Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Happenings...

Happy Sunday to All.....

Listen.....I feel like I have really been "Churched" today!!  The Praise and Worship was Awesome....

The message was Awesome.....and my Church Family is the Best.  

Once like a bird in prison I dwelt
No freedom from my sorrow I felt
But Jesus came and listened to me
And glory to God He set me free

He set me free yes He set me free
And He broke the bonds of prison for me
I'm glory bound my Jesus to see
For glory to God He set me free

Now I am climbing higher each day
Darkness of mine has drifted away
My feet are planted on higher ground
And glory to God I'm homeward bound

The words to this song.....this is excitement!!

Speaking of Music....I mentioned yesterday that I was

going to hear "Randy Travis" last night!  

(yes....he was fully clothed and totally sober)

He really has a wonderful voice and the show was

very clean.  I totally enjoyed myself.

This was a  " Wounded Warriors" event and oh my 

goodness, my heart was really touched!

I never want to take for granted, the sacrifice that

the men and women of the military do for 

our Country!  

I saw elderly men, who fought in World War II, standing 

there with tear filled eyes, as the National Anthem was 

sung....This shows true "LOVE" for our Country.

We are a Blessed Nation!!!

God's Blessings are new every morning, but the question

comes to long will our Heavenly Father

continue to Bless a Country that continues to put

HIM on the back burner?????

It's time for us to 


It's a beautiful rainy day outside....

I think I hear a nap calling my name...

Blessings Y'all


Saturday, September 29, 2012

It's a Win.....

It was another GREAT night for the Bears!  Bears 42 ...... Rusk 21

I am so Proud of our Bears!!  It was a straight pick from all the Sportscasters....Rusk was picked to win....

However, the Brownsboro Bears had other plans in mind....

How difficult it is, to be heading into a game, knowing that the opposing team is picked 100 percent to walk

all over you?  This game of Football can really be a mind game as well as a physical game.  Thank goodness

the mind game for the Bears was one of determination!!

Listen y'all......I love this game!   # of the best grandsons in the world, scored another BEAUTIFUL

touchdown, while # of the best nephews in the world, played an awesome game of defense!

All in All....the entire team played a Terrific game!     And.....the Athletic Director and Head Coach ......

who happens to be one of the BEST son-in-loves really worked his magic on the team!!


Now, for tonight........I have more great plans for an exciting Saturday evening.....

I'M GOING TO SEE ......"RANDY TRAVIS".......and not only that, but our seats are gonna be

in the GREAT section!!

Until Tomorrow......

Shug ~

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Trust....A Beautiful Word.

Trust.....Do you Trust?  

Trusting God is all that we have to do.....When I trust God, it means that I can let go and give everything to Him....I don't have to try to spend hours, days, or even years, trying to control 
things or worrying over all the what if's in life.  After all, I am only one therefore, (I) cannot fix others.....I cannot change the world....I cannot make everything right.

Do you ever wake up in the mornings and feel as if you are toting around a HEAVY backpack.
You feel the weight on your shoulders as you're trying to get out of bed.  The backpack is loaded with all kinds of worries....all kinds of regrets, and all kinds of questions that have no answers.

For me, the weight of the backpack can quickly get my attention....This is when I stop and say:
"'s all yours!  Take this heavy load from my shoulders and do with it whatever you need to do."  "I'm TRUSTING YOU, GOD."

Did you know that TRUST is an everyday thing???  Trusting God to give us strength for the day.
Trusting God to give us our next breath.  Trusting God in all things!  

Trust......isn't it a beautiful word?  The good thing is that we can TRUST GOD in all things, small or large!

Earlier this week, I had misplaced something......I searched and searched, all over our home for this small thing, but it was no where to be found.  After much exhaustion from going through every drawer and even looking in my hiding places, I stopped and said:  "Lord...I know this is not a big thing...but, I really need to find this item.  Please God, I'm trusting in you to help me.  Help me to see what I have overlooked."

