Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A small Review...

As I start to type this post....the time is 7:58 P.M.

Let's just see how long it takes me to fill this page with the thoughts that are swirling in my head.

First of all....I am so very thankful that I can sit here and write a post.  For the past several days....I have been miserable.  

I really was not able to enjoy the Christmas family gathering this past Sunday, because I felt like someone had uncapped a bottle of pure pain...and poured it all over me.   I'm still on meds and a complete liquid diet...but at least I do have pain relief!!

So much for all of this sick talk. I'm ready to feel better!!!!


In other news:  My dad is being moved tomorrow!!  Yep, (the first Nursing Home) has decided that he needs to be somewhere else!! we go to another memory care facility!!    It's not that dad is mean or a trouble maker...In actuality, he is so sweet and wants to do everything right.   He just simply wants to be home!!!   :( 


I spent some time this afternoon, going back over some of my 2014 post.   Actually....over 250 of them.   

It is amazing to go back and review the happenings in your life.  Some were great, some were bittersweet, and some were filled with Blessings galore.

In January of 2014....I received a wonderful gift from Pam @ pamsmidwestkitchenkorner!  This was a great way to start the year!

We all love gifts... don't we??
There were a lot of days when I was absorbed in the peace of God's creation.

We had days of moving....the kids finally moved into their beautiful new home!!  As a matter of fact, I need to do a post about their new home and show you just how beautiful it is.

There were days filled with complete thankfulness for the protection that God placed around our family.....

Oh yes.....the year 2014 has brought a few days of sadness...but as I went through each post....I discovered just how much God loves me..

Our family experienced some ups and downs...we experienced the joy of owning an umbrella on those dreary, rainy days...Even in the rain, we were protected..... We have also experienced the greatness of God, as He so graciously poured HIS love out upon us!!  

2014 is coming to an end....

Happy New Year....  2015  *!*! 


It's now 8:26...not too bad for writing a simple post.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It was the Pie's Fault.....

Good Morning everyone!  It's cold outside....around here!

Well....I just finished chatting with one of my (Besties), via texting and I told her how mad I am at myself!!

I just had to do it......I had to have a slice of this delicious pie!!  Coconut Pie!!

Why?  Why?  did I do it?  It was the pie's fault.  It was screaming out at me...."Your taste buds need this!"

So....I did!  I ate a slice or maybe two.  Just imagine....a perfect flaky pie crust, that is filled with rich coconut cream, layered with coconut and mile high meringue.

Who could resist?

I wish I had.....because I now have another bout of diverticulitis! is painful.   

Trista took me to the Dr. yesterday and they hooked me up to an IV of fluid and meds....I was dehydrated and nauseous...The Doctor also gave me something for nausea, which made me so super sleepy!!

It was quite a sight....I'm sure!

This is the first step, and hopefully it will get better.  Dr. Robin informed me that I might still have to be admitted to the hospital....if we don't see some great changes.   I'm hoping not!

Not sure that I ever completely got over the bout in October!  I guess we will see how good the meds work.....

For now....I'm sitting, drinking, drinking, and drinking..lots of water and Gatorade!   

Our New Year's Eve celebration will be a quite one this year.  
 What plans do you all have for celebrating the New YEAR??


Sunday, December 28, 2014

Meet my family....

Family Gathering today....2014
Meet my family!!

Shanda...our youngest daughter. Lindy & Coleman (my niece and nephew).. Cody (my nephew).. and Trista...our daughter!

They all were Hungry!!  

The newest member of our family...Miss Kennedy Kidd. Isn't she precious? I think so!

My youngest brother, Joe....Kari...and baby Kennedy!
Kennedy is Joe's first grandchild!!

My older brother....David, better known as Dave! His granddaughter Landyn!

Fajitas and Mexican food....they were all enjoying this meal.

Shanda and Tyler.....

The guys....

My sister-in-law, Kay....playing a candy cane game!

The Kiddo's playing the game!

