Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Pig Hunting

Have you ever been PIG hunting?  I can now (officially) say that I have been on a pig hunt.

Last week.....I went with Sam to the hunt pigs!
How many did we see?  ZERO...NO PIGS AT ALL.   I'm not  good with loud noises, so most of the time, I had my hands up....covering my ears.

Traps are set all over the farm, but it's very hard to catch them in the traps....  

Sam and I didn't see anything, but the very next day.....Tucker came across these 6 pigs!  They were trapped!    OH my....I've never seen pigs that are wild.  These things were CRAZY!   They would run and ram the pen as hard as they could, over and over again.  

We...(Pop's, the daughters, the grandkids, Emily and Me)....loaded the pigs into the trailer and took them to Tucker's pig pens.   Unfortunately, the piggies did not make it.  Heat and stress I suppose!

Emily.....sitting on the gator.   I was sitting in the truck, just in case one of those wild things got loose.

Unloading the pigs at Tucker's.   

Needless to say....I sure don't want to be in the wild hog business.    It's sad to have to remove them from your land, but....these pigs can destroy a crop in just one night.   

Have you ever seen a field where hogs have been rooting all night long?   The next morning, it looks like a fresh plowed field!!   And....they eat everything.   

Feral hogs breed all year round and can have at least two litters a year.   Each litter may have as many as a dozen piglets.    You can clearly see how this can become a HUGE problem for a farmer!  

As for me....I think I'll leave the hog hunting up to the guys.  It's too hot and these things scare me.   After all...they are WILD.  



Ginny Hartzler said...

Well, this was an adventure for sure, Shug! And I am proud of you for going; so you could report back to us!! Loyal followers like me love this stuff! I saw a T.V. show once, I think it was set somewhere in Texas. There is a company you can hire to keep your fields pig free. But unlike you, they use guns! You pay them a certain amount of money for the season, and they keep the pigs off the land. These were huge, like boars. You were successful, and humane!

Betsy Adams said...

Oh YUK, Those nasty things are SO dangerous... Sorry you have them on your property. I truly cannot call them 'pigs'.... They are WILD HOGS --and one of the nastiest critters in our country.... GADS.... We had some in our area last year ---and they dug huge ruts in our golf courses around here.... Traps were used (like you had) ---and finally all of them were captured and killed I think... SO much damage done.

AND--those nasty things eat other GOOD wildlife and carry all kinds of diseases.... Hope you catch all of the ones near you.... YUK...


Kim Standard said...

Oh I have heard the wild hogs are so dangerous! I would leave it to the guys lol. I didnt know they destroy a garden.

Melinda said...

Not on my list of things to do.

Does not sound fun at all.

Glad you made it through the adventure.

M : )

Pam said...

Good luck with the feral pigs. I've never seen one, but have heard how nasty they can be.
I grew up on a farm in Ohio, we had a lot of hogs but they were pretty calm most of the time, unless one of us got to close to mama's baby, then the chase was on.
They definitely do tear up fields though, but the bacon is so good!
Good luck, I hope you get rid of them!
Have a great rest of the week, Shug!

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