Did God instantly show me what I was looking for?  No, HE did not!  I had to use my noggin just a bit to think and allow God to lead me.  Time was running out, and at the very last moment,  I found what I was looking for!!  God knew exactly where it was and HE also knew the exact time that I would find it....I TRUSTED GOD to help me and HE did.

Go ahead....Trust God today, to do something extraordinary in your life!

God Is So Good.....


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dressing Up.....

                       It's Fall Y'all..........

And around here, we are busy pulling out all of the
beautiful Fall decorations that have been packed away for months now.   We are "Dressing Up" around here....

I just love unpacking the boxes that are marked 
FALL.....  Gorgeous colors of orange, yellow, green, brown, red, and yes....some black!, 

Pumpkins, dishes, Fall placemats, decorative items to fill the shelves, scarecrows, flowers, wreaths and all kinds of new and exciting things to decorate with.

This is fun....but it's a lot of work as well.  For this reason, cupcakes are needed to help make our day complete....GOT TO HAVE A CUPCAKE SNACK!

Won't you join us???

It's beginning to look like Fall around here!!

Company is always welcome around here....


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Priceless Photo

"Priceless Photo"

I was thrilled to have captured this photo of Miss Mylee Jo.    She had no idea that I was watching her 

that morning as she played in the back yard.   The horse in this picture is none other than "PETE the 

Horse-E, and he has been in our family for a very, very long time.  (Looks like he could use a 

paint job)

I was standing in the living room, looking out the French Doors, when I 

heard the sweetest  voice, coming from the back porch.  Mylee was singing her little heart out.

I had intended to grab my camera and make a short video for her Pops to see and listen to.

When I got back to the doors, I saw Mylee sitting there, on Pete, and she was so engaged in 

her own precious thoughts or dreams.

I would love to know what she was thinking when I snapped this picture!  Was there an Angel there

with her, singing her a lullaby?  She loves Rapunzel.....was she dreaming of letting down her golden 

hair?  Was it just the innocence of a child and the peace that fills them with happiness?

What ever it was....I am so thankful that I was able to capture the 

priceless smile on her face.....and I'm thankful for this special Blessing that

God knew would warm my heart.

Happy Days Y'all


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Road  Trip is OVER......and it's sweet to be home.

Can you believe.... We never even stepped onto the beach on our trip to Florida??

Only miles from the beautiful emerald colored water, and all we could do was to 

dream of the soft sands squishing through our toes.

How many of your are {OVER PACKERS?}  I'm guilty!!  Way too guilty.

My intentions start out great.  I promise myself, every time.....that I'm only going to carry what

is absolutely NECESSARY.  

Then something happens, just like it did on this trip.

Next thing I know, we are walking out the door with one large piece of luggage, one small piece of 

luggage, my huge (put my face on) bag, a laptop, the camera bag, a cooler, my pillow and my purse.

This is way too much folks!!  Who needs this many items for a four day trip, especially when we were 

driving for at least 8 hours a day?

In my defense.......I must say that we originally were not suppose to back until tomorrow (Sunday.)

So,.....See,...... {maybe} there was a reason to take 6 pairs of shorts (for each of us) PLUS, six shirts and 

six of everything else.....

My hubby.....{SAM} is so understanding....He realizes that it's the perfectionism in me.  It's

important for me to know that I'm not leaving ANYTHING that we might NEED behind.

He, as in {SAM} is the most perfect and BEST thing for me, EVER!

Always great to be home!!

Shug ~

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Business All the Way.....

It's a road trip this morning for me and mine.....

 Heading East, I 10.....and we have a beautiful day
in front of us...

We actually left yesterday morning and drove about 8 hours or so.  Florida bound with a few other stops, here and there.

The only challenging thing about this road trip, is that it's not one of those "Pleasure" trips....Business all the way.

Sam and I had breakfast this morning on the outdoor patio of our hotel.....the first thing I saw was a sign that said:
"Watch for Alligators."  Hmmm, it's comforting to know that while we were eating, we could have been "eaten" ourselves!

We have a lot of miles in front of us today....but, as you know, Time passes quickly when you're having fun!!

