Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Sunday, June 22, 2014

My Shopping Journey

Let it officially be known that I.....(Shug Pollard) do NOT like bra's......

Hey, I know that this is Sunday and that you probably are expecting a nice devotion from me today, but GOD knows that HE is first in my life and HE knows the agony that I have been through this week!!

Friends......Don't go to town with your grown daughters!!
The next time that they call me for a "Girls" day out.....I promise you, that I am going to refuse.   I'm going to be busy!

So, we go to town one day this past week.....for the sole purpose of getting stuff for our Vacation next week. girls had other plans!!  Plans that they did not include me in!!

Can you believe that they had the nerve to tell me that it's now time to ditch the training bra and buy a REAL one!!

First of all......I love my "so called" training bras!!  I really do.   And second of's not any of their business what I wear. 

I'm thinking to myself that I will appease them and finally go try on a bra that they think I need.  

I must admit, there were some VERY FUNNY  moments in that dressing room.    I'm not super comfortable about taking off my clothes in front of a certified bra lady, just so she can measure me!!  But, I did!!

First of all, she brings me a "Spanx" to try on......she leaves me in the dressing room so that she can go find the Bra that SHE feels will be comfortable and lifting!!  

While in the dressing room, I struggle putting on the datgum Spanx.   It honestly was like being pinned up in a cage with some kind of elastic string that was trying to squeeze the very life out of me.

Finally, the sales lady returned, only to say to me......."What did I tell you?  Which side did I tell you was the front?"  

You've got it right......I had the datgum thing on backwards.

Oh what a fight, what a battle it really was......trying to pull the thing off, turn it around and pull it up again!    So not worth it!!

I had already told my girls that I was not gonna try on or wear one of those bras that looks like a big ol' swimming cap.   Nope, not gonna do it!!  I would rather look FLAT as to not be able to see my feet.   (Besides that, I just don't have a need for a bra like that)

The lady comes back and what do you think she had in her hand?   You are right......she had a bra  that was big enough to fit around a soccer ball!  I'm thinking:  "Goodness Gracious lady.....fat doesn't qualify to be boobs."   

Surely.....she wasn't going to try to stuff all my upper fat into that thing.   Well.....that is exactly what she did.  

$182.00 later.....I walk out of that store with 3 bra's and a stinking Spanx.      Not to worry though...  I wore my old "Training Bra" to the ballgame Friday night and both girls really bragged about how much difference it made with me wearing my new bra!!    Ha, Ha......the joke was on them!!

I still haven't worn one, nor have I worn that tight fitting piece of elastic!!   Don't plan to either!   Tomorrow morning I will be $182.00 richer!!   Going to get my money back and I'm not taking the girls with me!!

I know you all are so happy to know all about my bra adventure!!    Do any of you still wear "Training Bras?"

Have a happy and restful Sunday evening!!



Mary Callan said...

that's a funny story!!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Hahaha!'re so funny. Well, at least you had a 'memorable' time with your daughters. ;)
...this reminds me, I've got some personal items to return to Bealls this week,too!

Ginny said...

Well, you know I cannot resist a post with shopping in the title. This is one case of age being more wise. Only YOU know what you like and what feels comfy. I had a bra fitter lady once, and it felt like we were lesbians! As for the Spanx, that is a nice word for GIRDLE! Remember back in Victorian times when women were always fainting on the fainting couches and had to have smelling salts? It was those dresses that laced up the back, they couldn't breathe!! And that is true! Shug is supposed to be Shug, and not a teenage girls idea of what you should be! Bless their hearts!

Melinda said...

Oh too funny!

I am not fan of bra shopping, your
experiece is one reason.

Good luck.

M : )

Gail Dixon said...

OMGosh, I was laughing all the way through this! Those girls of yours! lol I remember trying to talk my mom into a proper "support" bra. She would have nothing to do with that either. I'm all for giving "the girls" support, but the spanx thing sounds like a torture thank you! Oh, Shug, you sure made me giggle today and I needed that. :)

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Too funny. Wish I could fit into a training bra,but no such luck for this girl.Oh well,this is what God has given me so I have to deal with it.

Lea said...

Oh, I laughed out loud! I have a "bra fitting" story too but I loved being custom fitted for a bra and have never been more comfortable with my bra. I had been totally wearing the wrong size and it made such a difference when I got the correct size. I do not like a T-shirt bra at all, but to each his own. I have a friend that won't wear anything else either.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

LOL! This is a funny story, Shug! Wish I could wear training bras! I hate wearing bras and go without at home. It's funny to see me scramble to put one on if the doorbell rings! lol! I can never find a bra that fits properly and I hate the wired ones or the ones that I think looks like a foam breathing mask. Of course, they quit making the ones that I really liked! I don't blame you for returning the bras, I would too if I weren't going to wear them. Too funny about your girls thinking you were!

Anonymous said...

for some reason this post i not come up on my reader list!! So I rea the first one an came here to see what you took back an I say goo for you!!!! My daughters are after me alllll the time to wear a push up the girls bra an I prefer sorts bras, I think the joke is on them, lol, I laughed right out loud when I read this, you are so funny, I 'm so glad you are having a goo time, an Duck Dynasty is one funny show!!!!I think Miss Kay is adorable, I love the way they talk!!! The accent I mean, ( remember I'm from Northern Canada, we don't have an accent, lol!!!

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