Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, December 19, 2014

Memories....a trail of glitter!!

We are days away from Christmas......are you ready?

I may not be completely ready with my gift giving, but I am ready in my heart, as we prepare to celebrate the Birth of Jesus!!  

This is the most beautiful time of year.....I love decorating our home and wrapping up the presents.  I also love singing the old Christmas carols that I sang as a child.  and.... Who doesn't love eating lots of Christmas goodies?   I do!!

It is so wonderful to sit around with family and friends, and to recollect beautiful memories of Christmases past.   One of my favorite memories happened about 10 years ago......(just a couple of  years before my mom's passing) 

Mother was so excited that year.   She wanted us to have a family "Progressive" dinner.   The guys got the trailer decked out with hay, rocking chairs,  blankets, a Christmas tree and even Christmas LIGHTS, that worked!!  

Our journey began at my niece's house.....we gathered for appetizers and punch.   Then it was on to Shanda's house, for photos!  Oh yes....we took  a lot of family pictures, and a whole lot of funnies!!  Next, we traveled to our house for a few more snacks.  Oh we traveled down the road from place to place.......did we ever sing our hearts out!!   there was a whole lot of singing along the way!!  None of us could carry a pretty tune,  but we for sure.....had ourselves a wonderful time!

We ended up at my brother's home.......where we all shared a wonderful meal together......Later, we played a lot of family games!!  Teams were chosen and we began to make the most exciting snowmen that anyone had ever seen.....   We used lots of toilet tissue and all kinds of other things, to make the best snowmen in town.   Can you believe that MY team did not win??

 I can still see the joy and the happiness on my mom's face!!   Her heart was full of joy!!  What a precious memory for me....  My mom always left a trail of glitter wherever she went!!!

Isn't this what it's all about?  Sharing love with one another and giving a smile to those around.  

Do you have a special Christmas memory??

May the lovely season of Christmas bring you Blessings in abundance....



Betsy Adams said...

Love Christmas and hearing all of the memories... This gave me an idea for a Facebook Post this morning... I'll share a favorite Christmas memory on FB --so check it out there...


Ruth Hiebert said...

Happy memories like these are what keep us going long after that loved one has passed on.

Melinda said...


M : )

Debbie said...

I couldn't bring myself to bite one of those beautiful cookies. They're too purty! I'd get some ribbon and hang them on the tree :D
Your mom was obviously a lovely person, and I think she's passed that on to you!
Merry Christmas Shug.

Christine said...

This was one of the most precious Christmas memories I've ever read!!!
I will hold this in my heart.

Barb said...

Hi Shug!

First of all, I love the cute snowman header!

What a fun Christmas memory - your mom sounds like a wonderful woman! I love the idea of the snowman game, what a fun time.

Leaving a trail of glitter . . . sounds kind of like you my friend!


Gail Dixon said...

That is quite a beautiful memory. You must take after your mom. I am stunned that your team didn't win the snowman contest. :)

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