Hugs to you all...
Shug ~

Monday, September 17, 2012

Bless My Friends.....

The optimist keeps his eye on the doughnut, but the pessimist  sees only the hole!

It was Sam's morning to fix breakfast.....


Dough-nuts it was!

The kids are always full of energy when they eat their "Pop's"
breakfast.....Hmmmmm, I can't imagine why.


Do you allow yourself the privilege of living one day at a time?  Or, do you begin your week with stress and worries about things happening at the end of the week or the up-coming weekend?

I am one that prefers to have detailed plans, made in advance.  I keep a calendar and I am Always  writing on a notepad....of some kind.  Constantly taking Notes!

While, I think it's important to make plans, I must remember that TODAY is my blessing, my gift from God......When I open my eyes in the morning, I have to realize that this is the only day that I'm guaranteed to see.  

God richly blesses me by allowing ME to choose what my day will be like.  Will I give in to the worries about tomorrow, or will I rejoice in the music of today?

I saw a commercial the other day that had something to do with weight...I really wasn't paying close attention to it, but I did see the part where bags that weighed 10 pounds each were being dropped off as the people walked.  With each 
mile, their load was drastically reduced and therefore, they felt lighter and more free.  Each mile got easier and easier for them to walk.

The same holds true for our daily living......If we allow ourselves to tote around the burdens of yesterday, or the worries that we anticipate for the week ahead, then we find that we can barely move.  We are weighted down!!

We need to give the burdens of yesterday, to GOD.  God longs to carry these for us.   We must also NOT  pick up the burdens of the days to come.  We are not to be anxious about anything, and we need to rejoice in the things that are present.

Speaking of today.....let laughter reign and wait with anticipation for your piece of chocolate!

Bless my day at a time Lord...

shug ~

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Friday Night Review

Friday Night Review for the Brownsboro Bears.....

It was a definite WIN for our Bears last night.  The final score
ended up being 40 for the BEARS and 20 for Palestine.  

Oh my goodness.....the weather was perfect!  What I call "GREAT Football Weather."   70 degree temps with a slight breeze.

Yep....Grandson, Tyler.....scored the first touchdown of the evening, and it was a beautiful catch.  Have I mentioned that I love watching this kid play ball?  Well, I do and I am extremely proud of him.

                                                                   Coach Ty Thomison

I'm also proud of our school's Head Football Coach and
Athletic Director.......who, happens to be our Son-in-love!
Way to go Coach Thomison!!  Congratulations on the big

Aside from Football and the wins, I am thankful for the Christian examples that both my son-in-love and my grandson live by.  Ty works very hard to be a Christian leader for these young men on his team.  This is what is needed all across our Country...More men, dedicated to making a difference in the lives our young people.

Tyler wants to see others achieve their goals, and he has determined in his mind to be the kind of friend that wants the best for each of his teammates.  He is not afraid to pray for them or to share his faith with them.

It was a great evening!  Thank you Lord!

Hey y'all ....make this weekend good for somebody!  You'll be glad you did!

Shug ~

Friday, September 14, 2012

Smelling Good and Going Out??

FYI...........I am loving our much cooler temperatures! Yes, Hallelujah, we have had some great weather this week.....with rain to boot!!

Honestly, this has been one busy week for this gurl...
Still being a nurse to my sweet hubby, who by the way, is on the mend.  Thanks for all your many prayers!  Praise the Lord,  he has now been "headache" free for over three weeks now.
His incision is healing and his neck is getting better each day.

Now brings me to my other patient....MY DAD.  The one who is battling  Alzheimer's!   I know this is extremely difficult for the patient, but let me tell you, it's certainly NO picnic for the caregivers either.

One night this past week, around 2:30 in the dad decided to pack up his bathroom....I'm talking about everything in the bathroom!  He loaded everything into the laundry baskets, including the things hanging on the walls.

Where was he going??  Seems that someone (in his mind) was after him and all he knew was that he had to get out of there!  Well, he sure planned on smelling good wherever he went, because he sure wasn't leaving without his cologne!

