Friday, June 27, 2014

Fun Day

I'm on the road again!    Vacation has officially begun!!  

Can I get two BIG whoop, whoops about that?!

We have 800 miles ahead of us and I can only see lots of laughter in my day.   Wait.....oops, might have spoke too soon.....we are now traveling less than 10 miles per hour... Highway construction! 30 miles per hour.   

I'll be checking in each day and ill be visiting each of you as often as I can for the next week or so...

Have a fun day.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Calling up the Medicine Man....

I've been sitting here watching "America's Got Talent" and oh my goodness.....some people can REALLY sing!!  I would love to have vocal chords that could sing like these folks.  

I would certainly like to be able to sing like Katy Perry when she sings........"Roar"

..........I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter
dancing through the fire
'Cause I am a champion, and you're gonna hear me roar
Louder, louder than a lion
'Cause I am a champion, and you're gonna hear me roar!

.....that's not all that I would love to do!
I'd love to be able to play musical instruments!!


Changing the subject here.......Have you ever noticed all of the advertisements on TV about medications?  

I'm not one that likes to take medications of any kind but even if I were, I think I would have to do a whole lot of research about some of these "odd" labeled medications. floors me when I hear these ads trying to convince you that this is the exact medication that one might need.....but yet, they go on to quickly tell you about all the risk factors!  By the time the ad is over, I have totally convinced myself that there I don't want to touch these meds with a ten foot pole....

I think from now on, when I am not feeling well......I'll call up the "Cherokee Medicine Man"......after all, I do have Cherokee Blood in me!!

Well.....these are my thoughts for the evening..

Blessings to you all!!


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Week Of......

First things first.......I took them back!!  Got my money back and now, I am a happy camper.   I just have to hope that my girls won't read my blog post for today...   If they miss this post, then they will never know!!

This week is finally here....the week before our vacation to Florida!!

I am super excited!

But's a Duck Dynasty.

I have been there a few times, but none of the grandkids have ever been.   They are looking so forward to this stop.


Speaking of this trip "this trip to the beach" .......I must tell you that I am so thrilled about the huge pool and the ocean water, BUT......I am dreading like everything, having to put on a swimsuit.  

My things can change on our bodies, during the course of a years time.   
I'm almost tempted to wear my support hose underneath my swimsuit bottoms!!     These kids of mine would deny me as their mom and grandmother.....if I did.

You know what......I really should 't feel that way.   I just need to embrace my weight gain as if it were something that I paid big bucks for.     In other words, I just need to strut my fat and go on and enjoy myself.   

Life is way too short not to enjoy yourself and to enjoy the valuable time that we have as a family, on this trip.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be able to spend our vacation with the kids.

In my heart, I am equipped to make tons of memories for all of us to enjoy,
 for many years to come!!

Blessings galore!


Sunday, June 22, 2014

My Shopping Journey

Let it officially be known that I.....(Shug Pollard) do NOT like bra's......

Hey, I know that this is Sunday and that you probably are expecting a nice devotion from me today, but GOD knows that HE is first in my life and HE knows the agony that I have been through this week!!

Friends......Don't go to town with your grown daughters!!
The next time that they call me for a "Girls" day out.....I promise you, that I am going to refuse.   I'm going to be busy!

So, we go to town one day this past week.....for the sole purpose of getting stuff for our Vacation next week. girls had other plans!!  Plans that they did not include me in!!

Can you believe that they had the nerve to tell me that it's now time to ditch the training bra and buy a REAL one!!

First of all......I love my "so called" training bras!!  I really do.   And second of's not any of their business what I wear. 

I'm thinking to myself that I will appease them and finally go try on a bra that they think I need.  

I must admit, there were some VERY FUNNY  moments in that dressing room.    I'm not super comfortable about taking off my clothes in front of a certified bra lady, just so she can measure me!!  But, I did!!