Our girls....and my other niece Lyndie!!

Fun times!!

Our family is Blessed!


Family Gathering....

Today....we have a family gathering!  A few photos of the past!!

Can't wait to see all of this crew, today!!


Friday, December 26, 2014

More Christmas Celebrations....

We have a few more family gatherings ahead of us... 

Christmas with Sam's parents tonight, and then we will celebrate Christmas with my brothers and their families on Sunday!!

Today....I'm doing NOTHING!!

Sam and I are enjoying this day, by sitting around...watching TV...and having our feet propped up!!  I love these kind of days!

Our TV watching today, consist of hunting shows and more hunting shows.  I think I have all of the knowledge that it takes to be a professional (DEER,TURKEY,and MULE) hunter!!  

We have traveled from South Texas, all the way to the Colorado mountains....and in all kinds of weather conditions!!  Right now....this hunting show has us in some deep snow!!!

What are the rest of you doing today?  The day after Christmas???

Shug ~

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I'm not a procrastinator.....I have just been way too busy this Christmas season to send out Christmas cards.....

Merry Christmas ALL.....


Monday, December 22, 2014

Scents and Excitements.....

 The scent of Christmas is all around.   I love how the smell of a Balsam Fir, permeates our entire home..

Honestly....I think I'm addicted to this sweet fragrance!  The smell of Fir trees....takes me to a magical Christmas experience.   

I can just picture myself being surrounded by snow....lots of snow, massive mountain peaks, sleigh rides, lights dangling from all kinds of evergreen trees, and.... the smell of hot cocoa!

Envy??  I try not to envy....but for those of you who live up North...near the mountains...I kinda envy the ambience that surrounds you, each Christmas season.

I also enjoy the smell of pies baking (especially mincemeat)...mulled cider, sugar cookies, and cranberries with oranges, and cinnamon sticks simmering.

Do any of you associate certain fragrances with this festive time of year? 

How about certain sounds?  Sounds like BELLS.   The bells will be ringing on every street I hear!  Jingle bells, church bells, and choirs singing....fires crackling, and people laughing all around.

Oh the sights, the sounds and the SMELLS of Christmas....They truly push my excitement button....

Still on my list today....

1.  Make Fudge
2.  Wrap a couple of gifts
3.  Get my games together
4.  Visit my dad..

See ya later...

shug ~

Friday, December 19, 2014

Memories....a trail of glitter!!

We are days away from Christmas......are you ready?

I may not be completely ready with my gift giving, but I am ready in my heart, as we prepare to celebrate the Birth of Jesus!!  

This is the most beautiful time of year.....I love decorating our home and wrapping up the presents.  I also love singing the old Christmas carols that I sang as a child.  and.... Who doesn't love eating lots of Christmas goodies?   I do!!

It is so wonderful to sit around with family and friends, and to recollect beautiful memories of Christmases past.   One of my favorite memories happened about 10 years ago......(just a couple of  years before my mom's passing) 

Mother was so excited that year.   She wanted us to have a family "Progressive" dinner.   The guys got the trailer decked out with hay, rocking chairs,  blankets, a Christmas tree and even Christmas LIGHTS, that worked!!  

Our journey began at my niece's house.....we gathered for appetizers and punch.   Then it was on to Shanda's house, for photos!  Oh yes....we took  a lot of family pictures, and a whole lot of funnies!!  Next, we traveled to our house for a few more snacks.  Oh we traveled down the road from place to place.......did we ever sing our hearts out!!   there was a whole lot of singing along the way!!  None of us could carry a pretty tune,  but we for sure.....had ourselves a wonderful time!

We ended up at my brother's home.......where we all shared a wonderful meal together......Later, we played a lot of family games!!  Teams were chosen and we began to make the most exciting snowmen that anyone had ever seen.....   We used lots of toilet tissue and all kinds of other things, to make the best snowmen in town.   Can you believe that MY team did not win??