Let me tell you, this man loves to smell good!  (The women who work the counter of our local Dillard's, ALL KNOW HIM WELL.....)   

During my dad's packing that morning, he had filled his pant pockets full of bottles of cologne, tooth paste, and all other kinds of toiletries.  No matter where he was going....He was sure to leave a scent.
Thankfully my brother, who lives right next door, was able to intervene in dad's "get away" before he escaped
out the door.

It has been a week full of all kinds of unusual events with my dad.

   In life, we come across all kinds of things that can really weight us down....or we can choose to laugh, put a smile on our face and treat the day as if it were going to be the BEST.  I have found that choosing to see the diamonds in a day is much more rewarding, than constantly squinting while trying to rid my vision of gloom.

I can vision my plate filled with "Desserts" or I can 
sit there and allow my plate to be filled with sorrow.....

I think I'll choose the "Sweets!"

My purpose in this life is to know Love God....To serve God.  Everything else will fall into place if I make these
things my priority!!


Enjoy the day......It's FOOTBALL night around here!!

Blessings Dear Friends...
shug ~

Monday, September 10, 2012

High Expectations....

  Just how High are your Expectations?

My sweet husband will tell you that I have SUPER HIGH Expectations, not only for myself, but for everyone and everything I come in contact with....(something I'm trying to work on)

                  This, the above statement is Oh....So....True!!

 High Expectations.....I don't know where it comes from!?! I have this need for things to be as PERFECT as can be!   I try to keep this particular trait hidden, but not sure that I do a very good job at it.  I'm pretty DAT-gum sure that there are times when others can sense my frustrations when the disappointment hits me.

Having a personality that sets high standards, can sometimes become extremely stressful... When, what I have pictured in a situation does not meet the expectations that I had planned, I then suffer with feelings of failure and frustration. 

There have been many times when I have put so much energy into making sure everything is planned to a  {T}...... only to realize that an obstacle {that is out of my control} is standing before me like a huge boulder.  It stops me in my track!  This usually happens because I have not crossed all those {T's} or because I failed to clear the path for all those sneaky (WHAT IF'S) that do sometimes happen.
Hey...this just clarifies that I'm human, doesn't it?  Most of the time, I'm stopped in my tracks because of the way life dances around me.

Take for example....any particular Holiday....I love to celebrate really BIG.  I work so hard and plan so much, and then when I don't get the reactions that I'm expecting from others, I feel let down. 

It's NO secret....I expect, I expect and I expect without considering 
the truth, that not everyone EXPECTS like I do....

You know what????   I'm gonna really work hard at overcoming this.  

Are you a person that just takes life with a breeze, or do you EXPECT more?

Blessings y'all
Shug ~  

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Such a Sweet Sight....

This was such a sweet sight to see......soon after Sam
snapped this shot with his camera phone, the deer
stepped into a deeper area and started swimming!

So Cute!


  Friday afternoon, the temp was above a 100.....Yesterday, the high was in the mid 80's.  This is what I call "Breathing Weather."

Very Comfortable to say the least...

Today, it is suppose to be just as sweet, with the cooler temps.  I say a big YEAH to this.


Hope everyone occupy's church today!

I am thankful for my friends....
Shug ~

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Friday Night Photo

               What I love about Friday Night Football!!

                                              #7 ......  Hoo Rah!

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments!

Enjoy this beautiful day!

Shug ~

Friday, September 7, 2012

What Can Duct Tape Do?

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me....
                                        Philippians  4:13

Known fact:  You can do almost anything with "Duct Tape"

I have truly been amazed at all the things that people are doing with duct tape these days...   With all the new colors, people are designing all kinds of items out of this stuff....Purses, flowers, jackets, and as you can shoes!
This stuff is STRONG....

Yesterday, my dad bought a  toy for Mylee at one of our local shops in town.  It wasn't anything big.....just a cheap little musical toy.  I had a good feeling that it might not last very long.  What can you expect from a toy, when the total cost of it was $3.04?