First of all, she brings me a "Spanx" to try on......she leaves me in the dressing room so that she can go find the Bra that SHE feels will be comfortable and lifting!!  

While in the dressing room, I struggle putting on the datgum Spanx.   It honestly was like being pinned up in a cage with some kind of elastic string that was trying to squeeze the very life out of me.

Finally, the sales lady returned, only to say to me......."What did I tell you?  Which side did I tell you was the front?"  

You've got it right......I had the datgum thing on backwards.

Oh what a fight, what a battle it really was......trying to pull the thing off, turn it around and pull it up again!    So not worth it!!

I had already told my girls that I was not gonna try on or wear one of those bras that looks like a big ol' swimming cap.   Nope, not gonna do it!!  I would rather look FLAT as to not be able to see my feet.   (Besides that, I just don't have a need for a bra like that)

The lady comes back and what do you think she had in her hand?   You are right......she had a bra  that was big enough to fit around a soccer ball!  I'm thinking:  "Goodness Gracious lady.....fat doesn't qualify to be boobs."   

Surely.....she wasn't going to try to stuff all my upper fat into that thing.   Well.....that is exactly what she did.  

$182.00 later.....I walk out of that store with 3 bra's and a stinking Spanx.      Not to worry though...  I wore my old "Training Bra" to the ballgame Friday night and both girls really bragged about how much difference it made with me wearing my new bra!!    Ha, Ha......the joke was on them!!

I still haven't worn one, nor have I worn that tight fitting piece of elastic!!   Don't plan to either!   Tomorrow morning I will be $182.00 richer!!   Going to get my money back and I'm not taking the girls with me!!

I know you all are so happy to know all about my bra adventure!!    Do any of you still wear "Training Bras?"

Have a happy and restful Sunday evening!!


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Texas Summer

Yes it is........It's Summer!!!

Summer in Texas is like none other!!

Picnic anyone?

I'll furnish the table.......Y'all bring the goodies!

The first day of Summer is making a Grand is already WARM outside.      For me, it's Hot....but I hesitate to say that because I know what July and August will be bringing!!    HEAT to say the least.

The Comal river......always crowded, but always cool!!


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Answer!!

Yep.....she is wet!........

The first time, she made it all the way across......

And then, she saw someone else  ACCIDENTLY fall in.   

That is all it took......her next trip across, she too "Accidently" fell in!!

If you're already wet, why not just go for a swim!!


Shug ~

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Does she Make It......

So......what do you all think.....Does Mylee Jo make it across?   

Answer comes tomorrow!!


Monday, June 16, 2014

June is one Busy Month

The month of June is a busy month for this family!!  For starters, Shanda's Birthday is June 6th....... It takes us a week to celebrate her Birthday! does.  

She just turned 37, but for about 34 years takes a full week for her to get in all of the celebrating that she wants to do.
We laugh and have a good time doing so!!

June 15th is my mom's birthday........Even though she will soon be celebrating her 9th Heavenly Birthday.....I still, ALWAYS like to celebrate the 15th by inserting as many memories of her as I can, into this special day!      I'm just real sentimental like that!!

Father's Day almost always falls on my mom's birthday OR on mine and Sam's Anniversary......WHICH IS TODAY!

We are recognizing 42 years of marriage today.    Celebration time will have to be a little later as Sam can't really eat much right now, so NO celebration dinner for the two of us today.

Just a quick update on Sam.....he is still struggling with the tonsil thing!  He woke up last night and his nose and mouth were pouring with blood!   In all honesty, he probably bled a (cup) amount of blood.    Then again today.....the bleeding started again!   I know that sounds like a whole lot, but he was standing over the sink and the blood was pouring out in a steady stream.   It bled for quite a while.

Needless to say.......I had just purchased (NICE) white sheets and had them on the bed.    Yep....a big portion of his side was saturated in blood.  OK...enough of grossing you out!!!

I can tell you for sure,  it skeered this gurl.....

