Thursday, September 27, 2012

Trust....A Beautiful Word.

Trust.....Do you Trust?  

Trusting God is all that we have to do.....When I trust God, it means that I can let go and give everything to Him....I don't have to try to spend hours, days, or even years, trying to control 
things or worrying over all the what if's in life.  After all, I am only one therefore, (I) cannot fix others.....I cannot change the world....I cannot make everything right.

Do you ever wake up in the mornings and feel as if you are toting around a HEAVY backpack.
You feel the weight on your shoulders as you're trying to get out of bed.  The backpack is loaded with all kinds of worries....all kinds of regrets, and all kinds of questions that have no answers.

For me, the weight of the backpack can quickly get my attention....This is when I stop and say:
"'s all yours!  Take this heavy load from my shoulders and do with it whatever you need to do."  "I'm TRUSTING YOU, GOD."

Did you know that TRUST is an everyday thing???  Trusting God to give us strength for the day.
Trusting God to give us our next breath.  Trusting God in all things!  

Trust......isn't it a beautiful word?  The good thing is that we can TRUST GOD in all things, small or large!

Earlier this week, I had misplaced something......I searched and searched, all over our home for this small thing, but it was no where to be found.  After much exhaustion from going through every drawer and even looking in my hiding places, I stopped and said:  "Lord...I know this is not a big thing...but, I really need to find this item.  Please God, I'm trusting in you to help me.  Help me to see what I have overlooked."

Did God instantly show me what I was looking for?  No, HE did not!  I had to use my noggin just a bit to think and allow God to lead me.  Time was running out, and at the very last moment,  I found what I was looking for!!  God knew exactly where it was and HE also knew the exact time that I would find it....I TRUSTED GOD to help me and HE did.

Go ahead....Trust God today, to do something extraordinary in your life!

God Is So Good.....



  1. That backpack of worries often gets very heavy. Oh,and I add so many other cares on it,but when I give it to God He takes over and lightens my load.Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.I have so much to learn,even though I have been on this journey for a long time.

  2. You're right - it's a daily commitment and sometimes a speaking out loud - Yes, Lord, I'm anxious about this circumstance but I chose to trust you. That's when He fills my heart with peace that passes all understanding and I can even think more clearly and am not so distracted. Loved this!!

  3. Your thoughta are very helpful. I am often trying to fix everything myself. I need to more often put it in Gods hands. Thank you for sharing this message.

  4. Yes, I often do this, I just simply leave things to Him when I can't handle it and trust God will find the road for me, or at the same token, lead me thru another and better path.
    Thank you for this lovely post, so inspiring and I'm so happy I came by. Hugs,

  5. One day I hope to have a faith as sound and sure as yours. Thank you Shug. This meant more than you'll know.

  6. Yes, isn't it wonderful to know we can trust God to help us even in the small things such as finding something! I have asked more times than I care to think for help to find something I've misplaced. Yes, it's a small thing, but I trust God for His help and He does, just as I know I can trust Him in all things. I can't say that I don't try to run things by myself sometimes, tho. :)
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  7. Hard to let go sometimes, but we need to!


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