Within minutes of being home, she dropped it and a couple of pieces fell off.....Mylee just looked up at me and said: "My mom can fix it, she can fix anything."    My heart just melted at her innocent statement of belief, that her mom could fix ANYTHING.    What amazing Trust!!

You know, many of us go throughout our day, fixing all kinds of stuff.  A lot of times, we do depend on things like duct tape to help us put things back together.  We glue items in order to make them hold up.  We use a hammer and nails to secure wooden objects, and we do this to either fix something or to make it strong...

 I am so thankful that I have {God} as my strength.  The strength that HE gives me each day, is much stronger than any duct tape or any kind of gorilla glue, hammer or nail.  I can depend on His strength to help me do ANYTHING!!

Thank you Lord for your never ending love and strength..

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday....

Shug !     Oh yes......GO BEARS!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A little Cooking going on......


Yum......the smell of Fall is in my kitchen!

I actually baked Banana Nut Bread yesterday and oh my, the 
smell in my kitchen was heavenly.  

I always have to bake two separate batches of the stuff...
Some of my kiddos are not crazy about pecans or walnuts, so therefore, I have to try to accommodate them all.

We tell them.....don't tell anyone that you don't like Pecans!
After all, growing high quality Pecan trees is how we make our living!

I really had forgotten just how easy this recipe takes no time at all to make.

2 cups flour
1/2 cup butter
2 cups sugar
2 eggs
3-4 mashed bananas
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp soda

Cream butter and sugar....
add   eggs and bananas
add  flour, soda, and vanilla

Bake at 375 for 45 min..

Turns out moist and delicious every time!!

It felt pretty good to get back in the kitchen, so I continued baking (chocolate chip cookies) just after the bread came out
of the oven...

I love to wrap each cookie individually and put them out for the kids to have when they get home from school...
I sometimes add a little note to each cookie, by writing on the outside of the wrap!  Makes it special!

I'm thinking that my Boot Camp may have put some
kick into my step........

Enjoy the Blessings of this day........

shug ~

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Embracing the Challenges

Well.....I am fully embracing the challenges that life is bringing me right now!
........Hey, I can hardly move at this moment, but at least I am out there giving it my all.

I am extremely blessed to have daughters that care about me.  They both care about my well being, and therefore....they have
made the decision (for me) that I would
join them at BOOT CAMP!  

My Thoughts:  Boot Camp?  Must be a place to go and sport a brand new pair of those fancy looking cowgirl boots....Maybe sit around and sip on a glass of refreshing, ice cold tea....Chat a while, and then relax in one of those hammocks like I've been dreaming of.   I was thinking:  "I CAN DO THIS."

I attended the first class, this past Monday night!  As a result, I can barely move right now...   Let me just say, it's definitely not as I described in the paragraph above!!

I decided that if I was going to be forced to work off some of this fat, then I deserved to buy myself a new t-shirt to work out in.....Don't you love it? 

let me tell your Gurls....and any men out there that might be reading this.....
I was sweating in places that I didn't even know could sweat.  { toes, and the ends of my fingertips}

I found myself being on a roll for just a bit there.  Oh Yes, touching my toes, doing jumping jacks, walking, drinking my water like the rest of the group was doing, and then....I heard the instructor said:  "Hit the floor"

Good grief....what on earth was she talking about here?
Evidently she did not realize that for someone who has not exercised in a L-O-N-G while, it takes a LOT of effort and time to GET on the floor and it takes double the effort and time to GET up OFF the floor.

By the time I got down on my mat, I heard them say: and 3, 2, 1.    This means that they had already finished counting the 17 other numbers that it takes to make a count of 20.

I did my BEST though.....   We had to jump the wall and I actually jumped high enough that a credit card could slip between my shoes and the floor!!

and I am thankful that I am able to make it to the gym...I'm thankful that I have girls who believe in me.....I am thankful for each new day!

God Bless you all and Great Big Hugs

shug ~

Fall is my Favorite

  Seriously.....Who doesn't LOVE Fall? To Some, the season is called FALL.  To others, it is referred to as Autumn! 🍁 How true this say...