Here are a few pictures of the "Father's Day Celebration" that our church held yesterday evening...

Sooooooooo   Much Fun!!   

And Oh......Vacation is this month TOO!!

Happy June.....
Shug ~

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Party Pictures......

Party Pictures.......

Tyler was totally surprised!!   He had no clue about the theme of his graduation party

The Theme was from the movie  "Up", so cute!

 His "Adventure Awaits".......  

 Trista did a great job in making the cake balls that resembled tennis balls!!   Did any of you see this movie?
The old man's walker had tennis balls on the feet of it....

Our friend, Laura......did an outstanding job in making the cake!! tasted so yummy!

Tyler was all smiles!!

Another table that we set up......Tyler is going to attend the University of Texas in Tyler.   He plans to go into the Nursing Program.

Trista, Tyler, Kelsey (Tyler's Girlfriend) and Shanda Kay!!

Pops......signing Tyler's globe!

Tyler.......was thrilled about his "Money Cake"
I worked very hard on this cake.....
There were a lot of hidden surprises inside this cake!!

Tyler......all ready for his adventure in life!!

Up, up and away!!

The party was a huge success.......lots of family and friends, good food, lots of happiness, exciting future for Tyler!!

shug ~

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Prune's and A Few Laughs

So......I took Sam to his office visit at the ENT for his Post-op visit.   There was No wait at all!!  What a Blessing.

Sam was more than excited to get the packing out of his nose.  While, I know the misery that he has had with this surgery, I can't help but have a few laughs of my own!

Mylee wanted to know if Pops was gonna talk like that from now on!!  Have you ever stuck a clothespin on your nose and tried to talk?   If not, you should try it.    I can't really determine if the sound that is coming from Sam's voice, sounds like the clothespin pinch.....OR.....if it sounds like he has been inhaling helium!!!!  

Whatever it sounds really funny!  I assured Mylee that Pops would eventually get his NORMAL voice back.

At the ENT's office, one of the nurse's was the one to remove the packing.     Instead of packing, Sam had stints inside his nose.   Have you ever noticed how BIG the straws are from McDonalds?  Well....the stints in Sam's nose were the size of those straws......just only shorter.  

I'm gonna say that they were about three inches long!   The guy gently removed the stints, and then he turned to us and ask if we would like to keep them?????   I'm thinking...."WHAT?"

No way, do we want to keep those yucky things!  Surely....surely, NO ONE keeps them!!    

Do you know what happens when a person has to take pain meds for several days????   Oh yes.....the big (C) happens!

(C) as in constipation!!!!    Who do you think had to go and buy the Prune Juice?   Me!    Of course, I know every kid that works at our local Supermarket.    The one checking me out wanted to know if I was buying the Prune juice for me??

I said:  What does it matter if I am?   

She said:   That is for Old people!!  Old people who can't go to the bathroom.

I gave a big laugh and assured her that it was not for me.  

Oh my.....I have enjoyed some comical moments this week!!

Thanks for the prayers.....keep them coming!  Sam is beginning to feel better.

Shug ~

Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Morning Rain.......

We are enjoying a "SWEET" rain this morning....

Even though our plants get watered everyday, it's just not the same as what they get when it rains...

Rain water has nitrogen-bearing molecules in it and this is what the plants love!!

What a difference it will make in these plants,  by the end of the week. 

Isn't it beautiful?   And oh how I love the sound of thunder!!


I'll be taking Sam to the doctor this afternoon.....Hopefully, the packing will come out and he can once again breath through his nose.   Still having a rough time, but as time passes, it will get better....


We have a big party coming up this weekend.....I have much to do in order to help Trista get ready for this celebration!!
Tyler is being honored by family and friends and the theme of this celebration is adorable.  I would go ahead and tell you about it, but.......He reads my blog and we want it to be a big surprise!!   I can't wait to show it to ya'll next week!!


As always......make it a Good day!!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Morning News.....

