Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dressing Up.....

                       It's Fall Y'all..........

And around here, we are busy pulling out all of the
beautiful Fall decorations that have been packed away for months now.   We are "Dressing Up" around here....

I just love unpacking the boxes that are marked 
FALL.....  Gorgeous colors of orange, yellow, green, brown, red, and yes....some black!, 

Pumpkins, dishes, Fall placemats, decorative items to fill the shelves, scarecrows, flowers, wreaths and all kinds of new and exciting things to decorate with.

This is fun....but it's a lot of work as well.  For this reason, cupcakes are needed to help make our day complete....GOT TO HAVE A CUPCAKE SNACK!

Won't you join us???

It's beginning to look like Fall around here!!

Company is always welcome around here....



  1. Beautiful. Thanks for the invite.I would be there if only I didn't live so far away.

  2. I can't wait to see the decorations if they look as good as the cupcakes!

  3. I can hardly wait to see your fall decorations. I just started thinking about getting a few fall decorations put out.

  4. I have most of our fall decor up! Enjoy your day.

  5. I was so tempted to buy a bunch of fall decor at Hobby Lobby, but then thought I'd have to store it, etc. and it sounded like a lot of trouble. You make it sound fun, though! I did buy a fall wreath for the front door so I'm not a total party pooper. Hee. :)

  6. Hi Shug!

    I love fall for that very reason - it gives me a chance to dress up too!! I love to get out all of my spicy candles and orange and yellow wreaths. Halloween has never been a fun holiday for me, although I do adore pumpkins and NON-SCARY witches! Love the cupcake - I really need to start decorating . . . and baking . . .where does the time go?!

    Off to a football game... ;0)


  7. Shug!!!
    Your fallerizing is full swing I see.
    I love this time of year too...bring it on.
    Your a good football mom!
    Enjoy the season, the white stuff's a commin...
    xo, Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  8. I need to get at my decorating, too. I especially love candles burning at night and I bought some yummy new ones last year. Now if I can just remember where I put them. :)
    Have fun decorating and enjoy the cupcakes. They look sooo good!

  9. I pulled a few fall items out a couple of weeks ago but not many. All my decor is upstairs and not all that easy to get to, so I'm getting lazy and not doing much decorating anymore. Shame on me, but our stairs are so steep and I don't need to fall. :o) I've told Hubby we need a one story house with lots of convinent storage and then I can get to my stuff easier. We shall see!

  10. We've pulled out all our fall decor as well...but I don't have cupcakes, Mmmm they look yummy! Happy Decorating!


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