Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Prune's and A Few Laughs

So......I took Sam to his office visit at the ENT for his Post-op visit.   There was No wait at all!!  What a Blessing.

Sam was more than excited to get the packing out of his nose.  While, I know the misery that he has had with this surgery, I can't help but have a few laughs of my own!

Mylee wanted to know if Pops was gonna talk like that from now on!!  Have you ever stuck a clothespin on your nose and tried to talk?   If not, you should try it.    I can't really determine if the sound that is coming from Sam's voice, sounds like the clothespin pinch.....OR.....if it sounds like he has been inhaling helium!!!!  

Whatever it sounds really funny!  I assured Mylee that Pops would eventually get his NORMAL voice back.

At the ENT's office, one of the nurse's was the one to remove the packing.     Instead of packing, Sam had stints inside his nose.   Have you ever noticed how BIG the straws are from McDonalds?  Well....the stints in Sam's nose were the size of those straws......just only shorter.  

I'm gonna say that they were about three inches long!   The guy gently removed the stints, and then he turned to us and ask if we would like to keep them?????   I'm thinking...."WHAT?"

No way, do we want to keep those yucky things!  Surely....surely, NO ONE keeps them!!    

Do you know what happens when a person has to take pain meds for several days????   Oh yes.....the big (C) happens!

(C) as in constipation!!!!    Who do you think had to go and buy the Prune Juice?   Me!    Of course, I know every kid that works at our local Supermarket.    The one checking me out wanted to know if I was buying the Prune juice for me??

I said:  What does it matter if I am?   

She said:   That is for Old people!!  Old people who can't go to the bathroom.

I gave a big laugh and assured her that it was not for me.  

Oh my.....I have enjoyed some comical moments this week!!

Thanks for the prayers.....keep them coming!  Sam is beginning to feel better.

Shug ~


Terra said...

That is good Sam is feeling better, and you got a laugh out of the prune juice buying.

Ginny said...

I'm glad Sam is almost through with his ordeal. I am well familiar with narcotic constipation! I would not keep the stent either! But when they took my gallbladder out, I did keep the jar of stones! But I don't have it now.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad he is over the worst, not breathing through your nose that long must have been horrible!No secrets in a small town is there lol,

Betsy Adams said...

Hey Cutie, This made me smile this morning.. Loved it.. There are always comical moments to everything, aren't there???

Getting to keep those 'straws' is like someone asking me if I kept my gallbladder.... GADS! ha ha

If prune juice doesn't work for Sam, try some good ole milk of magnesia. I still think it's the best for constipation problems...


Cheryl @ TFD said...

I hope Sam starts feeling better now that the worst is over. LOL at the prune juice conversation. Ah, the joys of small town living!
Have a great day!

Mary Callan said...

Poor guy, hope he's feeling better and better!

Melinda said...

Oh so funny!
We have both experienced the side effects of pain meds and IT IS NOT fun. We have always been told to by Dulcolax and that has helped.

Glad Sam is on the road back to his old self.

Take care.

M :)

Gail Dixon said...

Your ability to find humor in most situations is what makes you so special! Not only did I pray for Sam, I wrote his name in my prayer book. Will continue to lift him up...for his sake and yours. :)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh my! You just have to laugh and keep going, don't you? I'm keeping you BOTH in my prayers sweet friend! Hugs, Diane

Lea said...

How funny!!! I'm thinking Miralax would be better than prune juice. Bet he felt better just having those stints out. Happy weekend

Barb said...

Hi Shug!

I'll bet Sam is really happy to have those "straws", out of his nose...ouch! Pain meds do throw you for a loop! I just hope that the prune juice works for him!


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