 I can still see the joy and the happiness on my mom's face!!   Her heart was full of joy!!  What a precious memory for me....  My mom always left a trail of glitter wherever she went!!!

Isn't this what it's all about?  Sharing love with one another and giving a smile to those around.  

Do you have a special Christmas memory??

May the lovely season of Christmas bring you Blessings in abundance....


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Our Words Write a Story......

Good Morning all.....

I've been sitting here this the comfort of our beautiful home....drinking my warm coffee....using my laptop, to catch up with family and feet are propped life is good! life is GREAT!

What I realize is.....that not everyone has these same comforts.   As stressful as the past month has been for me, it does not even come close to comparing to the hard times that many live, daily!!!

My goal for today is not to gain your sympathy.....I only intend to share the "Reality of life."

By reading each of your post.....I can catch a glimpse of an UP or DOWN day that you are having.... and I'm happy to say a sweet prayer for my friends.   
  I'm pretty sure that you can do the same when I write a post.   

Our words write a story of our everyday life.

Like most of you.....I never truly relate my entire feelings to the fullest!  After all.....I am an OPTIMIST!  I like to be happy....I like everyone around me to be happy....I would love for everyone in the world to be happy!

These past few months have been extremely difficult for me.
Not only has the Alzheimer's been playing havoc on my dads has exhausted me both mentally and physically.  I'm not brother has spent many nights, having to get up at 2 or 3 in the morning, to take care of dad.   14 days to date, he has been in the hospital.   

My plate has not only been has been WAY overflowing!   It hasn't just been my dad....there have been several unexpected events that have placed a heavy toll on my everyday life.  

I apologize if I have become a some what "Woe is Me" blogger!!  

I refuse to let these small things be my stay......I am an over comer.....and the BEST part of it all, is:  God loves me and HE never fails!  I have VICTORY through Jesus Christ.

I dare to think what the past couple of months would have been like, Without God in my life. get on with the rest of my post!  This is the Season when are hearts are more in tune with the pain that many experience on a daily basis.  Our eyes and ears must be alert, so that we recognize and help.

Just this morning.....I was reading a FB post from one of my friends, as to how she was approached yesterday, by a lady....asking my friend if she could help buy groceries for the lady's family.    The lady did not want money....she needed milk and eggs, to help feed her grandchildren.  

Many elderly people are having to raise their grandchildren...They either live on a limited income...or they still have to work, just to meet the NEEDS of the family.

Sad isn't it?   

and then, there is this Santa thing!!!!!!!!!

Is Santa a fair Santa?  We teach our young kids to ask for all the things they WANT.....TV's, iPads, Bike's, Computer's, the newest iPhone, Tennis shoes that can cost 150.oo or more!  So on, and so on!!!

What we have here are, Wealthy Santa's and Poor Santa's!

ALL children want a visit from the Wealthy Santa!!  However.....this isn't possible!!   

When we look at Christmas in the sense of material things.....then I would venture to say, that NOT everyone's Christmas is Merry!!   A lot of little hearts get broken!

Praise God......that it does not matter if one is rich or poor....We all can have the same RICH relationship with GOD!  After all.....this is the most important thing in life!!

I'd rather have Jesus than silver or gold;
I'd rather be His than have riches untold;
I'd rather have Jesus, than houses or land;
I'd rather be led by His nail pierced hand

Than to be the king of a vast domain;
Or be held in sin's dread sway;
I'd rather have Jesus than anything;
This world affords today

Sweet Hugs to each of you!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

84 !!!!!

Thinking of my sweet dad today......  It's his 84th birthday!!

I visited with him last evening at the hospital.......(yes, he is still in the hospital) and I could tell he really just wanted to go to sleep.    After being there for about 30 minutes, he made the comment that I needed to go on home!  He is so sweet!!

Bless his heart.....

Much love to you Dad.....Happy 84th Birthday!

Shug ~

Monday, December 15, 2014

The TEST..

It's that time of the are taking their end of semester test.....

