  

I love this flag.   I love ALL American flags!
This one was on display at a vintage store that I went to yesterday.   Gosh....why did I not buy it????

Another picture of Tori....and this time Georgia, at Church camp!   This was tourist day.....but I think Tori must really like the orange mask.   Not sure that the mask goes with Tourist day!!!

A selfie of Sam and I, on our 45th Anniversary!
We had dinner at a place called Kiepersal.   Oh my...
you can't beat a meal of steak and lobster....!  Wonderful!!

Hugs to all.....

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Pig Hunting

Have you ever been PIG hunting?  I can now (officially) say that I have been on a pig hunt.

Last week.....I went with Sam to the hunt pigs!
How many did we see?  ZERO...NO PIGS AT ALL.   I'm not  good with loud noises, so most of the time, I had my hands up....covering my ears.

Traps are set all over the farm, but it's very hard to catch them in the traps....  

Sam and I didn't see anything, but the very next day.....Tucker came across these 6 pigs!  They were trapped!    OH my....I've never seen pigs that are wild.  These things were CRAZY!   They would run and ram the pen as hard as they could, over and over again.  

We...(Pop's, the daughters, the grandkids, Emily and Me)....loaded the pigs into the trailer and took them to Tucker's pig pens.   Unfortunately, the piggies did not make it.  Heat and stress I suppose!

Emily.....sitting on the gator.   I was sitting in the truck, just in case one of those wild things got loose.

Unloading the pigs at Tucker's.   

Needless to say....I sure don't want to be in the wild hog business.    It's sad to have to remove them from your land, but....these pigs can destroy a crop in just one night.   

Have you ever seen a field where hogs have been rooting all night long?   The next morning, it looks like a fresh plowed field!!   And....they eat everything.   

Feral hogs breed all year round and can have at least two litters a year.   Each litter may have as many as a dozen piglets.    You can clearly see how this can become a HUGE problem for a farmer!  

As for me....I think I'll leave the hog hunting up to the guys.  It's too hot and these things scare me.   After all...they are WILD.  


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Are we going to get rain?  This is the question that everyone is asking today.   Are we going to get any of the spin off rain from Tropical Storm Cindy?    This is a great question for me to ask weather grandson!

I really didn't make any big plans today, because I figured we would have rain all day.....   NONE, right now!!

So....guess what today is?   IRONING DAY!

That's right.....I still Iron!!   I actually iron quite a bit.  I do take a few things to the cleaners, but for the most part, I iron our clothes.

I really don't mind though.   Actually, it's kind of relaxing!!!  

Wow....what a bargain!!  $14.90 for both.    

Funny how the smallest of things can take you back to your childhood days.   I remember as a child,  my mother taking some of our clothes to be ironed.   There was a lady in town who ironed for a living.   I would often ride with mother to take the clothes there, or to go pick them up.   

I sure wish I could think of this lady's name.   I do remember the cost.....for a while, she charged 10 cents a piece for each item to be ironed.   Later, it went up to 15 cents!!    This is CHEAP!!

My mom would laundry the clothes and then take them to be ironed.   

I love this memory that I had today....   


Sunday, June 18, 2017

A big Happy Father's Day to all you guys out there!!

Is it still Summer?   We have been so Busy around here that I've barely had the time to look at a calendar.   I'm posting a few pictures of what our past few weeks have been like.   You all will have to excuse my laziness.  I didn't even put these pictures in any kind of particular order.    

Making Hot Sauce and Salsa......My recipe calls for lemons and limes.  The girls and I, canned for two days and I think the kids have already eaten 4 jars of hot sauce!!!!  YIKES!  looks like I need to do a lot more canning...

We made some with black beans and corn and the rest is just the normal hot sauce!!  Do you like sweet hot sauce or vinegar tasting hot sauce??   Our family likes the sweet stuff...

I love looking at all of the jars filled with good tasting greatness!

I think we filled 52 jars!!  Not near enough!!

These pictures are from the end of May.....   Sam and I attended a Scholarship luncheon with Tucker!  So, So, Proud of him!

This particular scholarship was awarded to him from the Kiwanis Club of Athens....   He also received The "Red Bird" scholarship from TVCC.   Way to go Tuck!!  

Pulled this picture from off of my phone.    Tucker and Trista, as the seniors walked the halls of the schools...   He is a distinguished Grad....The other side of his sign read something like, "Childhood Cancer Survivor."

Shipping cookies to Tyler and his classmates!   I sent them each a box filled with cookies, Pizza gift card and several other goodies....

Back to Tucker's graduation!!  I made him a "Wisdom Jar."  Each little one of these diploma looking rolls, was rolled with money inside.....and of course....A word of Wisdom for his future!! 
He had a great time reading all of the bits of Wisdom that his grandmother (Shug) gave him..

Cookies for Tucker's graduation Party.....

Decorations for his party.....The Theme...."Oh the Places you will go"

More decorations!!

Mylee's softball team made it to the "All Star" tournament!!

Mylee batting......and now her team will be going to "State" next weekend.    

Yes....we have been very busy around here.   

It's now time for some swimming......Yay!!


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