Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A small Review...

As I start to type this post....the time is 7:58 P.M.

Let's just see how long it takes me to fill this page with the thoughts that are swirling in my head.

First of all....I am so very thankful that I can sit here and write a post.  For the past several days....I have been miserable.  

I really was not able to enjoy the Christmas family gathering this past Sunday, because I felt like someone had uncapped a bottle of pure pain...and poured it all over me.   I'm still on meds and a complete liquid diet...but at least I do have pain relief!!

So much for all of this sick talk. I'm ready to feel better!!!!


In other news:  My dad is being moved tomorrow!!  Yep, (the first Nursing Home) has decided that he needs to be somewhere else!! we go to another memory care facility!!    It's not that dad is mean or a trouble maker...In actuality, he is so sweet and wants to do everything right.   He just simply wants to be home!!!   :( 


I spent some time this afternoon, going back over some of my 2014 post.   Actually....over 250 of them.   

It is amazing to go back and review the happenings in your life.  Some were great, some were bittersweet, and some were filled with Blessings galore.

In January of 2014....I received a wonderful gift from Pam @ pamsmidwestkitchenkorner!  This was a great way to start the year!

We all love gifts... don't we??
There were a lot of days when I was absorbed in the peace of God's creation.

We had days of moving....the kids finally moved into their beautiful new home!!  As a matter of fact, I need to do a post about their new home and show you just how beautiful it is.

There were days filled with complete thankfulness for the protection that God placed around our family.....

Oh yes.....the year 2014 has brought a few days of sadness...but as I went through each post....I discovered just how much God loves me..

Our family experienced some ups and downs...we experienced the joy of owning an umbrella on those dreary, rainy days...Even in the rain, we were protected..... We have also experienced the greatness of God, as He so graciously poured HIS love out upon us!!  

2014 is coming to an end....

Happy New Year....  2015  *!*! 


It's now 8:26...not too bad for writing a simple post.


Terra said...

Happy New Year to you, and I am glad you are well enough to post today, and to look back on your year, with all its bumps and joys. May 2015 be filled with blessings for you.

Ginny said...

I love your header, it is brilliant! I am glad you are not in pain now, but I know it is hard to eat no solid food. I wish for you a new year overflowing with many blessings.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well and this is such a bad time to not be able to eat! I hope and pray that the meds will kick the pain to the curb for good!
Take care of yourself and Happy New Year!

littlesunshineegirl said...

We all have bad times during life and I pray that God will help you through everything that is before you! 2014 has been a sweet and bitter year for everyone. It is definitely a blessing to be alive! Have a Happy New Year and may God bless you and your family!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Shug, I'm glad you are feeling a bit better!! The Flu Grinch tried to steal our Christmas joy, too!! Grrrr....

I hope this next spot is the perfect spot for your Dad to feel "home". Such a hard thing. Bless his heart... and yours.

Wishing you and yours all the very best in 2015. blessings ~ tanna
ps as soon as things settle we do need to enjoy lunch together! =)

Debbie said...

I'm glad you are comfortable. Hope you recover real soon. So sorry about the whole thing with your dad. It was the same with my mom. Tough years. God used those years to teach me how to lean on Him. Glad you already know how to do that.
Would love to see pics of that new home and I'll bet she's a great decorator like her momma.
Looking forward to another year of swapping posts with you. Besides writing a blog I really enjoy and learn from, you're a dear connection to my home state of Texas. Thank you.

Ida said...

New beginnings are so fun because they are full of promise and hope. Reflecting back is also great because we see lessons learned. - Happy New Year.

Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Happy New Year Shug...
Hope you continue to get well ...and start feeling better real soon.
Sounds like you had a lot on your plate last year... Joys and sadness, ups and downs...a sweet balance really. After all...we wouldn't know the Good we are given, if not for the bad. True, huh?
Hope the pain lifts... have peace about your Dad.
Prayers for you. Stay warm and dry, I'm happy to have met you in 2014. ;)

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