Tyler,  finished his college exams this past week....

And then comes the great anticipation of the grade that they will be given for all of their hard work during the past few months.  

Life is full of TEST....Many different kinds of test!

Here I go thinking deep again......but, what if, at the end of each day, God expected us to turn over a written exam of our daily deeds.  

I can't even begin to imagine how many RED marks would show up on my test!!  How many things would be circled?  What would my score be?

It would be my HOPES to pass everyday.....but, I know there are days when my kindness, my trust, my good deeds.....FAIL.

Imperfections, failures, weakness, transgressions....these are all part of our Earthly home.   However, just because these things do come with the bundle of our life here on does not mean that we shouldn't try our best...every single make an A+ on every test!

God is so Gracious and full of Mercy.  His Mercies are new every morning!  For this, I am extremely grateful.

Warm Hugs...

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Thinking Out Loud

I'm in a waiting place right now in my seems that I notice every small moment that is passing me by...

I want to lasso the many layers of life that are passing by so quickly...  Kinda sounds like I'm contradicting myself by saying I'm in a waiting place and yet Life is passing by so quickly...

Life is going fast and I'm struggling with whatever it is that God has in mind for me.  There are days, when I think I have it....I know where I'm suppose to be and then suddenly..LIFE changes,situations change... and I am off track and heading in a different direction.  

I do not believe that it is God's will for me to trade my joy for sorrow.  The truth is...I am the guilty one...who loses sight of my purpose and joy. 

Do you think that this conversation that I'm having with myself, has anything to do with not being content? I hope not!!

The truth is....I think that my life is on hold for a specific purpose...  I have other obligations that are happening right now and until these things are resolved...I will probably remain in this waiting place.

  Why did my wisdom not come sooner??  Like perhaps 10 or 15 years ago??

Just thinking out loud!!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

I'm awake!

Good Early Morning....It is now 2:30 A.M. and I am wide awake.

Reason why?  I haven't a clue!


1.  I'm waiting on Santa Claus!
2.  The gifts are not wrapped...
3.  Thinking of my dad, who is 
    still in the hospital.
4.  Anticipating the next few 
5.  My foot/knee is aching....
6.  Wishing I could do more for
    those in need.
7.  Acid Reflux!!!!!!!
8.  Waiting on the snow!!! lol.
9.  Family and Friends on my mind.
10. Waiting on God to speak to 
    my heart.

Perhaps, it's all of these things that are keeping me awake! 

Do you ever have nights like this?

Oh well...I can grab a few winks later, if I'm tired. is so very Peaceful at night....when you are the only one awake in the house.   All is quite!

I might could get use to this!!


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Tour continued...

Continuing the Christmas Tour...

Breakfast area....

Sam built my sign out of old boards, and Shanda painted it for me!!  LOVE it!

OK....Sam found this old kerosene heater, back in the Summer...  I wanted to do something with it, but just was not sure what to do....then a light bulb went off.  Fill the center part with Christmas lights and stick it in the fireplace!  Exactly what I did!!

Filled my Gumball machine with Christmas colored gumballs...  Looks like we will be having red and green Christmas gum for 4th of July as well...

Certainly enjoyed being able to use my old Suitcase!!


My old Red bench.....with a few old Christmas things gathered on it...

This is an old door that came out of the house that was torn down on Trista and Ty's building site.
Such a eye catcher!!!

Yes...this is one of our old beach pictures...and yes, it is out at Christmas!  Love my family photos!

I made the red tree out of cardboard and card stock....a fun project!!

Spare Bedroom....the tree is made of of old bed springs....I used strips of material to make ribbons for this tree...

Top of the ladder tree....

Another pic of my gumdrop tree...

Bows that I made for the back of my dining room chairs....

A Country Christmas kind of place!


A Day of Remembrance

  We have had a Beautiful Day here in East Texas....... Memorial Day:   A day of remembrance for those who died in service for our Country! ...