Good Sunday morning, Friends!!

Quick update on Sam.......what else can I say.....He is Miserable!!   I suppose this is only to be expected when you have the kind of surgery that he had, at the age of 62!!

Our night, last night, was not good!!  Not good at all.   The pain meds are just not cutting the rope.  I just called the Doctor and we are now doubling up on the pain medication.

I think I have found a new love......  Chalk board writing has caught my eye!  I find it very interesting how one can take a simple chalkboard and make it into a piece of art.

Borrowed photo....

I have huge RED chalkboard that I can play with!  It's like being a kid again!!

Happy Sunday to you all....we have so very much to be thankful for!!

Each day is a new canvas to paint upon,
Make sure your picture is full of life and happiness,
and at the end of the day, don't look at it,
and wish that you had painted something different!
author unknown......

Sweet Hugs from me to you!!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Be You!!

Graduation is over.....

 It's your time to move forward.......

                       Don't Look Back!!

Don't look back.....If it's good, it's wonderful.  If it's bad, it is experience.  Don't look back in regret.....Move forward with your heart, full of determination and Hope!!

Spend time with people who lift your Spirit.   Live today ~ be present throughout your day.  Have an Attitude of Gratitude!

Prioritize YOUR happiness ~ allocate time and activities every day FOR YOU.  Be strong, face any Challenges Head on.

Take some time to breathe and slow down a little.  Listen to your inner being.

Believe in yourself, your dreams, and your aspirations......Take that first step toward fulfilling them.

Be Proud, Be Strong, Be Kind to yourself and to others and most importantly.......BE YOU!!

Love you Tyler Samuel Thomison...

Shug ~

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bitter Sweet Happenings...

I'm already thinking about tomorrow!  What is tomorrow you might ask?  It's GRADUATION day for our very first grandchild.  

Do I cry?  Do I not cry?   You know good and well that I will cry!!  I can't help myself.....

I'm what you call a "Passionate Diary writer" and my family gets to be the stars!

My life glitters when I think about ALL of the precious moments that I have been Blessed to have, with those that I love!

I write in my diary every single day....My favorite things to write about, are the super small things that happens in the lives of my kids, my husband, and my grandchildren....I also love to write about my prayers and the answers that God gives to those prayers.....

When I go to the diary page, dated October 15th, 2002.....which was a Tuesday, I read where the school called me that day.  Tyler was sick and not feeling very well and they wanted to know if I could come pick him up.

Trista was in college, so I was the one on the list to call.

I get to the school and walked into that particular room where the sick kids went to wait on their parents to pick them up.  As I turned the corner, I could hear singing and to my amazement, Tyler was turning flips on the couch.  He was not sick.....he only needed to see his Sugar!!!  Made my heart swell....

My diary list goes on and on and on.......things that made me laugh...things that made me cry.  These are all of the special times that have made my life good.   

So.....will I cry at Tyler's graduation?  Yes, I sure will.  I will have happy tears and I will also have another memory to write down in my diary journal....

Here are a few photos of Tyler's last week of High School...

Tyler and Jared (a friend) at baccalaureate!!!

One of his senior pictures.....

Senior awards.....received the "Blue and Gold" scholarship

Receiving his Honor's sash....

Senior students with their National Honor Society Sashes...

Tyler and Kelsey.....

At Baccalaureate......

Tomorrow night will be bitter-sweet for this Sugar, but it will be a night that opens a window to the future for Tyler.
I'm so excited!!!!

Shug ~

BTW....did you notice Tyler's haircut??

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Scaredy Cats

Hey Everyone......

My patient is doing very well.  The pain meds are working and he is actually resting very well.  Thanks for all the prayers.

I am truly exhausted!!!  What is it about sitting at a hospital that just wears a person out?  It's not as if I was
actually doing any kind of physical, it must be
a mental issue!!

This is really funny.....especially if any of you possibly knew what a scaredy cat I really am.

