Friday, September 14, 2012

Smelling Good and Going Out??

FYI...........I am loving our much cooler temperatures! Yes, Hallelujah, we have had some great weather this week.....with rain to boot!!

Honestly, this has been one busy week for this gurl...
Still being a nurse to my sweet hubby, who by the way, is on the mend.  Thanks for all your many prayers!  Praise the Lord,  he has now been "headache" free for over three weeks now.
His incision is healing and his neck is getting better each day.

Now brings me to my other patient....MY DAD.  The one who is battling  Alzheimer's!   I know this is extremely difficult for the patient, but let me tell you, it's certainly NO picnic for the caregivers either.

One night this past week, around 2:30 in the dad decided to pack up his bathroom....I'm talking about everything in the bathroom!  He loaded everything into the laundry baskets, including the things hanging on the walls.

Where was he going??  Seems that someone (in his mind) was after him and all he knew was that he had to get out of there!  Well, he sure planned on smelling good wherever he went, because he sure wasn't leaving without his cologne!

Let me tell you, this man loves to smell good!  (The women who work the counter of our local Dillard's, ALL KNOW HIM WELL.....)   

During my dad's packing that morning, he had filled his pant pockets full of bottles of cologne, tooth paste, and all other kinds of toiletries.  No matter where he was going....He was sure to leave a scent.
Thankfully my brother, who lives right next door, was able to intervene in dad's "get away" before he escaped
out the door.

It has been a week full of all kinds of unusual events with my dad.

   In life, we come across all kinds of things that can really weight us down....or we can choose to laugh, put a smile on our face and treat the day as if it were going to be the BEST.  I have found that choosing to see the diamonds in a day is much more rewarding, than constantly squinting while trying to rid my vision of gloom.

I can vision my plate filled with "Desserts" or I can 
sit there and allow my plate to be filled with sorrow.....

I think I'll choose the "Sweets!"

My purpose in this life is to know Love God....To serve God.  Everything else will fall into place if I make these
things my priority!!


Enjoy the day......It's FOOTBALL night around here!!

Blessings Dear Friends...
shug ~


  1. You are definitely going through some trying times. Trust things get better soon. I understand your situation, Never have had a case like your fathers but had to take care of my husband a long time. It is positively harder on the caregiver than the patient. Take care and find a way to get away for a little fresh air.

  2. I feel the same:

    My purpose in this life is to know Love God....To serve God. Everything else will fall into place if I make these
    things my priority!!

    Glad your husband is getting better.

    And I love the little girl in pink - I want to dress like that.

  3. Happy football night! I think your right I want to enjoy the sweets. I can accept the sorrow but I will let it wash away in Gods promised words.

  4. I'm sorry I laughed at the story of your dad, but I couldn't help it. Poor man. I wonder why he thought to pack the bathroom and not his clothes?

    Glad to hear hubby is on the mend!

    Praying for the world today. The recent events involving various embassies have me feeling a little shaken.

  5. What a great attitude! My MIL had Alzheimer's and it was so, so sad. Have a great weekend!


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