FACT:  I DON"T like to stay by myself at night.

I hear all kinds of sounds!  I see every movement, even if it is just the tiniest dust bunny blowing through the air.

I prop chairs in front of the doors, I check and re-check the windows and doors to make sure they are locked, I turn on every single outdoor light attached to this house.  Shades are all down and curtains are closed!!

It's kinda like I send out signals to all those passing by, that I am home alone!  People can drive by and say: "Yep, she's home by herself tonight."  They can tell, just by seeing the dollars that I'm using in electricity.

Well......last night, I came home from the hospital and I rushed in and went through every room in the house.  (Yep, it was still light outside.)   I just needed to make sure that I checked everything.  

I took my shower (shocker) and then I hopped into bed.  In just a short time, I was out like a light.  I think I woke up once, to go the bathroom and that was around 10:30.   Other than that, I slept all night long!!   Shanda was scheduled to call me early this morning, just to make sure  that I woke up in time to get back over to the hospital EARLY.  

Ended up, that I woke up on my own because there was so much early morning light, shining through one of our bedroom windows.!!  Great goodness, I hopped up, only to realize that the shade had fallen sometime during the night and that particular window was completely uncovered!!   

I would have had a fit if I had known that this happened during the night!!

About six weeks ago, Sam and I ordered wood shutters for the windows in our bedroom.   They have not come in yet, so for right now, I have some temporary (Cheap) shades covering our windows.   Evidently, one of them decided that last night was the perfect night to detach itself from the wall.

This means that I slept most of the night with nothing covering that window!!!!!  Yikes!  Any kind of booger bear could have been watching me sleep....This was not good!

One of the first things I did this afternoon was to secure the shade that covers that window!!  

Hope I sleep tonight and hope that I don't lay awake....worrying about the shade falling again!! I'm still tired and I need my sleep...

Are any of you scaredy cats like me???

Shug ~

Monday, June 2, 2014

He has the Jitters....

I have never seen my hubby have the jitters like he has had this evening.....   We have to be at the hospital by 6:00 A.M. and his surgery is scheduled for 8:00 A.M.

About 8 years ago, Sam had both of his knees replaced at the same time and I know for sure that this surgery was extremely painful......   He had months of therapy and it took about a year for him to fully recover.

I have always heard it said that the older you are, the harder it is when you have your tonsils removed!!??  I'm sure that having the uvula trimmed makes it even harder.   

What makes this surgery seem so bad (for me) is having to have the nasal passages reworked and then packed!  I am a nose breather and it makes me cringe to think that my nose would be packed and I would be unable to breath through the nose.   Bless his heart....he will do great....I KNOW!

I can't imagine this surgery being any worse than his knee surgery, however.....his ENT doctor, our family doctor, and his sleep apnea doctor have all told him that this is a very painful surgery....  

Needless to say.......I feel like my patient will be requiring a whole lot of my time this week.  If you don't hear from me for a few days, please know that I'll be back soon!!

I'll keep you all updated!!


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Be Still.........

\I must admit that I don't always listen for the voice of God..
As much as I try, there are days when my mind is focused on other things and I forget to be still and let God be in control.

I sometimes repress the Holy Spirit and therefore, I am unable to hear God's voice directing me.   

Here's the funny thing though......I seek God and I ask HIM to lead me, to open doors, to give me wisdom......but yet, I 
go through my day, unconscious  of His small still voice because I do not quite myself.

I'm pretty sure that there are times when God shakes His head in amazement of how quick I am to ask, but how much quicker I am to become deaf when He speaks.    

I don't have the answers to so many things......and yes, I can say that I'm waiting on God to reveal what it is that He wants ME to do......but, the truth is, I am not reaching down into the depths of my hearing, to master what God is saying.

  Sunflowers are flowers that can brighten ANY day!! They bring such a sunny attitude and they make me think Positive thoughts!!! I guess yo...